Where's all my empaths at?

Hey yall. Im fairly new to spells8. So ive not even been here a month. Garnet suggested that i look for the other empaths in the coven. And maybe yall could help me harness my power and also help me with my shielding. Help me block out the noise and maybe keep some of myself for myself. The hopefully i wont feel so drained all the time. Everyone tells me that i give way too much of me. I cant help it, its just how i am.


Yup, that’s a common problem with us empaths!! Boundaries and planning for emotional overloads are part of our life. I always have at least one day a week where for at least half the day I don’t have anything to do. I can sit in nature or at my altar and meditate or I can curl up on the couch with a book. Wherever self care my body is craving.

There are a couple things that I do that you can try and see if they work for you.

  1. Daily meditation! This has been a game changer for me. I meditate every morning to center and ground myself.
  2. I use the Empath Shielding Spary the @SilverBear shared. I use it around my home and also on my veil.
  3. I veil when I go in public. Sometimes I’m bind instead. The head is considered the center of our power and our hair is like it’s nervous system. By veiling or binding, I’m protecting my "nervous system from being overstimulated. My process of veiling is simple: in am, cleanse bandana/scarf that I’m using for that day with incense, spray with the Empath Shielding Spary while asking if to protect me from negative or unwanted energy and to prevent me from giving too much of myself, then put on my head and tie. Binding is a similar process but you are braiding your hair instead if covering it.
  4. Always carry smoky quartz (grounding) and obsidian (spiritual protection).
  5. Keep a good boy of distance between you and others. I tend to stay 10-15 feet away from strangers and around 10 feet from friends. Family I’ve learned over the years how to block their specific energies so I can let them on closer. Don’t be afraid to step away from draining situations and refrain from physical contact. I’ve done this for years with my friends so they just chalk it up to me having a “big bubble of personal space.”
  6. Reclaim my energy and release others energy on a regular basis. I don’t do this every day but more when my I feel the need to. I will recall all the energy that others have taken from be since the last time I reclaimed my energy while also releasing any energy that doesn’t belong to be to return to the owner. I have a specific chat I say but you can do it how ever you want.
  7. Water is your friend! Water is associated with emotions. A quick way to “detox” is to submerge yourself in water. Lavender and Epsom salt baths are amazing for this. I don’t have a bathtub in my RV so I use an eucalyptus steamer and lavender scented candles. As I wash, I visualize the draining energies begging washed away and down the drain.
  8. Something I do that I’m not sure how you could adapt it is walking barefoot in my grass. They call it Earthing. You focus on the Earth’s energy and release other people’s energy you have into the Earth.

Hi Christena,
My name is Barbara13. I am also an empath. The goal is to observe and not absorb.
When I go into a highly charged environment I use an ultra violet shield that i generate from the spiritual cord over our head.
If you are at home black tourmaline works well as long as you clean it with running water each week. Tourmaline is better raw and not tumbled. If there is fighting or a lot of negativity at home put glasses of salt water around, make sure no one drinks from them ever. You will notice a lot of bubbles in the water that means its working, dump down the toilet not sinks when done. Hope this helps to start.


Hello and welcome @barbara13
It’s lovely to meet you! I am Marsha an eclectic solitary witch from Colorado. I’m an empath too!

This sounds brilliant. I work with a Violet Flame sometimes, but I’ve never worked with an Ultra Violet Shield! Can you please tell me more about it?

Love :heart: always!


Dear @Mistress_Of_Herbs

I am a witch, yes… but first and foremost, I am a healer. And I also tend to give way too much!!!

Protection spells do protect you but they can also block good energy. So keep this in mind when performing protection spells. My intention is to allow the good energy in while blocking the bad energy. In my advanced studies, I learned to transform the bad into good energy and then send it back to whence it came.

As an Energy Healer, one of the first things I learned in my studies, was how to channel Healing/Divine energy (Golden Light), I see it flowing into my crown chakra, into my heart, and out through my hands to those needing healing. This can be done as hands-on healing or distant healing or on yourself.

If you use your own energy for healing, you will quickly be depleted and exhausted. But if you allow Healing Energy from Source you are also healed as you channel this energy to others. As long as you’re connected to Source you have all the energy you need.

With much love :heart: always


Omg yall this is all amazing.

@Amaris_Bane im definitely gonna have to try to make that spray. I keep my distance from ppm or at least try too. I primarily stay home. I carry smokey quartz and obsidian. Im allergic to lavender. Ive actually started drinking more water.

Can u explain this in more detail pls.

@barbara13 its sooooo nice to meet u. Thank u for commenting. Can u explain the ultra violet shielding? Ill try the raw tourmaline. I have several pieces.

@marsha how do i call it back tho?


Sure! When I feel that I’ve lost too much of my energy or I’m holding on to too much of other people’s energy, I do a quick reclaiming spell. I try not do it more than once a week to allow recalled energies time to blend back into myself.

I light a pink candle (as a symbol of self love) and imagine myself surrounded by a bubble of light. I usually imagine pink, again for self love, but you can imagine any color that works best for you. I’ll then say something like the following:

Any and all energy that I have taken on, absorbed, or is in my fields that is not mine. Any energy period that is not mine no matter how it came to be with me or where it is from, or who it is it from, I now release you freely with love. Please leave and go where you are needed most or where it would suit your highest good.

Feel yourself releasing the energy that is not yours and releasing it to the world outside your bubble. Now grow another energy bubble until it surpasses the first, making sure it pushes and residual energy that may be lingering away. I then ask my guides for protection and integrity of my energy fields to only allow on energy which is for my higher good. I then call back my energy:

I now call back to me all of my own energy, that is ready to return and is for my highest good to return. Any energy I have given away, left behind, or have been separated from. Any energy that I turned away from, abandoned, or lost in any direction of time and space, from any dimension, reality, omniverse or anywhere in the universe!

I then take several deep breaths while I wait for my energy to return. When done, I thank my guides for their assistance and snuff the candle.


@Amaris_Bane Omg. This is amazing. Is there a certain time of day this needs to be done?


Hi @Mistress_Of_Herbs i am a suspected empth to oand boy do i get mentally drained. I can’t stop helping people mentally and physically so much so when i get home i cannot even be bothered to move and even clean and end up falling asleep around 7pm! All i can say is be a little selfish even if you have to get someone to do it or get someone to spoil you. For me its one of the ways of coping. Another is taking breaks and doing relaxing activities. Try the grounding meditation here on Spells8 and try to clear any negative energy. I tend to pick up other peoples negative energies and it drains me so much so i can even fall into a depressive state so make sure you can for your mental wellbeing first and foremost. Hope i could of been some help and nice to meet you. :blush:


@TheMuslimWitch oh u have been super helpful. Ive never been selfish, i dont take care of me. And i need too. I dont ground. Ive only cleared out the negativity once. Im gonna try everyones suggestions. Bc ive gotta try something. Bc its gotten to the point to where i get up at 9:30. By noon I’m needing a nap. And my naps can and have last 4 to 5 hrs. Then i get up and then im ready for bed by 10, but i cant fall asleep. Bc theres too much noise. Im also a night owl. Ive even been give a sleep aid by my doc to sleep at night. So ill go to bed before 1. If id cut out the naps id go the bed earlier i know that.


Nope, just whenever you feel called to do it. That’s one of the things I like best about this is you can use it whenever you feel called.

Also, if you know you are going somewhere that may have a lot of energy that you don’t want to absorb (whether positive or negative), you can use the “bubble” technique to create an energetic shield around you. I’ll do this when I’m going around certain friends who are negative Nancy’s. I’ll picture a golden light forming at me center and push it outwards until it surrounds me. I’ll ask that it protect me from any energy that I do not wish to receive, positive or negative. I then will “tie” the field to a piece of jewelry so I don’t have to concentrate on it (I’m still new to using my energy and not good at maintaining things without awareness of it yet).


Have you read The Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn? (Amazon)

After reading it myself, I would highly recommend it to anyone who has empathetic abilities. There are exercises throughout the book but the two most important chapters are Ch. 2 (Meditation & Relaxation) and Ch. 3 (Tuning In). In these chapters you will learn basic meditation, The Psychic Dimmer (learn to turn up or down the information you are receiving), grounding, how to connect to terrestrial and celestial energy, and how’s to create a circuit.

I’m starting these exercises over again this quarter to help me strengthen not only empathic abilities but my psychic abilities as well.


Hi @Mistress_Of_Herbs,
I don’t understand your question… call what back?


@marsha my energy, ive never done it before.


@Amaris_Bane no i havent. Ill have to look into it


Sorry @marsha that question was originally for amaris. And she answered it.

My question to u is how do u connect to the source? Ive healed before, but never connected just used all of my energy up, and it took days to be right again.


Hey! I am also an empath. It’s a pleasure to meet you! When I feel my energy drained, I disconnect myself from social media and people. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a good way to recover your energy.


@laura6 hi laura its nice to meet u aswell. Yes i would 100% agree with this method


Empaths, in my opinion, tend to withdraw from social situations. We have the power to heal both ourselves and other people.


Ultra violet light is pulled from above the crown chakra and with breath you can create a grid for safety.