Whether to do spellwork night BEFORE or night AFTER the full moon?

This may be a silly question, but I’m wondering something. Today’s full moon is 4:55 PM, which is obviously before dusk, so I charged my crystals/etc last night before the full moon. Now I’m wondering if I should have charged them tonight after the full moon. What’s your opinion? Does it matter? In general, how long is the window of potency for full moon magic, and where does it lie? Any and all input is appreciated!


I’ve always believed that there are three nights of the full moon. The first night, the apex or second night which is the actual date of the full moon, and the third night.

Then again I don’t do evening/night magic, I’m just too tired. But I wake up hella early so I do it then. So I did my circle for the full moon this morning before the sun came up. Hey, that counts!


Thanks for replying! I like the three-night framework; that seems to make the most sense, so I may use it from now on.

And I agree, doing the ritual early before the sun comes up definitely counts! Whatever works! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! And welcome to the forum, by the way!


I do mine anytime during the 3 nights of the full moon, usually during the apex night. I wait til the moon is high well after dark. As for crystals i put them out after the sun has set and collect them before the sun hit them in the am. Even if u cant see the moon, due to fog, rain, etc the moon is still out.


Thank you! :blush:


Thanks for chiming in! Glad to know that I didn’t miss the mark by putting out my crystals on the first night of the full moon!


There are actually three nights when the moon is full, so you can charge them on any of those days.

This is just something personal, but I prefer to do my full moon magick on the day when the moon is close to 100%. I thought about doing some moon magick last night, but the moon was only at 99.1%. But tonight, it will be around 99.9%. :laughing:


The percentage idea is brilliant, and really appeals to my exact nature! I’ll definitely incorporate that in my practice as well, thank you!


Hello :hugs: @nicole30
Welcome to the forum :infinite_roots: I’m a little late to the party :rofl: but I agree, 3 nights of the full moon :full_moon: And I love the percentages @Kassandra mentioned.
With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Thank you for the input and the warm welcome! :blush:


Merry meet @nicole30 and welcome to the forum! :blush:

That’s a great question- thanks for asking it! I can see you’ve got some great advice so far- I agree that the full moon (and period for full moon magick) spreads across multiple days. I usually use MoonGiant to check the exact percentages:

moongiant moon phases
Picture from MoonGiant

Everyone sets their own personal cutoffs, but I usually feel that anywhere from 96-100% full is prime time for full moon magick. I would suggest choosing a night/day/moment when other things in your life align too- trust your intuition while you find the best time to cast! :sparkles:

Wishing you all the best and a very blessed Full Moon! :full_moon: :sparkles:

Blessed be!


My two cents. :slight_smile: lol

Full moon workings can be done from fourteen to seventeen and a half days after the new moon. The full moon is for fertility, conjuring, prophecy, protection, divination, any
working that needs extra power, new or increased knowledge, legal undertakings, money, and dreams. This really is not the moon phase for letting go of things that no longer serve you. This is a time for increasing intuition and rituals that require a lot of extra energy!


Hey Nicole! Welcome to Spells8! :infinite_roots: :revolving_hearts:

First off, there’s no such thing as a silly question, especially if you’re just learning! We’re all here to help and learn right along with everyone so all questions are welcome, whether “silly” or not :blush:

I know you’ve gotten some great answers to your question already but I wanted to chime in as well :sweat_smile: For Full Moon magic, there’s definitely a period of time that is most potent, in my beliefs. For me, this is going to be when the moon is at 100% illumination. However, that can actually happen over a period of several days! For my area, looking at NASA’s Moon Phase moon in motion tracker, the moon is considered a Full Moon from October 8th through tonight.

There are also those that believe the moon is considered full for as long as it appears fully illuminated in the sky, completely ignoring the illumination percentage based on science. :full_moon: This is also a perfectly acceptable way to do moon magic if this is what you believe.

If you’re unsure about the charge of your items, you can always do it again tonight!

Exactly this, too. Just because the moon is hidden from view doesn’t mean She’s not there :blush:

I second using Moon Giant! There’s also an app I have on my phone called Moon Phases that works really well and will send you notifications if you turn them on.


Thanks all for sharing those apps! I am gonna check them out too. I also use and like Daff Moon, to add another to the list :slightly_smiling_face:


I am going to go ahead and jump on the three-night bandwagon. I almost always use the same logic as @Kasandra with the percentage when deciding. But I allow some wiggle room to take into account where I am/ what is going on in my life at the moment. I charged all my stuff last night because I thought of it, lol.


OOH @BryWisteria I like MoonGiant, thanks I’ll use it!!!


I charged my stuff this time on the 8th, because there was a threat of rain for Sunday, my app said it was at 99%, and it was so damn pretty!


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