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As usual, you’re correct! I’m born on a cusp.
I found this interesting article that I’d read about when it first came out.
What if we recalculated the current Sun’s transits and update the astrology dates?


There is also something called your secondary progression. It basically applies the one year one day rule, meaning that your sun may have progressed to another sign. This could also explain why you may not resonate fully with your chart.


Oh gods if that was a actual challenge i would be so unsure of what to do. I forget everything i would even forget my head if it weren’t screwed on lol :smile:


I tend to find mine are very accurate however don’t get me wrong i do not hardly know the science or mathematics behind things it is more for enlightenment purposes. As for me as a Leo, it says:

What type of person is a Leo?

Typical sun in Leo traits include being confident, comfortable being the center of attention, drama-adoring, ambitious, loyal, fiercely protective of their nearest and dearest, generous, luxury-loving, sunny, and big-hearted.

Source: Leo Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Dates, and Compatibility.


Who doesn’t love a challenge. I think without them i would be bored out of my brains, but that’s not to say i do not generally like them while i am working them out just the after feeling when i work things out tends to be the biggest reward :blush:


Just a lucky guess based on what you said! :blush: Being on a cusp is one possible explanation for why some traits of a sign would apply but others not so much. Alan shared another, and I imagine, with how vast and exciting astrology is, there are even more possibilities out there that could be explored :milky_way: :sparkles:

From what I’ve seen around, some astrologers do consider Ophiuchus in their calculations- it seems to depend on which school of astrological thought you follow.

The way I was taught is that modern astrology is different from astrology in ancient times (as things have naturally changed)- modern astrology is fixed on the solstices and equinoxes that we have in our Gregorian calendar. Here’s a quote about it:

I suppose the best anyone can do is to explore different ideas and definitions, compare schools of thought, and then use whatever feels most right to them! The fun thing about astrology is that there doesn’t seem to be many limits- there’s a lot of freedom in this area of study :milky_way: :books:

I know the feeling! (So no worries- it won’t be a formal challenge, at least not around here! :laughing:)


Exactly! My point was (clumsily stated :rofl:) is that, since the Sun is seldom in the Constellation that bears the Zodiac name now, for many of us it may be more useful to use the CURRENT Sun-Constellation placement and work from there. For example, many Gemini’s who find that their standard horoscopes or charts rarely apply might want to read the info for Taurus, etc.
We do it for all the planet placements, so why not for the Sun as well, for some of us at least :wink: rather than give it up all together because too much doesn’t apply.
Heck, it may be another fun layer!

Sun’s entry into zodiac constellations, 2021 | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky


Phew! It would feel like doing my degree again trying to cram in any knowledge i forgot :blush:


Ah, I see- and I agree! :grinning: The current placement is definitely something worth exploring if someone isn’t connecting with their sun sign.

I think it’s pretty neat that we have a list of things to check when someone has sign dissonance- it’s a bit like some kind of astrologer-doctor going down the list of “symptoms” to figure out a sun sign diagnosis and help someone connect with their sign! :laughing: :+1: :star2:

There really are so many fun layers to explore in Astrology! :milky_way: :sparkles: :blush:

There’s certainly enough material when it comes to Astrology to be a degree!

I’ve seen degrees being offered in Astronomy- I wonder if there are any colleges or universities out there that offer a four-year program in Astrology? :thinking: :telescope: :sparkles: In such a diverse area of study, I imagine it would be hard to make just one curriculum for a whole class!


I do love astrology & learning its different facets. I recently found out that :thinking: hmmm… I don’t have it in front of me but I believe it’s my brother… he has no planets in retrograde in his chart. I had to check, double-check, & check again :laughing: I was in complete disbelief. :exploding_head:

If I wasn’t already taking a set of courses, I would probably look into more Astrology ones past the basic ones that I have taken. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Wow! I wonder what the likelihood/statistics are of having no retrogrades in the chart- it sounds like a pretty unique situation! :grinning: :sparkles:

Hahaha the temptation is great- there’s always so much to learn when it comes to Astrology! :milky_way: :blush:


Poll check-in

As we approach 50 votes on the poll, there’s a pattern that seems to be emerging…

While the other elements seem to be scattered around, all Air Elemental Zodiacs are in the top half of the poll (currently: Aquarius #1, Gemini #2, and Libra #5) (I read the poll by positions instead of percentage- whoops! It’s actually Aquarius and Gemini tied for #1, and Libra tied for #3)

Perhaps Air Elemental Zodiacs (often associated with intellect, knowledge, and space) tend to be particularly drawn towards astrology? :star:

What do you think? :thinking:


Now that would be awesome! I could learn properly so i can retain information… I might look into that one day :thinking: :blush:


I think it’s pretty funny from a Scorpio perspective :joy: When I first learned about astrology and being a Scorpio Sun, I always read that Scorpios tend to be drawn to the mysterious and the occult. I’ve never been surprised to find so many Scorpio Suns in witchcraft spaces. :scorpius: So it makes me laugh to see Scorpio in the bottom three in the poll! :rofl:


@TheMuslimWitch I’m curious about it too! If you ever come across an interesting university astrology program, feel free to share it here! :star2: :blush:

@MeganB That’s a good point- perhaps Scorpios just aren’t as fond of polls? :thinking: Although I doubt that’s it, since many of the Scorpios I know love polls and quizzes and things like that (myself included) :joy:


@MeganB I was pretty surprised too seeing Scorpio :scorpius: in the bottom half :laughing: I agree also that the Scorpio suns :sun: I know tend to do polls & quizzes… maybe they just aren’t answering this one quite yet or don’t do polls :grin:


@BryWisteria @Susurrus – maybe we just don’t have as many Scorpios here as I thought we did? Or you’re right, maybe there are just not as many Scorpio answers yet!


It just dawned on me that 3 out of 4 mods are Scorpio :scorpius: Suns :rofl: :joy:


I mean…I was always told when I was a kid that Scorpio Suns make good community leaders! :joy: And I just realized that now, too!


Sure defiantly will. Have to do some research to see if there are. Would prefer in class but with a busy life flexible at home online would be just as rewarding :blush: