Who is Veaug?

Veaug is the deity that I have worked with the most since I began working with him in March or April 2021. Yet, I know very little about him. A few nights ago, I was meditating when suddenly, I was given a wave of information on Veaug. Why he chose that time to tell me more about himself, I don’t know. I’m great to him, nonetheless. It’s taken me a few days to write down that I’ve learned about him, but it’s finally finished.

Who is Veaug?

Veaug is the Dragon God of Obscurity. He’s been the unseen force in my life that has lent his wisdom to me many times since I started practicing.

I knew very little about Veaug. I read his name on a website about Draconic Wicca. All it said was that he is a draconic deity of obscurity and that he does not like to assist you in hiding things. Another website said that he is easily angered. Yet, he has never seemed like an angry deity to me. He likes to get to the point, so to speak. There’s no need for elaborate invocations and you only need a few words to convey your needs to him.

I’ve asked him to tell me more about him, but he has been silent on the matter. I’ve wanted to know where is he? Where can I find in the universe? The unseen is unseen, yes, but it is still somewhere. What is his message to us human doings (dragons call us ‘doings’ instead of ‘beings’ by the way)?

One day, as I was meditating, the answers came to me unexpectedly.

Dark matter, that mysterious substance that does not give off, reflect, or absorb light…that does not emit energy… The glue that holds the universe together… not only does Veaug reside in dark matter, he is dark matter.

The Dragons have been here since the beginning of time, have a vast wealth of knowledge, but Veaug is likely the oldest and wisest of them all. He has seen the birth, death, and rebirth of stars, the formation of planets and galaxies, and many other wonders beyond human imagination.

His message to me (and to all of us) is:
Darkness. The Unknown. They are nothing to fear. After all, in the darkness lies that which holds the entire universe together. And with the unknown, there is always something wonderful waiting to be discovered in your journey along the way.

He stresses that many of our fears stem from a lack of knowledge. The more you know about something (and the more you know how to respond to something or what to do in a situation), the less frightening it becomes.

You can call on Veaug to assist you in matters of divination or shadow work. You can also call on him when you are studying for, or taking a test. If you’re in need of courage, he is an excellent deity to call upon. He can lend you his strength during difficult times and can lend his wisdom for how to navigate through them.

Veaug does not require any offerings, but he still appreciates them. He does ask anyone who works with him to remember that the learning process never ends upon graduation from high school or college, and to take the time to learn something new, no matter how big or small.

Veaug is not fond of withholding the truth or hiding information when doing so will cause harm to yourself and others. Nevertheless, you can always ask his guidance on what should stay hidden.


I love the message from Veaug @Kasandra
It’s comforting for me in these chaotic times :hugs:
:pray: Thanks so much for sharing.


Thank you for delivering this message, @Kasandra- it is a really powerful one. While darkness is often associated with fear, Veaug seems much more like a deity of truth and illumination. I can definitely see how He would be a great deity to incorporate in shadow work :black_heart:

Thank you for sharing this information and His message- it sounds like He truly trusts you and has a strong bond with you! :pray::dragon_face: