Why I cry for our Planet, and Gaia

I am willing to die for the good of all mankind. I love humanity and care about their survival, and I care about wild animals. I hurt so much about where we are as a species. Please do not friend me on FB. I am a political activist. I am fighting for life, for humanity, for wildlife, for justice. My interests are wide-ranging. I am old, I have seen so much. Take a stance, research the issues. Humanity depends on you. Do not friend me for issues that do not affect mankind. FB is a different forum. Do not mix the forums.


I value Spells8. It is necessary. It really requires you to think. Have you noticed that? It does not matter if their opinions are mine. What matters is that you think. You matter.


Hello @wendy4!

I know you are very passionate about these issues that are close to your heart- and indeed, they are very important topics! :earth_americas::two_hearts: It is wonderful you have found a safe place here in the Spells8 Forum, and you are very welcome to keep your Facebook account separate and private :+1:. We are blessed to have you and your kind heart here with us!