Why Is Pork Forbidden

Praecog29 is posting about Abrahamic religions on the witchy forums, again. :joy:

Religion for Breakfast posted this today on their YouTube page. (I’ve posted about this channel before.) It’s about the prohibition Jews, Muslims, and some Christian sects have against eating pork.

Why share it here? Religions fascinate me - even ones I left behind. Recently we’ve had discussions concerning dark magic, Satan/Lucifer, Ouija boards, and Tarot. These concepts and items have histories very different from what we see today in our practices.

Take Ouija boards and Tarot cards as examples. They were children’s toys that found themselves caught up in the occult. (Wikipedia definition. Sorry.) Their histories don’t matter to their use today. The concept of Lucifer as an angel, let alone Satan, is also an occult belief not anchored in the original history of the term.

This doesn’t mean the beliefs we hold today are wrong. In many ways we could say our practices are revelatory in nature. But I enjoy learning the true histories behind the concepts, legends, and myths. A video like this, even being about another faith, challenges us to examine the question, “Why do we believe the things we believe today?” Culture and history play a major role.

With that in mind, please enjoy this historical look at why the major Abrahamic religions have this dietary restriction.

Also linking this to Easing the Transition From Another Faith


Bookmarking this- looks like a very interesting video! :star_struck:

Throughout my travels I’ve often experienced or heard about the different food restrictions or encouragements that different cultures have (like not eating pork, not eating milk and meat together, or not eating fish and drinking water). And these food guidelines often tie into local religions! As someone who went to school for global studies, I agree that it is very interesting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks so much for sharing, @praecog29!


Oh, interesting! I’ll have to watch it later when I have a bit more time. Also, I love that you prefaced the entire thing with a little “disclaimer” :rofl:


That’s funny. I just watched that yesterday.


Religion for Breakfast is one of my favorite YouTube channels! I like how he discusses religious topics without any bias. I’ve learned a lot.


Yay! More people that watch the channel. :grin:

Thank you, Megan. :sweat_smile:


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