Will we be told when all lessons are finished?

I think I’ve finished all my lessons, will I be informed what to do next?


Congratulations on finishing your lessons @Garnet!!

Here’s my advice for anybody who has mastered all the Witch 101 stuff (More content will be added soon!) :wink:

  • Reassess your expectations about the Craft. You can journal about what have’ve learned so far and how it has changed your thoughts, words, actions.

  • Integrate your craft to your personal interests (art, books, groups) and always explore your creativity.

  • Read advanced books. What’s your preferred field of study? For example, astrology, ceremonial magic, cultural studies, psychology, philosophy…

  • Work with others. I believe that “advanced witchcraft” really means “specialized witchcraft”. What will your specialty be? It could be the more practical aspects, the social ones, healing, teaching, or maybe something else. Find a way to become an asset to your community as a Witch!

  • Get out of your comfort zone. Explore taboo topics, obscure rituals, left hand path magic, is there anything that makes you uncomfortable or afraid? Ask yourself why and try to research that.

  • Craft an altar! Not necessarily for a deity but for yourself. Continue to practice rituals following the cycles of the moon, cast spells or just enjoy celebrating the sabbats and seeing the Wheel of the Year go round and round.

In short, become an advanced witch! Try to find the Divine within you. Help, teach, heal, and shine with your own light. :sparkles:


Congratulations on completing the course!!! :relaxed::clap:


Yay for finishing. I check back every now & again for new course content. I love doing the courses! Congratulations!


Congrats on finishing the courses, Garnet! :clap: :partying_face: :hearts:

One of the best ways to be notified when there is new course content is by checking the Spells8 Newsletter. It’s a message full of witchy info, tips, new content, spells, pagan holiday info, and more sent directly to your email every few days :incoming_envelope:

You may already be getting it- but if not, you can click here to read past newsletters and join the Spells8 mailing list!

Congrats again and Blessed be! :heart:


That’s awesome! Congratulations!! I love the courses on the Spells8 site - so stoked that you completed them all!