Winter grounding rituals?

I’ve been trying to find outdoor grounding rituals but places with snow. So far I haven’t found anything I think will work for where I living since it’s regularly below freezing outside and we have a like 10 cm of snow that won’t go away. Can I get some recommendations?


You can use snow in spells. It can take place of moon water for any ritual or spell. Here’s a great link for using snow in magic.


Greetings @Torista!

That’s a great question- thanks for asking it! Winter does pose a challenge for outdoor grounding when you live in a snowy climate. My best suggestion to you is to find ways to incorporate nature and the elements into your grounding while while staying safe and warm.

One way to do this is by bringing outdoor elements inside- they won’t last long, so the spell may have to be a short one, but it can be done. I love what @Christina4 shared about using snow spells- that is a great way to draw on the winter while staying warm and safe inside!

I’m not sure if it’s the same where you are, but the weather here is more unpredictable every year- some winter days it is bitter cold, but then others are freakishly warm. If a warm day does come around, you might take that opportunity to bring your practice outdoors, and then on cold days stay inside.

Finally, even on very cold days, you might be able to set up next to a window or door and, for at least part of the ritual, open it up to the outside. This will allow fresh winter air to fill your lungs and become involved in your spellwork, all while your body is still safe from the elements.

Just a few things for you to consider! I wish you all the best and I hope you can find some creative ways to involve the outdoors in your grounding practice even during these chilly months. Blessed be! :sparkles::snowflake:


Thank you! There’s very helpful.

And yes the weather here is rather unpredictable. Although has been notoriously unpredictable for long enough to become a bit of a joke. “Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes.” But the seasons are shifting. Why I was a child, nearly every year it snowed before samhain, now the first snow is around yule.

I think I’m going to try setting up my altar by a window that I can open. It’s a good time to arrange things anyway.


You’re very welcome @Torista- I’m happy if the suggestions were helpful! :blush:

I’ve noticed that too- both here at my family’s place in Massachusetts and also back where I was living in Poland. I’ve lived in places where the weather was always unpredictable during the late fall and early spring, but these days I don’t know what to expect every single day! :sweat_smile:

That sounds like a lovely idea- with a window close by, you’ll be able to invite in the winter at your will :blush::snowflake:

Wishing you all the best- blessed spellwork, Torista! :heart:


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