Winter Solstice Golden Snowflake ❄

I thought that we could all use more creative energy to get us in the winter solstice mood. So, heres a spell by Aunt Carla to make a Golden Snowflake.
Ps-I hope the link works. If not, I’ll check in a couple hours and fix it (hopefully lol)


That is a really lovely spell and craft- I like the samples for different ways you might make your snowflake :snowflake: :blush:

I took a peek at her website and it looks like there is a lot of neat content there- if you’re get the site’s newsletter, do you recommend it? I’m considering signing up! :grinning:

Thank you very much for sharing the fun snowflake spell, @christina4 (and Aunt Carla too!) :heart::pray: Blessed Yule!


I do recommend the newsletter. She has some cool information. She has a zoom class going on right now. And there are replays, which I like. Its about art magic. It’s so fun!


I’m sold! I’ll go sign up for her email newsletter to get in the loop :blush:

Thanks for the recommendation, Christina- I appreciate it! :heart:

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I tried to sign up but i keep getting an error message,ill try later