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What is some witchy wisdoms that you have learned, or passed down through your family’s line of witch craft?


Hello @stacie4!

That’s a great question, and you posted it in the perfect place! The Witchy Wisdom category of the forum is full of witchy knowledge, spellwork, tips, and more. If you browse through the other discussions in this category, you’ll be sure to find a treasure trove of advice and wisdom from fellow witches :mage: :two_hearts: :open_book:

One of my favorite thrifty witch tricks is by remembering to check around the kitchen. Buying witchy supplies can get really expensive, but if you open up the pantry you’re sure to find tons of great things you already have that you can use in your crafting.

From jars and containers to a huge array of herbs and spices- the kitchen is a witch’s best friend :+1:

Another tip is to be mindful of your own personal correspondences. There can be a lot of stress involved (especially for new folks) around memorizing correspondences and meanings- in tarot and oracle cards, herbs, spices, crystals, etc- and while there is value in memorizing traditional and widely-accepted correspondences, a witch should always be mindful and open to considering their own personal associations too.

Sometimes, as the one receiving a sign from a higher power, it’s your own thoughts and meanings that are key to understanding the message :old_key:

Just two tips on the table for you, Stacie! I’m looking forward to hearing the wisdom and tips from the rest of the coven too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


I don’t have any wisdom passed down from my family because I’m the first witch, as far as I know! :blush:

As for tips, I really like @BryWisteria’s tips she gave - those are ones I routinely follow.

Here are a few of my own!

:star: Everything can be magical, but not everything has to be magical. It’s really easy to bring magic into our daily lives. Vacuuming the floor can also serve as a quick energy cleanse. Playing loud music can be a quick banishing spell. Cooking a healthy meal can be a great healing spell. But not everything has to magical either.

:star: It’s okay for your practice to wax and wane as you grow, learn, and pause for life. Just like not everything has to be magical, not every day has to be filled to the brim with witchcraft, spells, and magic. Life happens and sometimes we need to slow down and take care of our daily stuff before taking care of our magical lives.

:star: Just because the tool looks pretty doesn’t mean it will be useful to you. Don’t spend you money on a bunch of tools or supplies that you will never use. I mean, unless you like extra pretty things to collect dust around your house, but I don’t!

:star: The classic - stir clockwise to invite in and counter-clockwise to banish. The same goes for anything that you have to fold or turn. Fold things toward you to invite them in or away from you to banish them.

:star: Don’t discount the simple things. Sometimes the best protection spell is a few words of power with some energy work and visualization. It can be as simple as drawing a pentacle over your door as you say “This space is protected.” with all your power.

That’s all I got for right now but I’m sure I can find more if I have more time to think about them!


These are great! So many great tips already!


@stacie4 Great Question and I love what everyone has written so far!!

My grand aunt passed these wise words:

  • be mindful of what words you choose because they are powerful
  • try to never use magic for something that the mundane is capable of solving.

I have a family grimoire and journals and many spells and recipes too, but here two wise words have served me well.

***Edited to add: Oh, and she would always say…… “THE MOON DID NOT MAKE YOU DO IT!!!” Lol. Not sure if I agree with that but it was always funny.