Witchcraft block?

Having trouble getting back into witchcraft, it’s been months since my last spell. I really enjoy my craft but something is stopping me from continuing. What can I do??


I would go to Spells8 and work on the courses. It might seem like we tell everyone that, but it is a really good way of both learning and seeing what excites you.


Hi, I hope you are doing well! Nice to have you pop in! :infinite_roots:

I agree with @Undomeher to try doing the courses, maybe a little bit each day. If the issue is just the spellwork, I haven’t done a spell in quite some time, but I try to do at least one thing pertaining to my craft :pentagram: each day.

Usually, it’s something more mundane or honoring my deities, stirring my coffee :coffee: with intent, growing plants :herb: or flowers :hibiscus: for their properties of things I would like around my yard, reading or learning something new, having a fire :fire: in my backyard & adding sage to it, 10 - 15 minute guided meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: (I use Spells8, YouTube, Spotify, & Insight Timer), journaling. It will be whatever feels good to you :heart:!

If you have finished the courses maybe think of something that you are interested in & learning a little more about it & how to incorporate it into your craft. Please share whatever your findings are! :smiling_face: Or start small & search the forum for different topics, phrases. Sometimes there is even more information in the replies of the post. :wink:

I’m in a lull myself & figuring out what works with different parts of my craft from things that I have learned over the last 6 months & what is no longer something that I use as a part of my craft. I’m in an in-between space right now but keeping the flame lit because it’s a part of me & sometimes it is only one thing. There are even days when there are none. That’s okay! It will come back :hugs:.


Hi! Welcome to the forum! So glad you’re here.

I would start with the Meditation Course. That’s out of order from the Courses but it will help get your brain going in the right direction and it doesn’t take long each day.

You can also take part of the Weekly Witchy Challenge. This week is the tools of the trade. The Weekly Witchy Challenges don’t take too long but will give you a goal to work towards. Plus they’re a fun way to join the community.

Most important of all, be kind to yourself. Probably the hardest bit to do but it is important.

Blessed be!


What a great reminder of all the things that we do that, done with intent, are witchcraft. It doesn’t have to be spellwork, in fact, it is better to live witchery than cast spells, IMO.


Well, if it was me, I would connect it with something else I enjoy doing. Maybe you are putting pressure on yourself for results. So, for instance, I like to color. There are coloring pages for the Esbats. If I am feeling kind of overwhelmed, I can always manage that. Or instead of like casting a circle with a lot of tools, you could light a candle and set an intention. I do that a lot.


Merry meet @Leeluvstrees :blush:

Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with a blockage in your Craft- I just wanted to jump in and give you a friendly virtual pat on the back. Everyone goes through ups and downs in their practice, it is completely normal!

As for advice on how to get back into it, I can see the coven has already offered some wonderful advice for you :infinite_roots: :heart: Adding to what has already been said, I’d recommend watching this video by @Silverbear about witchy hacks (aka little ways to add magick to your day). There was also a past challenge where the coven shared their Everyday Magick routines- there are a lot of ideas there about easy ways to add magick into your routine! :sparkles:

Holding yourself to do X numbers of spells/rituals a day can quickly become exhausting and add pressure to something that is supposed to bring you joy. Magick is part of you if you let it be- formal spells or not! Get started with working on your mindfulness and awareness and ease your way into a practice slowly and leisurely- as you go, you may find you are already using magick in ways you weren’t even aware of :blush:

If you ever want to chat, your coven here has your back, Lee. Blessed be! :sparkles:


Good morning :sunny: Leeluvstrees!

I can definitely relate to what you’ve said and you’ve gotten some wonderful advice already. I just wanted to add in my thoughts, too :blush:

If you have the extra money and time, one book I recommend that actually deals with things just like this is The Witch’s Path by Thorn Mooney. It is an amazing resource for new witches and not-so-new witches alike. She has an entire chapter dedicated to witchy burnout, lulls in our practice, and what she’s done to help them.

A friend of mine also just released a video on her channel that’s been quite inspiring! It does say Beginner Witch Spells but I’ve found that they’re even good to get you back into the swing of things if you’ve lost your witchy mojo.

I’ll leave that link here, too, if you want to check it out → 5 Easy Spells for the Beginner Witch | Budget Friendly and Discreet Magic

And then I also second checking out the courses and even spells on Spells8 for inspiration, too! There are so many different types of spells there. And even if you don’t take it and do it exactly as it’s written, you can always tweak it and do something that works for you :blush:


Hi Leeluvstrees, I’m Garnet from Florida.
First, I am not trying to be intrusive, but what’s been happening to blur your focus? Anger, loss, pain, there could be many reasons.
You’ve gotten some great advise. Read Q&A, Start the courses, get back into meditation. Center yourself. Learn to love yourself again for you are more than worthy.
A devotion, whether a God, the Goddess, the Universe or Cosmos.
Honey, it doesn’t matter what you believe in, just believe! in something.
Never be afraid to ask questions. We all came here seeking… something just beyond our view. What we found was a love that we had been missing, a family that loves us as much as we love them.
I would like to welcome you with open arms.
Be Blessed, Be careful and Know you are Loved.


Welcome @Leeluvstrees it’s nice to see you here. I’m Debra from British Columbia, Canada.

I would have to agree with @MeganB @Siofra_Strega @TheTravelWitch_Bry @Amethyst they have given you some good advice.


@Leeluvstrees Welcome! I’m so glad you got such great advice from all these wonderful Witches. I thought I might offer you something too.
Think back to when you first decided to become a Witch. What was it that attracted you the most to the Craft? Was it the mysteries of divination, herbal remedies and potions, or were you called to certain deities? What was it that made Witchcraft so exciting to you? Go back to your original roots, find a way to feel that excitement again, that passion that led you here. Maybe you need a new Tarot deck, maybe you need to return to simple spells. But also, if the thing that gave you passion then was trying all the new spells you had access to, maybe you have done them all and are bored. Maybe you need to add layers of complexity to your spells so you feel that excitement of the unknown again. I hope you find what you need!
Blessed be!


Merry Meet @Leeluvstrees Welcome!
You’ve gotten a lot of good advice and wisdom already but I thought I’d chime in just to show you that I think we all go through this at some point. @MeganB recommended a great book The Witches Path I completely agree that reading it does help with burnout/stagnant times within our craft. I’ve experienced this a few times and my experience has been that usually there is something I need to focus on within myself (home situations, stressors, etc.) For me, it’s as if my craft knows I need to focus my attention inward on other aspects of my life. You’ll get back into it…as @Undomeher mentions Witchcraft doesn’t always have to be spellwork. Maybe go for a walk and connect with nature, do some reading, try some Lessons on Spell 8, etc.
I understand the frustration and the feeling of not practicing but you will get back into the swing of your craft.
Blessed Be,


this is one of my most loved YouTubers she is a witch not a wiccan but a witch. shes britich and a sweetheart. this is one of her most recent posts and its all about burnout. its dang gum spot on. I'm Burned Out ║ How to fix it - YouTube


I recently put together a spell jar for finding my magic.

I used:
black salt-banish negativity
Whole cloves-intuitive powers
Bay leaf-amplify clairvoyance
Thorns-protection (I used star anise as it’s pretty but you could also use chrysanthemum or nettle leaf)
Orange peel- magnify insight/strengthen magic
Cinnamon (sticks or ground)- enhance psychic power
Amethyst-amplify spiritual connection

And then I said “I call back my power and energy from all beings not aligned with my higher purpose” as I sealed the jar with wax from a purple candle

Hopefully this will help someone


It turned out beautiful, Phoenix- I hope your spell jar helps to break down any blockage and help ease you back into your practice :pray::sparkles:

Good luck and blessed be!


Me likey!!!


@phoenix_dawn hope i did it justice


I love this spell, it’s brilliant! With your permission I’d love to incorporate it into my book of shadows recipes? @phoenix_dawn

I am going to buy this book right now, I am very interested in it and my daughter will probably want it too, thanks @MeganB - I am subscribed to the Oak Witch, I’ll check out that video too!

@LadyDennaRahl I also subscribe to The Hearth Witch on YouTube and I will def watch this!

@Leeluvstrees, my belated advice is to listen to yourself. You probably already know/knew what is causing your blockage - when did it stop? What happens when you try? Do you have to do spell work or can you do something else? @Amethyst has my vote in that you should join the weekly witchy challenges and do them in the most witchy way possible!
Other questions to ponder:

  • is it possible you are bound?
  • did someone put a spell/curse on you?
  • are you having other problems/blockages in your life that may not seem connected but may actually be…
  • or, like the one before, maybe something has changed recently to trigger it;
  • can you do a reverse binding spell to gain your powers back?
  • have you tried lower, more ambient magick like charms, chants, sigils, protection?

I could go on and on but I won’t - you have probably solved this by now anyway!!! :joy_cat::green_heart:


Wow @Mistress_Of_Herbs this is great! jar​:jar::magic_wand::purple_heart:


Thanks so much @jan_TheGreenWitch