Witches Ladder and other Things

Today I did my witches ladder, put some pages in my Grimoire/BoS…made some rose oil, (it will take a few days for it to finish ) and Printed out astrological charts, also printed out the crystal grids and cut them into circles. Why am I excited? Because I was in the hospital for 11 days a month ago fighting to live. Thank The Lord and Lady that I have an awesome Doctor/Surgeon. I had surgery on my left leg in Dec ( in a hospital 190 miles away)… they had to put a stent in cos I only had 20% of my blood in it and 30% in my right leg-it was horribly painful…but the hospital visit gave me staff outbreak, then cellulitis in my right leg, I was horribly infected so they cut my inner right thigh open…as they were fighting not only the two things.,.,. but sepsis,.,…Doc said when I first came in to ER he didn’t think I would make it through the night…well they gave me so many antibiotics and kept them coming…I guess I am a miracle cos the nurses said they can’t believe I survived what I did. Heck I survived 2 heart attacks and one quadruple bypass…I am happy to be alive, but I am not afraid of death I had two NDE’s…so today was a good day, I usually don’t have enough stamina to be up running around all day. Blessed Be the Lord and Lady,


I am so glad you’re doing much better! That is a lot to go through for one body, and you obviously have the guidance and healing of the Gods around you!

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