Witchy Book Reviews! Spells8 Book Club Reviews Masterlist - Sessions I ~ XXV

@MeganB Go for it! The reviews are really positive- I think I just might not be in the right headspace for the book right now haha. I hope whenever you get around to reading it that you enjoy it! :blush:

And Storygraph looks really neat- a while back I tried Goodreads that has a similar goal-setting function, but I ended up forgetting about and not using it :sweat_smile:

@Amethyst Hooray- it sounds like you found another great one! You’ve really got a good eye for picking out books, Amethyst, I’m so happy you’ve discovered all these treasures! :books::sparkles: I absolutely love the focus this book has on writing- it feels like a perfect thing to pick up when you need a boost of creativity and encouragement :muscle: :blush: Thanks so much for sharing your review!

@Susurrus Congrats again on finishing Celtic Magic, and I hope that you continue to enjoy Wild Magic- it must be a really great read to want to dive back in and absorb the material again! Happy reading :open_book: :two_hearts:

@Amaris_Bane That is really interesting how the book combines green magic with the shadowy side of the practice- it really sounds like a great read for you and your practice, Amaris! :raised_hands:

I’m so glad you were able to find more information about Hel- this sounds like it’s been a very interesting read! I imagine there will be more wisdom about the Underworld and how to work with shadow magick the deeper you go in the book. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

Thanks so much for your reviews, Amaris! :heart:

@Rowan It’s exciting to be in the homerun of a book (and bittersweet if it’s a really good one!) I hope you enjoy it right up to the last page- happy reading, Rowan! :open_book:


You’re welcome! You might like to flip through it one day if you need ideas for the Weekly Witchy Challenge. One of the projects in the book was writing your own Epitaphs, like Hecate. It was very interesting.


Adding this to my Want to Read list!


Glad you liked my review! It’s a good book, at least I think so.


Ohhhhhh it is always great to have extra creativity-boosting resources on hand! :grinning:

And Epitaphs are the texts written on tombstones, yes? Are they also used for deities in rituals or as an offering? It sounds really interesting- I’d love to know more! :star_struck:


Sorry, I think I either wrote it wrong, or spell check got to me. Names, like Hecate Brimo, Hecate Soitiera, things like that.

For instance, in this body, I am Kasie the brave, the coward, the student, the teacher, the witch, the silly … it goes on and on until you want to stop. It was a really interesting ritual.


Ohhhh spell check always switching things up on us :laughing: No worries at all- that really does sound like an interesting ritual! :star_struck:

I really like the idea of using opposing traits/opposite things (like “student” and then “teacher”)- it makes it seem like these things are two sides of the same coin, coming together in a wonderful multifaced entity :coin: :sparkles:

Thanks so much, @Amethyst- it’s a great idea from what seems like a really interesting book! :open_book: :two_hearts:


You’re welcome! It’s a good book!


Good afternoon. Thank you for your honesty. This book :open_book: sounds interesting :thinking: I think I will look into it.



Book Review for:

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to be educated on a very high level on Hoodoo for what it is, where it derived and what the basic practices are. It’s very interesting, however if you want a complete primer on Hoodoo and education at a deeper level, you should either start here and be prepared to move past it to more robust volumes, or start there with other readings.


Ooo @jan_TheGreenWitch … for informational value I would like to know more right now… I don’t know if I would practice any, but I’d rather learn about it & decide that way than just write it off because I honestly don’t know much about it. Thank you! (adds to future reading list…) :hugs:


I love Ann Moura’s other books, so I will get this one and read it, looks interesting @Amaris_Bane , Thank you! :open_book:


Getting it @Amethyst , thanks for the review and recommendation! :open_book:


You’re welcome! I hope you like it!


Comparative religion is a ‘hobby’ of mine since I was 18 and entered a liberal arts college and it has just blossomed since then. I will pick this up for sure! :open_book:
Thanks @BryWisteria


I have the first three of this series from her. I love her writing. I have yet to start book three as I got distracted with others, lol. I have so many to read between my fiction, work, and craft reading.


A theme I’ve seen in book reviews is that it’s actually fairly rare to come across a resource that specializes in higher levels/advanced content. So many of them are geared towards beginners or early intermediate practitioners- this is really neat to see a book that dives into the deeper levels! :grinning:

Hoodoo and Voodoo have never called to me, but it is really interesting to hear your thoughts and what you absorbed from this book. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful review, @jan_TheGreenWitch! :heart::books:

Go for it! :raised_hands: It sounds like it might be something right up your alley- I hope you enjoy it, and that you can overcome the hurdles I had with it (which, to be fair, are likely just personal irks about it haha)

Blessed reading! :open_book: :two_hearts:


Book Title and Author: Witchcraft For The Home: Spells, Rituals &Remedies for a Magical Dwelling by Mystic Dylan

Status? : Finished

My overall rating of the book : 10/10

How does this book relate to my magickal practice?: This book helped me in fine tuning some magical aspects of the home, as well as show me some little tips and tricks about listening to the energy in my home.

My personal thoughts/opinions: First off, I am a fan of Mystic Dylan and any of his books, they are always written in such a way that it feels like a quaint little visit to the witch in the nearest woods for a chit chat over tea. But this book was easy to read (kept my attention) and broadened my knowledge in the workings within my home.

An interesting quote from the book: " ~Nurturing a Witch’s Power ~We all need to recharge from time to time, and that is especially true for the witch, who is constantly using the energies around them. A witch must have a space of their own in which to decompress and relax. For the witch to nurture their power, they must feel safe and secluded. This is why privacy is so important. Find a space to call your own where you can escape from the outside world. Add a comfy blanket, some calming music, a favorite crystal, and anything else that helps you relax. Selenite, a salt-based crystal, is perfect for cleansing and renewing magical energy. Carrying black stones such as hematite, tourmaline, and onyx is also great for protection and grounding."

Dylan, Mystic. Witchcraft for the Home: Spells, Rituals & Remedies for a Magical Dwelling (pp. 24-25). Rockridge Press. Kindle Edition. "
All in all, would I recommend this book?: Definitely I would.


I am loving everything you’ve said about this book, but my favorite line has to be this:

This is such a great way to describe a book??? Like, I wish every book had this kind of homey warmth and welcoming feeling to it- this is exactly what I want to walk away with after spending time with a book! I love it! :open_book: :heart:

Thanks so much for sharing your review- it sounds like this was really a great read! Mystic Dylan’s advice you shared really hits home. This one just might be going on my to-read list :wink::sparkles:


Okay, this is going on my wish list. Thanks for the great recommendation!