Witchy Help!

Hello my fellow followers of the craft! Might a fellow server of Hekate advise me: Does the dark goddess like white wine as an offering? I usually offer a form of red wine however I have a bottle of white today. I have searched and can not find any source to say that she would enjoy this but I thought best to ask the covern before deciding.

Blessings to you all!


I couldn’t find anything about white wine either, but they did have white wine in ancient Greece so I’m sure it will be a fine offering for Hekate.


Thank you for your insight!


Your welcome Lara. I have a book call Hekate Goddess of Witches and on the offerings page it says wine, but it’s not specific to white or red. I would think either would work.


I believe, if it comes with good intentions Hekate will accept it either way. I gave her watermelon recently - even though never saw anything about this fruit, and her liking or disliking it.
So it is totally up to you…


I’m gonna echo what everyone else has said – any wine should be fine, as no wine is specified in any blog or article I can find online.

I’d also say that, if you’ve been working with Hekate for a while and have a method of communicating with her, it is always acceptable to ask her if she would be okay with a switch in your usual offering.

I’ve never worked with Hekate, but it’s been my experience that any offering given in good faith is usually well-received (unless it’s something the deity specifically doesn’t like, of course!).


I have yet to offer Hekate any wine, myself. Usually, I give her small foods in groups of threes and occasionally offer port to Lilith. So, I can’t say I have experience here, but I can say I’m a nerd who has done a lot of reading. :grin:

I found that the red wines of today are already much different to what they had back then. Back then, their red wines were more like our ports today, hence why some cultures watered them down. So red wine to us, isn’t the same as red wine back then. Neither would our white wines be, I imagine.

But times change, whether intentionally or not. So I’m sure your offering will be fine and accepted. It is all being done with the right intentions and the type of offering itself, being a wine, should be good. :black_heart:

However, if you’re really unsure, you could try meditating on it and seeing if Hekate herself will provide any guidance. If you’re still in doubt after that, just go with your intuition because that will affect your offering, even if Hekate likes white wine. If you’re unsure when you offer it, don’t offer it, and stick to things you feel are right and confident with. You’ll definitely feel better about it, that way. :slightly_smiling_face:

In my research, the only thing I’ve read to be wary of is that the “Greek” pantheon doesn’t like offerings of blood, but that’s all.