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@CelestiaMoon I am in the same boat as you right now. I’m doing some similar things. I had been working on setting boundaries & was able to set some that were needed with my children as they transition to adulthood & are learning to do their own thing. All while learning how to parent my new teenage girl & all of her junior high goings on & this generation is glued to their phone & each other! Oh my! :flushed:

(Family Link by Google is a gift. I can lock her phone overnight so she’s not on it all night long with texts & social media apps on school nights especially)

I have been feeling better & better able to manage my days. I have started taking courses to become a Certified Crystal Healer & Advanced Practitioner. Mostly to strengthen my own work with my crystals effectively for my practice…

I’m also working on being outside more & grounding by working with earth. I have planted climbing nasturtium around my two oak trees & raked out all of the leaves :leaves: , pine needles, & mossy areas. I raked out the leaves from my gladiolas, hyacinth, & planted a sheet of wild flowers next to them. I"m learning to find calm in the sounds & feelings of nature & the sun :sun: Since I have gotten better at meditating & grounding through spending time outside with nature, I will be starting my Tree Spirit Ally Guided Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:

I had done it before & felt so good afterward, when I couldn’t do much outside, I made sure to do what I had agreed to do with it :deciduous_tree: I cleaned around it, added flowers to it, & made a nook to be able to sit with it whenever I feel like I need to do so.

With my family & friends I am trying to be more involved with plans & not just pop in & sneak away when no one is paying attention :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: I had gotten really good at being able to do that in under 5 minutes in my neighborhood. :rofl: So I’m trying to do things like meet parents of my daughter’s friends, go to cookouts with family friends, visit the neighbor for more than a quick second.

Sounds silly, but they are big to me :smiling_face: I even started breaking up my errands to get me out at different times of day depending on which direction I was going in at the end of the road. (Left goes into my town, right goes further down the Cape)


Beautiful :heart:


I recently learned that my mother is either a witch, raised by a witch, or she has the most coincidences EVER attached to her.
Shes from Berlin GE and my grandfather had a nursery so herbal healing was HUGE in my house…but wait, theres more…
As a kid she used to tell me the story of Frau Holle…who I learned today is a German Diety.
Herbal healing for anything and everything…especially Peppermint, chamomile, and/or green tea.
She celebrates the sabbat in a low key way because “that’s just how she grew up”
She can smell snow, rain, coming
She looks to the moon to plant her garden
and a million other little things I never really noticed as “witchy” before now. I can’t figure out how to ask her about it. She’s very private with her practices


That’s really exciting about finding that your mother has a magickal practice, Susan! :blush: I’d trust your senses- if it’s something very private for her, it may be best not to address it abruptly and directly. Instead, perhaps you might just talk with her casually about her passions? If you seem enthusiastic and welcoming, she may open up on her own- although she may not consider what she does to be “magick” in name! I’ve met quite a few people who do what I consider to be magick but who don’t consider themselves to be “witches” by that title.

The only way to know is to keep trying- I hope, one way or another, you’re able to connect with your mother and share your love for the things you both enjoy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve been learning about different plants and their usages as well as more on tarot (although I’m starting to believe I can never find all the things I want, because we are constantly learning and tarot is infinite) with that being said I’ve started thinking more on palmistry and runes :thinking::face_with_monocle:however I’m starting to see that everything I need is already within me and I’ve got to learn and lean on my own intuition and understanding before I’m able to learn anything more. I’m kinda stuck at this moment because it seems the more knowledge I’m craving to learn, the less I’m able to actually absorb if that makes any sense?!

It almost feels like I’m racing against a clock. I do feel however that the thing I’m actually hoping to learn will make itself known to me before this body’s life suit parishes, because I’m not coming back to this plain. On to the 5D. I just have had this kind of tug to do any form of divination. I just can’t stay interested into one form or the other. They all begin and end with everything I need to learn and feel that there is to, yet I’m still left with a desire to learn more. I don’t understand what it is I’m needing to do or learn. That’s technically the reason I joined this group.

I’ve always had a calling for these things and I came from a long line of healers. I just don’t know where and what to do or how to go about any of it so I’ve dabbled into almost everything and still no answer.
I want to learn, I crave knowledge of any kind and I feel that it has something to do with helping others as well as myself. I’m currently writing a book (several actually) about the story of my first awakening and dark night of the soul and I actually feel I’m on some kind of “spiritual timeout” or probation. It’s like I can’t hear or feel anything anymore. It has me worried but I have no drive because it feels monotonous sometimes and I lack the motivation to even start​:face_with_spiral_eyes::weary::sob:

I’m just here I guess lol. Until I’m reinstated with whatever motivation I had I’ll just continue to be my crafty self and learn about plants and things :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m sorry for the novel…it’s kinda been my thing lately to write :grimacing::smirk:


I am still working on crystals, I have finished my first set of classes & now I am working on chakra energy because there is a part of the crystal healing that deals specifically with the chakras.

They touched on the 9 that they work with throughout the school, but I want to know what I can about the main 7 & then the other 2 that we worked with above the head & below the feet. I also learned there are micro chakras in your hands, so to sense the energy of a crystal & be more receptive, you should rub your hands together briskly for a few seconds before handling the crystal you are getting to know or are working with at the time. I am reading a Chakras for Beginners book in the current book club & I have also been learning to trust my intuition more through the inner work that I have been doing. There are actually books on 12 & there are around 114 chakras that have been identified.


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As a German, privacy is very much at the core of everything a kraut does.

You could try broaching the subject by asking advice about a topic you would like to to know about. Tying that back to the herbs and see if she opens up a bit about her own skills.

It seems that she is a very solitary practitioner so be sure to acknowledge her personal space and boundaries. Or it could be that she simply needs to be asked as opposed to volunteering the info to be sure that it will not be rebuffed.


@megan8 I saw a book on Scribd just the other day called Wild Magic (I’m not sure of the author, I’ll have to go back and look) all abo it Celtic Paganism and Druids!


Interesting! Thanks for letting me know :blush: I’ll see if i can find it!


I love the Druids! Is there any special knowledge of them you have learned about, that may not be common knowledge?


I think I might have this book! if it is the one by Monica Crosson, I recommend it! Really, anything she writes. I also recommend the Enchanted Living Magazine. They’ve got some very witchy old issues for sale on their website, and even their regular quarterly publications are often witchy with spells, odes to Nature, etc.


Hi, could you link to the start of the crystal course you took? I’m assuming it’s here on Spells8?


Hi @chaitea43, yes the course that I am in the middle of for Advanced Practitioner, is through the:

The Love & Light School by Ashley Leavy

A few others within the community have also gone through the programs. I know of at least 3, but there may be more. It’s actually how I found out about the courses. Through the courses, I started working more on Chakras & understanding how they work with crystals &, etc, etc, etc…


Wow I love your mood! Everyday spells! Also wow beautiful sunflowers


Hi! I haven’t learned anything that wouldn’t necessarily be common knowledge for anyone that has a basic understanding of the culture. I’d have to sit down and actually think about it :sweat_smile:


Hi @mary25, I have been working with Angels and angelic energy since 2000. If you have any questions I would love to help you out :smiley:


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Hi Peridot. I completely understand your “at times” struggle regarding the topic of religion. In my opinion only, it is difficult to clear your head of a topic that was instilled in you, your whole life. I still have questions I will hopefully sooner than later find the answers to.

I am an Eclectic Witch and Hekate is my Goddess, with that being said, I as well did some research on Dark Magick. I found it to be very interesting and surprised that, like you said, it is not all bad as it is labeled to be. Mote it Be…

Continue enjoying your journey,