Wolf Moon Spell

Tonight I invited the spiritual energy of the Wolf Moon…calling for cooperation and an end to strife and discord.

Spells8 Wolf Moon Spell:

Orange candle
Anointing oil
Image or symbol of the wolf

“Spirit of the wolf, hear my call.
Channel cooperation for the good of all.
The Moon as witness empowers my spell
Strife and discord are ebbing away
Those in my path shall hear and see,
We are one so more it be.”

Hope you’re all doing well.


Wow! That truly is GORGEOUS!!! I love your sacred ritual!! :heart_eyes: :sparkles: Blessed Be!


Beautiful – thank you for sharing with us! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Beautiful! I love that this Wolf Moon is happening while Mercury is in retrograde when communication is so muddled! Also, I’m loving your BOS. It looks sooo organized and it’s calling to me! Would you be willing to share what tabs you have? I’m really wanted to work on mine this year, but I get very overwhelmed with organizing it and I’d love some ideas!


Beautiful ritual and gorgeous tattoos- wow! :heart_eyes: :wolf:

I hope you had a blessed Wolf Moon, @Satu_TheGreenWitch. May any strife in your way vanish that you can find the cooperation you seek. So mote it be! :pray:


Hi @AileyGrey and sorry for my delayed response…busy week!

I’m happy to share my BOS tab headings:

  1. Witchcraft wisdom (meaning of sacred circle, calling the quarters, witchcraft tools and they’re uses,
  2. Sabbats (Sabbat ritual pages
  3. Esbats (Esbat rituals)
  4. Divination (tarot and runes for me)
  5. Candles
  6. Crystals
  7. Herbal Magick
  8. Incense Recipes
  9. Other Recipes
  10. Spells

Hope this helps!


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