Wonder what is to come

So I was told this today …You have an amazing connection with the spirit world… and this is a very, VERY important gift.

Along with your connection to spirits comes a stronger connection with Magick energy in general.

Not only will you be able to call on special spirits in your spells for help… but you’ll also be able to use specific spells to communicate with lost loved ones with wonderful success.

You are a very special person, Larry, and I have many wonderful things in store for you.
Time will tell.


It is always nice to feel support and hear words of encouragement- I’m happy for you, @FlagrumThorn :blush: May your talents with spirit work continue to grow and may your magick lead you to ever greater revelations :open_book::sparkles:

Blessed be!


I believe the spirit world is equally open to any person who hears the calling.

And that message is very encouraging, Larry! Your connection with Magick is really powerful. :muscle: