Working with Herbs

So I’ve opened the door to herbs. I didn’t think I would but recently shown an interest in herbs and their spiritual/healing properties.

I made an order a while ago, included Mugwort. Now that is an interesting herb. I love the smell of it when it is warmed (not burned, as it smells …well not nice) and in my bath. I had a tea that included it and omg, wow does it hit you. They say say it’s good for astral projection and divination and I can see why, lol.

I have other herbs-- Calendula is one that I have but yet to figure out what to use it for and same goes for the Honeysuckle. I am going to work on getting more, but still a baby herb witch here, lol


@Dierna_Nimue_Selene that’s awesome! I haven’t delved much into herbs yet other than a few basics. It’s on my list of things to learn! Lol.


My best friend is having trouble with pain from having had a hard life. She swears by doctors and medicine, though I can see things aren’t working as well as she would like. I finally convinced her to try using lavender oil on a stiff neck. One week later, she has almost used all my lavender oil! :grinning: Now, she loves the stuff.

Being older, she thinks she doesn’t have the mind power to begin herb studies: there’s just too much. I’m still trying to coerce her to try cherry juice for deeper pain. One at a time, based on need.


Oh I love this. Congratulations!!! Herbs are wonderful things to explore. Being the Daughter of a Druidic Green Witch, I love to grow and forage my own plants. Any books by Rosemary Gladstar is amazing. But there are lots of Herbalists out there. You will love this new chapter once you get started!! Lots of luck!!!


Congratulations! I have mugwort but I’ve been afraid to make it into a tea. It smells odd to me. Not appealing.


Calendula is a fantastic herb to have on hand! :yellow_heart: After many years of fighting against excema on my hands (seriously: I tried all the pharmacy ointments and lotions, relief was only ever temporary) an herbalist I was staying with introduced me to calendula. Bam! After a few treatments, it was gone. Haven’t had to worry about it for nearly a decade.

Calendula (along with Chamomile) are both wonderful for various skin conditions, they are also very gentle and may be a good option for fellow folks with sensitive skin.

I haven’t ever used honeysuckle for anything but flower arrangements, but it does smell amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Just a friendly word of caution that there are several “false” and varied varieties of honeysuckle- I’d recommend being sure you know which variety you are blessed with before using it for anything.

Wishing you all the best with your exciting journey into herbs, @Dierna_Nimue_Selene- blessed be! :heart: :blush: :herb: