Would anyone have any guidance to help with my pets?

Hello I’m new here and I have been reading for hours trying to figure out if I can cast a pet protection spell so that my two Newer Kitty’s will be accepted and cohabitate with my original 2 cats. We have had to put the original 2 (both grey mother and son) upstairs in the master bedroom with the door shut while the Two newer cats get to roam the rest of the house. I absolutely love all of them and desperately want them not to fight or hurt each other or live in fear but sadly the Two Gray cats are TERRIFIED of the Two new (my husband calls them the strays to rhyme with grays :joy_cat:) cats because one is female and after having her only one month she surprised us with Boo who has never even been outside of the house let alone met another cat aside from his mom.
Frankie is the gray mom. Frankie got so scared when the new cat tried to chase her or play with her that she hid down the basement for days and wouldn’t even come out to eat or drink anything. I literally thought she’d die.
The two new strays showed up one day outside and never left. The weather got freezing cold and I saw them drinking puddles and that was all I could take. I adopted them both.
Ok here’s the crazy part: my mom is an “animal empath” you could say….and has a strong connection to animals and the two grays stay in her room so she’s very close to them. The day Frankie got chased and hid in the basement my mom got this crazy vision in the shower.
The vision was of Frankie being like raped by all these cats. She said it was horrific and she had no idea why she could have even thought of it. I think it was telepathy. I think Frankie told her why she is terrified of the new cats. They are both younger then her so I don’t think they were part of the actual trauma but I think she is just suffering from PTSD and now will be terrified of all male cats. I know this sounds nuts but I’m pretty sure I’m right in my thinking. I’ve read in Dolores cannons books that cats are telepathic and my mom is a strong visualizer so Clairvoyance and telepathy could explain this.
What am I gonna do? I have tried for months. I have tried calming sound baths, calming videos, putting their food on opposite sides of the closed door , you name it and Frankie just isn’t coming around. I feel like the two gray cats are so confused and think they did something wrong to be confined to one room but if I open the door and they see each other (and it Happens accidentally here and there) all hell breaks lose.
My home is big and my moms room is very big and spacious so it’s not like they have no space but still I can tell they don’t want to be shut away.
If anyone has any advice or knows of a spell I could try I would be so grateful. I’ve been studying the craft now for a couple years after having an awakening and I’ve casted a couple so far but for the most part I’m still learning. I am a reiki master so I also give them all reiki to calm them and they love it but never enough where I can open the door and let them all in the same room.
Im sorry to make this my first post before getting to know you guys but I’m feeling really desperate and a few hours ago one of the new strays got into the grays room and scared them right at the time I had just found this group.
I decided to get up the nerve to ask because the timing couldn’t have been a coincidence right? Lol
Thank you all in advance



you could this pet protection spell. It protects them from being lost or ill but also boosts them with positve energy and happinness.

Might be worth a try

I work with Egyptian deities and Bast comes to mind here. She is the protector and healer of animals, particualrly cats, being one herself. Maybe a prayer to her would help.


Merry meet @CeeLilly,

Wishing you a warm welcome to the forum! :blush:

I’m sorry to hear about your kitty troubles, it sounds like quite the stressful situation. I’ve had cats my entire life, but I’m not a vet nor animal behavior specialist so all I can do is offer my own personal experience in hopes that it might help.

Kitty story here

The few times I’ve had to do “kitty introductions”, things tend to go the same- there’s a slow adjustment phase (with one kitty in a safe place while the other gets used to their smell), then carefully-watched introductions where there is almost always raised hair and a bit of hissing. It always takes time (some more than others, depending on the cat), but in all but one case the cats have eventually worked things out and come to an understanding.

The one cat who just couldn’t get along with others (my partner’s cat) just has to be kept separate whenever other cats are around- he is completely intolerant of all other animals, and that’s just who he is. It was either work with it or give him up and we decided to work with it :cat:

If it looks like Frankie won’t get along with the other cats, would you potentially be able to block off a room or space just for her?

One possible mundane solution could be to talk with Frankie’s vet :health_worker: As someone who knows her and your situation, they might have some professional tips about what you could do to help her become more comfortable with the other kitties.

As for magick, I second the spell that @Cosmic_Curiosity shared- that’s a great one for protection! You might also consider enchanting Frankie’s collar or adding a rune or protective symbol to her collar too :cat2: :shield:

Whatever you choose to do, I’m wishing you and Frankie (and your other kitties too!) all the best- I hope that things resolve peacefully :pray: So mote it be!


Welcome, @CeeLilly!

Seems others covered what I was going to share for the most part! :slight_smile: But we struggled to get our dog and cat to live even somewhat peacefully together for a long time and even now it’s not perfect so I know the struggle when pets don’t get along.

Similar to @BryWisteria, we had the option of getting rid of one or making it work and we chose to make it work. But how we did that was specific to our pets - we changed walkways around, gave each of them their own space including cat shelves on the wall, extra beds, etc. We found the problem areas in our home after a lot of watching and helping them then adjusted as needed. We still do at times, but I’m no longer as worried about them being in the same room. It did take a lot of time, observation, patience, and research, but they both mean so much to us so it was our only option.

Separately, I’ve also changed spells like this happiness spell jar to include our whole home and our family members, including our fur babies to try to bring everyone more peace :slight_smile:

Sending good vibes to you and all of your kitties! :sparkles:


I’ve had my fair share of cat stories trying to get multiple cats to get along, or cats to get along with other animals. Usually, with time and exposure to each other, they have always ended up getting along or tolerating each other. I can’t speak for your cats specifically, and others have provided spells for you already, so I just want to leave these suggestions here for you from the ASPCA website :cat:

Suggestions for Managing Your Cats

  • Never let the cats “fight it out.” Cats don’t resolve their issues through fighting, and the fighting usually just gets worse. Interrupt aggression with a loud clap of your hands or spray from a water gun.
  • Neuter the cats. Intact males are particularly prone to aggressive behavior.
  • Separate their resources. Reduce competition between the cats by providing multiple, identical food bowls, beds and litter boxes in different areas of your house.
  • Provide additional perches. More hiding spots and perches will allow your cats to space themselves out as they prefer.
  • Don’t try to calm or soothe your aggressive cat, just leave her alone and give her space. If you come close, she could turn and redirect her aggression toward you.
  • Reward desired behavior. Praise or toss treats to reward your cats when you see them interacting in a friendly manner.
  • Try pheromones. You can purchase a product that mimics a natural cat odor (which humans can’t smell), that may reduce tensions. Use a diffuser while the aggression issue is being resolved.

Source - ASPCA


I love this source and how it says not to let them fight it out. I have two males that like to throw one another out of this silly cardboard box. Then the hair flys & mom comes to break it up.
I agree with @Cosmic_Curiosity about a protection spell. Maybe amulets as well?
I am still learning myself but I wish all the best for you & the kitties. Everyone gave such wonderful advice!


Hi and thank you to everyone who replied. I have wanted to say thank you earlier and get back on here but we had a house fire and well let’s just say I’ve been too busy lol.
What’s interesting is that the fire just might be what did the trick for the cats!! It at least forced the solution to happen.
Here’s what I mean: The cats were all traumatized because the fire department comes in and it’s a huge mess and they smash windows and it’s loud and crazy.

The cats didn’t want to be alone and I couldn’t keep the door shut because I had to send my mom to stay with my aunt while we do the repairs.
I’m an attuned reiki master and just started giving them reiki i as much as I could. Also I got a magnet screen figuring I could put it up and it would allow them to at least see each other but not be able to attack each other.
Long story short: although the one gray (Frankie) is still in the room and won’t come out and socialize the other cats don’t bother her and leave her alone and the screen makes her feel secure enough not to hide in the closest all day. The other gray one(boo boo) is a big russian blue and Merlin and Mercury are half his size and back right off.:joy:
So while everybody isn’t quite cuddling just yet i at least don’t have any locked doors confining any of them to one place.
Lastly I added those calming diffusers around the house and they Could be helping but I’m not quite sure lol.
Honestly I feel like Reiki is part of magic and I guess I needed to have the experience so I could learn just how magical it is for cats. Mine love it and their reactions are such wonderful confirmation.
Thank you guys for all replying and offering some advice. Have a great weekend everyone love and light


Goodness! I’m so sorry to hear about the house fire. I’m glad everyone is safe and I hope that there wasn’t too much damage :pray:

It sounds like a scary situation had an unexpected silver lining- I’m so happy the situation with your kitties seems to be moving in a positive direction! I hope that things continue to remain calm and perhaps even improve more from here- so mote it be! :smiley_cat: :heart:

Wishing all the same to you- have a wonderful weekend! :two_hearts:

Blessed be :sparkles:


Oh no! I’m so sorry that happened :people_hugging: I can’t imagine dealing with something like that!

I’m glad to hear that your cats are doing better, though, even though they’ve been through something traumatizing :heart:


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