Writing on the outside of a candle jar changed color?

I was doing a candle spell (which took like three days to burn even though the flame was high and steady) and when there was less than an inch of wax left it put itself out. I had written something on the glass in red, but when I looked, it had turned gold. Has this happened to anyone else, and does it mean anything?


My immediate thought is that the ink got hot and that changed the color. I don’t think it necessarily means anything specifically. Take note of it and see if it happens again. It has meaning if you feel it does. I’m going to quote @TheTravelWitch_Bry here real quick from a different post we’ve had recently → What does this mean? - #2 by TheTravelWitch


Greetings @Bridge! :blush:

Candles can go out on their own for many reasons- a gust of wind, something to do with the wick, interference from the wax, etc. For me personally, when a candle being used in a candle spell goes out, that signifies that the spell has reached its completion and has finished casting :+1:

As for the ink, that’s very interesting! There are certain types of ink that change color when in contact with heat- perhaps check the pen you used if you are curious? If it wasn’t the type of ink, then I agree with what Megan suggested- depending on how you feel about the change (whether it was meaningful or coincidental), you could definitely look into it more :mag:

Congrats on your candle spellwork! Blessed be :sparkles:


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