Yet another Ritual Bath

here he goes again

I’m no expert. This is just how I do it.

Clean the tub. I have a jetted tub. I know, the ancients didn’t have jetted tubs. But they would’ve used one if they had it. They did use streams, and that means moving water, so using a jetted tub doesn’t ruin your ritual. Cleaning it is tricky. Yes, wipe it out. To clean the jets you could use a solution from amazon…or fill the tub, throw in four dishwasher pods and let it run for 20 minutes. Then wipe it out again. You probably won’t need to do this often, but if you’ve never done it you should.

Since I don’t take a lot of baths, this is also a time to think about cleansing negative energy from my home using sage or juniper. Gives me something to do while cleaning the tub. I also usually light a candle in a nearby room for pleasant scents, and turn on my fountain. It has little chimes that sound as they swirl around. (This was a foolish extravagance as far as purchases go, but whatever.)

Next I think about my intention for the bath (usually cleansing of negative energy in preparation for something else, but often I’ll add an additional purpose.) Then I select candle colors to support this intention and place them near the bath.

Next select herbs for my intention, usually just a pinch. Add them to a coffee filter or double folded paper towel, fold into an envelope or sachet (aren’t we fancy?), and secure with string, thread or even a staple. I also use oils and select those depending on purpose.

Run the bath, add a cup of epsom salt, a few drops of oil and your sachet (or whatever you are using). Turn on music if you like, or make yourself a cup of tea. Light your candles and hop in.

While in the bath be very mindfully observant of the feel of the water (or jets) against your skin. When I rinse my face, I imagine the hands of the God and Goddess wiping away sadness and negative energy.

Today I used basil, rosemary, lavender, spearmint and calendula (the last one jumped out at me so I used it), and peppermint and mandarin oils. An odd combo perhaps, but I went with what felt right. The tea was Blueberry Green Tea from Harney and Sons (recommend this company!).

Some say that when you get out you’re supposed to air dry. Piff! I’m cleansing my spirit not my skin! But I do take a moment to notice the feeling of the water drying, then wipe it away, along with any lingering negative energy. Don’t forget to snuff your candles!

Anyway, that’s what I do. I feel pretty energized from that bath, to be honest. What do others do?

Harney and Sons at amazon cool tins!

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I did something really similar today to clear out some negative energy. I used epsom salt, sea salt, lemon essential oil, sage essential oil and cypress essential oil. It smelled nice and exotic.I felt like Cleopatra stepping in lol. Like you, I imagined the water cleansing away the negative vibes. And it worked…I felt much happier after. I also aired out the house really well. I was nice to people all day. All the grouchy thoughts that seemed to be invading my mind dissipated. Not sure if i took a cleansing bath or performed an exorcism, lol


They absolutely would have used jetted tubs if they had the option- can you imagine? The ancient Romans would have gone nuts! There would have been at least one jetted bath in every respectable bath house throughout the empire :joy::+1:

That sounds lovely to me- you’ve got some grounding earthy scents mixed with beautiful floral and some uplifting spice (is “spice” the right word for mint and mandarin? Maybe “refreshing” is better, but you know what I mean! :laughing:). I bet it smelled amazing! :sparkles:

I haven’t done a ritual bath in a while (although now I’m feeling inspired- you’re really selling this, Ron! :smile:) but I usually do a combination of floral and salt. Sometimes it’s just a tea bag if that’s all that I have on hand, but a sprinke of sea salt or himalayan salt really can’t go wrong :salt:

Some candles and music are lovely accompaniments, and I like to put a few live houseplants around the tub too- it helps me focus and provides a bit of grounding :potted_plant:

I’m really feeling inspired to do a ritual bath- the Hunter’s Moon is still full and bright in the sky, so tonight might be calling for a full moon bath! :full_moon: :heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


I was surprised how envigorated I felt afterwards. My beard was also very soft. It was a pretty positive experience, which is unusual. Not that bathing is bad, I just get bored sitting there.


Everything that you added to your bath sounds :sparkles: divine :sparkles: and I’m going to keep it for later :laughing: and you’re right! If the ancients had access to jet tubs you can pretty much bet that they’d use them.

I like that you chose your ingredients based on what felt right and natural for you in that moment. Calendula must have had some soothing to do! :sunflower:

I don’t often takes baths myself because I’m fairly tall and hardly ever fit in my tub :rofl: but I do enjoy it occasionally, usually on the New Moon. I use ritual baths in the same way you do – cleansing and releasing anything I’m holding on to that I shouldn’t be.

Thanks for sharing your experience and method! :revolving_hearts:


I loved reading this guide! especially this part:

If I may suggest a chant for a bath, this one’s been stuck in my head for a while now:

“We all come from the goddess and to her we shall return, like a drop of rain, flowing to the ocean”. (Here’s the song version)

Thanks for sharing! @anon87969570


I love the song version - all a cappella with that drum beat, very cool. The church my family raised me in sang only in a capella, it’s probably one of the only things I miss about attending their worship services. So beautiful! Also, I can understand how this would be a good chant for a ritual bath, and how it got stuck in your head!

@anon87969570 I have well water issues here at my home - we even have 2 deep wells, so we don’t bathe too much which is a huge bummer, because I used to take ritual baths a couple of times of week when I lived in Florida — I really like the way they leave you feeling - and it wouldn’t be near as boring especially if you listen to music, use chanting or meditating during it, or read a good book (I have one of those bamboo caddy’s that stretch across the tub so that I can sit a book, iPad, glass of wine, or whatever there to keep it virtually ‘safe’ during a bath from the water! :sweat_drops:. And… yes, snuff those candles as opposed to blowing them - we want to snuff:). As far as Harney and Sons - they are one of my fav teas, I love them all and reuse the tins more times that I should admit! Thanks for sharing this ritual in your practice!

@mary25 oh Epsom salts are wonderful for the soreness (especially from gardening!). I like the imagery of Cleopatra, now we just need a person standing over us with a big palm frond waving it to keep us cooled off and someone delivering drinks lol! I have eucalyptus hanging from my shower head which smells yummy but I think cypress essential oil would be lovely as well!

**EDITED TO ADD: We shower, we just don’t take many baths!!! Just so we’re clear!


@jan_TheGreenWitch, I have a well as well :crazy_face: so I understand your concerns!

@Francisco, thanks so much for commenting! Looks like I’ll be adding a chant to my ritual!


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