Yoga takes from the magic of Harry Potter

Yoga classes inspired by the stories of the famous British wizard, Harry Potter, are taught by instructor Isabel Beltran in Austin, Texas. During the 60-minute session, the magical movements and “spells” of Harry Potter are combined with Yoga exercises.

The transition from the formal structure of this practice to the magical movements of the Hogwarts wizards has been smooth for Beltran, as there is a similar, she explains, approach to the movements. “A lot of magical wand movements are similar to those in yoga, in the sense that you have to be focused and think of happy moments,” he said, adding: “In that sense, yoga is very magical.”

As expected, adapting the movements to the wizarding world of Potter also required renaming the exercises. So the “warrior” position became the “mage” position, the “board” was called the “nimbus 2000” and the “three legs” position was called the “fluffy”.

The teacher’s goal is to teach her class to other teachers so that Harry Potter-themed Yoga can spread throughout the world.

“We do the yoga classes every Sunday and we try to make it fun,” Beltran told EW, who she said she and her sister try to combine everything they love into the classes.


I’m a Harry Potter junkie… and this sounds like so much fun! I was just thinking the other day that I needed to find a yoga class near me!


As much as I love the idea of yoga, I really struggle with it… but Harry Potter themed yoga? That sounds like a blast! :star_struck: What a creative idea for a class- it really looks like fun.

Thanks for sharing, @Airam- this made me smile! :blush: :magic_wand: :heart:


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