Your experiences with telekinesis, pyrokinesis, or other psychic abilities. Is it real?

I don’t wanna sound dumb or naive. But I just wanna see if that’s real. Because years ago when I was little I would come across “magic” that obviously was fake magic. So I kinda gave up on wanting to be magical, a witch, etc until I came across this site last October. Have you had any experiences with those psychic abilities? And if so, any tips on practicing it?


I think there is something to psychic ability and energy, although I have been quite skeptical, there seems to be some foundation for it. I occasionally get these flash realizations out of the blue. They literally feel like a flash in my head, you know, how on the radio, they say, we interrupt this broadcast for a test of the emergency warning system. LOL. A little like that. I don’t have any control over it, it doesn’t happen frequently, but it is often accurate when it happens. The first time I think I was about 11. My mom was crying because the doctor had just told her my grandfather had 6 months to live. I blurted out, that’s not true. I honestly startled myself because I was taught not to contradict grown ups and I had no reason to doubt the doctor but I had this flash moment when I knew my grandfather was not going to die in that short a time even if he was sick. And he didn’t, not until 11 years later. The same thing happened when I had my baby. The doctor told me he most likely had cystic fibrosis. I just felt it wasn’t true. We had to wait 3 weeks for the test and he got a little frustrated with me because, well, I guess he thought I was cliinging to a false hope. But when the test came back, he didn’t have it. Everyone said it was a miracle but he just plain didn’t have it and no one believed me LOL. The moment I shook my first husband’s hand on meeting him for the first time, I got this strong feeling – honestly, a certainty – that for better or worse, I was marrying him. That had not happened to me before. The only other time that happened was the first time I met my second husband. On our first date. He made a little joke and it was like I was just struck with this certainty that he was my next husband. It was the oddest feeling, almost like a thought I didn’t have myself but that was kind of broadcast onto my brain! Other times, it seems protective, I have gotten a heebie jeebie feeling – that saved my life a couple of times – once when I was 15 and a man was hiding in the back seat of my mom’s car. Thank God for my spidey sense! If I’m talking on the phone and I get riled up, often the phone cuts off. Same thing with street lights when I feel scared. I guess it is something to do with the energy of high emotion. For want of a better word, a home I lived in for several years appeared to be haunted (no where else I lived was like this). The radio would come on by itself, my son’s toys would start playing by themselves in the middle of the night (that was the cold room we didn’t like, I wouldn’t even let him sleep in there), lights would flicker, I went through so many light bulbs. I felt like something was there…or we had a serious wiring problem. I used to talk to whatever it was to make myself feel less scared. I consulted a friend who clamed to be a ghost medium (she has been on TV and everything). She said, do this and such and STOP talking to it and I did and it went away! No more problems with the radio or lights or toys. Pretty freaky! So yeah, I think there is something to all this but whether it’s just coincidence, energy, intutiion or what, I couldn’t say.



This is a good question, because there are a lot of frauds in the spiritual industry unfortunately that tarnish the reputation of legitimate practitioners. So, is it real? The short answer is yes, although many psychic abilities fall into the category of UPG, or Unverified Personal Gnosis. There are exceptions to this, although the exceptions are somewhat rare. Some mediums practice physical mediumship, which is more demonstrable and occasionally even apportations will happen. An ‘apport’ is when a physical, tangible item will materialize out of thin air (or, from the spirit realm). Other demonstrable evidence can be found through Remote Viewing, a type of clairvoyance (at least in my opinion) where the things experienced can be independently verified and confirmed as true from a third party.

There are also times when a psychic might have a vision of the future, which later comes to pass exactly as predicted. How are these things possible if it is not a real phenomenon? A lot of ‘ghost hunters’ use equipment to scientifically measure spiritual activity, such as an EMF detector or EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). There are also people who capture evidence of items moving or spirits materializing, although this is much more rare.

Due to the nature of most psychic experiences being UPGs and ‘unverifiable’, it ultimately falls back on the power of belief, which you are free to choose. However, perhaps the best way to ‘get a taste’ of psychic abilities is to try divination for yourself and see what happens.


I will also say yes!! I have clairaudience and clairsentience. I hear words that help me to prevent or help certain things from happening. I feel certain emotions to change my (it’s hard to explain) way of feeling or thinking to help others.

My intuition is off the charts!!! I’ll be going about my day and I’ll touch something and I’ll get this weird feeling like a bad stomach ache, like something bad is going to happen. Then I hide the object just in case.
Here’s an example:
I grabbed my toothpicks one day and I had my intuition saying ‘something’s not right’!!! So I actually hid the bottle. But later that day, my daughter had a toothpick sticking out of her knee!! We brought her to the urgent care center and she’s fine now. That was terrifying!!!


Many of our expectations were designed (and blown out of proportion) by Hollywood. Just because you can’t lift a car with your mind, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any psychic abilities!

I think your curiosity about these topics is a great sign, it means you’re ready to try something less flashy and more real. I’ve cast spells in my mind without knowing it for years. And they worked best when I “calibrated” down my expectations to my actual level of skill.

It’s important to distinguish between a power to manifest change and a power to “see” beyond. They are not the same skill, but they may develop together as you tune your intuition. It will take time, and like anything else there are people who have a natural gift or talent for it, and some who have to work hard to master the skill.

Keep exploring different topics that interest you. In your position, I would start practicing energy work and developing my intuition as much as possible.


Holy cow! That is amazing!!!


Another good book on this subject, for those that doesn’t have it. It gives you lessons to harness this ability.
In another forum I used to be, we were using this book paring with another witch to practice the exercises we studied. It was amazing the abilities of some members and experiences. Was really fun


I’m Clairsentinent. I carry pyrite :gem: with me as I can absorb lots of negativity and it can be hard on my mental health. It’s a double edged sword; I am very social but I need time on my own to recover after.

Lockdown destroyed me as I was at home all day and I only had my husbands company who is a struggling addict which some pretty big control issues. It’s better now I’m going out in the world :earth_americas: again but I have to be careful who I get close too as it can take me to a really dark place.

On the flip side if I’m with the right people I can be deliriously happy and almost giddy and drunk on emotion. I can feel people’s joy. If I have a spiritual connection with someone physical distance isn’t a problem. I know this is true because my soul mate sends me love and calms me down regularly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and more effectively than all my anxiety pills!

My daughter and mum are Claircognizant :sparkles: My daughter predicted my husbands car crash with freakish accuracy when she was 3 years old. She spoke as if it had already happened, and she even knew the persons hair colour and car colour.

When I was little I could see auras :o: around people so clearly, I don’t know what that’s called. I can’t see the colours anymore but I can feel the colour of a persons aura. The more intimate I am with a person the quicker and easier I can feel it. Again physical distance isn’t really a problem.


Oh and electronics die around me. Phones, TVs, iPads, chargers, laptops… they never last longer than 12 months inexplicably :joy:


Awesome testimony @Abs53 .
Blessed Be!


Thank you. And I know divination is real. I just wanted to know if the stuff like telekinesis is real and if anyone has tried the ‘kinesis’ abilities themself.


I don’t have any experience with the kinesis abilities but I do have several clair senses that are uncanny and can be down right creepy. I inherited these from my mom. My mom had a dream the night before 9/11 of airplanes falling from the sky and running away with my niece (who was a baby at the time). I had the same dream every night for 3 months straight that involved my husband, then fiancé, being in a deadly motorcycle accident. I have deja vu all the time. They majority of my messages/feelings are “mundane.”


To date, I don’t know of any verified claims of kinesis abilities.

Outside of those abilities, gifts like Divination, Projection, Premonition, Energy Giving/Healing, and other physic abilities seem to have a lot of anecdotal evidence but still require some faith to believe. That said, I think there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence on this forum alone.

I believe lucid dreaming has been proven by science.

My Personal Life

  • My tarot card readings are scary accurate and I never ask questions before a reading so no one can accuse me of leading.
  • I pull stress from friends using physical touch and put them to sleep through candle magic.
  • I feel the emotions in a crowd and get lost in thoughts and energy - that gets overwhelming but I love it nonetheless.

Experiences Through Others

  • I’ve had ailments healed immediately and permanently by other healers.
  • Others have used divination and premonition to help me.
  • The energy exchange circle and Christina’s healing box have done miracles in my life and in the lives of many here.

Both Of The Above

I think the biggest gift/experience in my life is the connection I can build with one person at any one time.

Over great distances, even across two major oceans, I effortlessly and subconsciously join a person in their head. When that happens, I can feel what they feel, send loving and calming emotions, remove anxiety, wake up when they need me, prepare responses to things they haven’t asked yet, and build emotional intimacy (and trust) quickly. For a few I’ve been able to image project. For better or for worse, this connection works both ways - even if the person doesn’t normally have those gifts. It has saved lives, including my own.

This is a great topic, jada1. These experiences being shared are fascinating to read and a giant help for those of us that struggle with our magic from time to time. It looks different for each of us but it is real and these stories remind us of that fact. I wish you all the best as you continue to follow your path.

As for your question about practicing to get better at something, that will look different depending on what gifts you have. Take divination, for example. I could never use flames but some on here do. They practice and get better. I use tarot. I practice tarot and get better. Image projection kicks my butt so I try with each person I build that special connection. When you find what works for you, be open to new ideas and experiences but focus on those things that work.

Editing in this: jada1, this wasn’t a dumb or naïve question. From time to time, you have challenged my thoughts and ideas since you joined Infinite Roots and I appreciate you for asking questions and pushing back when needed. Thank you.


I have the same problem :joy: I can’t stand it!!!


Why does it happen! Its so annoying! My work PC has just decided to die. I literally started last Monday :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure what the right word is for me, but sometimes I’ll have a feeling that something bad is going to happen.
Once, when we were driving to Florida for Thanksgiving one year, my parents were debating if we should stop for gas and lunch.
Sometime during the conversation, I told them that we had to get gasoline and lunch now. If we hadn’t stopped for about twenty minutes, we would have gotten in an accident with a truck, along with sixteen other cars.
Another time, something told me to wait in my car in the parking lot for a few minutes as I was leaving work. If I hadn’t listened, I would’ve been hit by some teenage girls who thought it would be fun to see how fast they could drive over some speed bumps. :roll_eyes:


My mom once told me that when she was young, her father said that there would be an event at the end of summer at the beginning of the 21st century that would change America. She tried to press him for more information, but he didn’t want to talk about; it was too horrifying.
She and I think that he was talking about 9/11.


Late in on this thread, again :person_facepalming:. But I wanted to share my experience of a psychic meeting. I had one last year a week before Samhain. It was over zoom, it was lovely, the usual, dead relatives reaching out to talk. All seemed legit but a sceptic could probably have pulled it apart, until…! I had on this day, received my witch casket monthly box of goodies, and in it was a key. I put the key in my pocket. Now there was no way the psychic, over zoom, on my teeny phone which she could only see my face, could’ve have known about the key. I had forgotten that I had put it in my pocket that morning. Anyways, just before the session ended, she said to me, “can you get that key you received today out of your pocket please, it’s important,” I complied, then she said, “that key will help you unchain yourself from the pain of the past,” well I think that sealed it for me. Something happened that moment, I knew it was real because she was in London, I was in Bristol, we’d never met, it was on zoom, she couldn’t see my body let alone my key in my pocket, and I’d forgotten I’d put that key in there. So yes, psychic skills are real. I was totally spooked by it, and it still gives me chills. But, I got another session next week with the same lady :joy::grin::sparkling_heart:


I got chills reading this- that is amazing! Sounds like you were lucky to connect with a very talented psychic! :old_key: :astonished: :heart:


Oooh, multiple times… Weird things are happening my whole life and I can’t explain them.

Just today I was prepping for the blue moon and carrying my crystals (just like 4-5) in my hands from one room to another for them to catch the moonlight better next to a window. I pressed the light switch on and all the lights in the room went on, flickered and switched off with a huge flash. I panicked, I wanted to put them back on, but the switch was not responding at all. I called my partner from the other room to check on the electricity. He came in and switched the light on normally. As nothing happened… :crazy_face:

Long before I knew my hubby, I had a dream where I am walking next to a beautiful place in a wedding dress with a groom. After all these years, hubby proposed and we signed THAT VERY place for our wedding. I believe it was an omen.

One of the worst things in fact that happened to me was during my childhood. I know, not psychic abilities or something, but worth a mention, because stuff like that happens to me non stop. You know, Europe and stuff, late 90s, skates were a thing. I went out to the street to skate on my own a bit as my friends were away. Street was not busy, but there were some cars passing from time to time. I was skating in the middle of the street and heard a car from behind, so I moved away to the side of the street to wait for it to pass by. I was standing calmly and driver saw me from distance. We were looking at each other. Suddenly, I fell around 2m to the front, to the middle of the street in front of the car. Driver managed to stop on time, thanks Lord, and went out of the car to check up on me. He said he never saw anything like that. He said he saw from the distance as it was like something pushed me really hardly. He was freaked out totally. Now, when I look back at it, I am positive something was trying to hurt me. I just don’t know why. Second similar thing happened to me in an underground garage where we park our car. It’s same building where we live, garage is under. I have a tiny, 2,5yo son. Whenever we went to the garage, he was crying. He hates this place. I buckled him in his car seat when he was crying. I went around the car, opened the doors and sat in. I left my foot on the ground, outside of the car. I was reaching for remote to open the gate, which was in the glove compartment. I had trouble reaching it, so I put my foot in to the car and out of a sudden, it was mini seconds, something slammed the doors of my car with such a force I never saw before. My son froze for a second and started crying even more. If my foot was still on the ground, it would have smashed my bone. I am sure of it.

I have tons of stories like that. I hate going to my in-law’s house, because I see random things. This place is crawling with entities. It’s just disgusting, it feels SOOO dirty to me in ways I can’t explain. I feel horrible there - tired, depressed. Could sleep non stop. Once I saw a boy, who was standing in the kitchen and looking at us for like a quarter of a second. Whenever we are there, I see in my head random things, for example a man who is hurting another man and there is blood everywhere. I always feel looked at. My MIL doesn’t like me that much, but I am sure she was playing with some kind of magic and might have opened some portal. During our first meeting, she told me I will be her son’s wife. Just like that, out of the blue. We try to keep out of each other’s way. Once we were supposed to go to some fair, but I had tons of work. I said I will stay behind, but asked for them to take photos. My MIL was not keen on going either. I was sitting upstairs working and after half an hour hubby said they were leaving. I heard the doors closing, but it just didn’t feel right anyhow. I heard somebody walking downstairs and opening the cabinets in the kitchen, the doors, etc. I thought my MIL stayed behind and was not going to bother her - I wanted to catch up on as much work as possible. After approx 15 mins hubby msged me with some photos from the fair and I froze. There was a group photo of my son, hubby, hubby’s dad and brother and… my MIL. I was petrified and too scared to go downstairs and check what was making all that sound. I stood next to the staircase and said out loud “LEAVE! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO BE HERE! LEAVE AT ONCE!”. Noises stopped, but damn, I felt soo bad and sooo observed. For that first and probably last time, ever, I wanted it to be my MIL so badly…