Yule Magickal Herbs

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I love this – thank you for sharing!

The only one I didn’t know about was Moss. I wonder where that comes from!

I was trying to look it up but I can’t find any resources for why moss is associated with Yule :laughing: sounds like something I need to dig into more! I have a use for all the moss around my yard though :joy:


Thank your for this!

I bought an Evergreen satchel for my altar. It smells great and I’m definitely feeling protected from negative energies.

Had no idea that moss was considered a Yule herb! It seems that it would be more of an herb you’d use for for a sabbat like Beltane or Litha. Then again, poinsettias are considered a Christmas plant, even though they’re tropical.

EDIT: I just learned that poinsettias are a Christmas plant because they resemble the Star of Bethlehem.


Time to go and prune my holly bush. Lol

Now is actually the time i need to go an gather my hawthorn berries and thorns too. Hmmmmmm


@MeganB make sure to save your spanish moss too. Being in Florida i know its all over the place. Gary actually brough some home to hang on some of my trees so ill have an endless supply. Lol


Oh yeah, I’m got Spanish Moss absolutely everywhere. We’ve got the really tall oak trees in our yard that it grows on. I also have an endless supply :joy: but if you ever need more just let me know! I can send you some lol


:rofl::rofl:Great Minds!!! I thought the same thing, and noted in my journal plans to research it too!


Mistletoe!!! Despite being a very beloved symbol of the holidays, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen mistletoe growing around here in MA :thinking: One thing about the holidays in Poland was that mistletoe is everywhere- on the trees, in the branches, in the stores, at kiosks, being sold by older ladies in the street… you can’t escape it :joy:

Pretty little plant with some great symbolism (and surely good uses in magick too!) but oh boy is it invasive and prolific!

Thanks for sharing this fun list of yule herbs, @Rowan- it’s really fun to see! :evergreen_tree: :sparkles::blush:

Blessed Yule!


You’re welcome! :smiley:
I’ve been meaning to send you a message for a while, there’s something I’d like to talk with you about.
Ill try to sit down and PM you this week.
Bless-ed Be


haha yes, great minds! If you ever find some information about Yule and moss, let me know! :heart:

Ya know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen mistletoe growing anywhere either!


@MeganB ooooooo that would be awesome. We shall see how what gary brought does in the winter. Also please know if u ever need anything just let me know. My yard is witchypalooza. It was done that way a long time ago. Guess my subconscious was trying to tell me something. Plus u have seen my herbs supply. Lol


@MeganB i still cant find any info about moss and Yule. But here are 3 different kinds of moss and their benefits magikally and medicinally for u.

It seems like what most ppl have in the US is irish moss. And some lucky ones, ie u lol, have spanish moss aswell.

Hope this helps


My/the @moderators DMs are open anytime anyone needs anything. You’re very welcome to reach out! :blush::sparkles:

It’s a weird little thing- you don’t see it when the trees have leaves, but in colder climates in the winter when the leaves drop there are these little plant “bubbles” in the branches. Let me see if I can find a picture…

Picture from Wikipedia: Mistletoe

Weird little guys! It’s certainly not how I imagined mistletoe would look after growing up with only seeing it pictured in holiday books :joy:


Of course! It’s in abundance here and I don’t think there’d be an issue shipping it to you :blush: One day I hope my yard is also a witchypalooza :joy: it’s still new, though!

Thank you for the links, too! I’ve done some reading on Spanish Moss and working with it. Spanish Moss is actually one of the ingredients I worked with for my Hurricane Season working!

You’re right, that’s a weird looking thing :joy: I never would have guessed that bubble of green stuff was mistletoe!


If u need help with any of it let me know. I could probably get u seeds and saplings if u want any.

I love that u use Spanish moss in your weather workings.


I’ll definitely let you know what I need when I figure that out :sweat_smile:

The Spanish Moss wasn’t so much a weather working but working with the spirits of the guardians around me :blush: I find the spirit of Spanish Moss to be a gentle one yet willing to help when called upon, as long as offerings are given :laughing:

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