1/18/21 Daily Affirmation πŸŒ’

Message to self:

"I am ready for a new week

and all it holds. I am planting

seeds of positivity everywhere

I go & in every action that I take."

~ Shawn Fontaine


Yes! I have been working on this all morning. I have done the Tiger’s Eye Activation and the Black Tourmaline activation meditations. I also added some amethyst that I affirmed with my intention to a small bag to keep with me this week for protection and calm this week. I made sure I had everything in my BOS that I have collected over the past few weeks too. I had to rewrite a couple of things, but that’s okay. I did an anti-anxiety spell jar this morning & I sent my anxieties that are at the forefront of my mind into the universe by sending my ashes into the wind over my garden.

Perfect affirmation for today.


Love this. With all the covid going on and negative media this is a Wonderful reminder for me to stay focused and Plant Seeds Of Positivity wherever i go. Thank You.


Hey Krissie. My Islanders played your Bruins tonight. Let’s Go Islanders!!!

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A new week and a new chance to plant positivity and compassion- I love this affirmation, @Christina4!


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Hey @brad1! I saw the game! I’m not sure who we play tonight. Great game though! I’m sure we will play with each other again! I look forward to it. I was away for a couple of days so I didn’t see this until I came back. But I’m sure we will get to have another chance!

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