102. Weekly Witchy Challenge - A Journey of Change

Weekly Witchy Challenge - A journey of Change
The path to witchcraft for me was neither quick, nor easy.
1. As a child, magic was Disney

1937 Snow white. - The Evil Queen “Mirror mirror on the wall.”
1939 The wizard of Oz - “Are you a good Witch or a bad one?”
1941 Fantasia - an apprentice’s magic gets out of hand
1947 – 1991 The Cold War – the reason most people over 50
are paranoid neurotic’s
1950 Cinderella - Bibiby Bobidy Boo
1954 - 2021 Cartoons- Witch Hazel
1959 Sleeping Beauty - “She’ll prick her finger on a spindle and die!”
1963 The Sword In The Stone - Madam Mim
1971 Bedknobs & broomsticks - Witch musters forces to repel enemy
1989 The Little Mermaid - A mermaid gives up her voice to be human.
1997 Hercules - God and Goddesses a plenty “I won’t say I’m in love.”
And many, many more. The fact is that most kids learned, however untrue learned about magic thru Disney. Then fairytales who painted witches as evil women or men as wizards. Yep, Disney was my first magical lessons. That saw me thru until middle school.

2. Witchcraft in School and literature
That’s when I discovered Shakespeare. Macbeth to name one - “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble ?“
Henry 8 - “you have Witchcraft in your lips”
Hey, I was going thru my intellectual phase.
Then I learned about the '”Burning times” which I now call the Witch Holocausts. Tried the Weegee board – fun game but scary.
My R.F. (religious fanatic)Phase, learned about who was destined for Hell for evil deeds. There was only God, no goddess. Very constricting.

3. Goddess and Wicca
I was introduced to Wicca by my Sister In Law. Found out the truth of Magick.
There was so much to learn. I had studies about the vanquishment of the Goddess (AKA Asherah ). Worship of the Mother God in conjunction with the Father can be demonstrated to have occurred within ancient Israel. Both the Bible and archaeology confirm this.
So it isn’t that the Mother God was absent from their worship. Rather she was consciously eradicated from worship by the religious authorities.” (1)
How sad that we were denied Goddess because of archaic dogma set down a thousand years ago by a male dominated church.

4. In Conclusion
My practice has mostly to do with healing and Goddess prayer.
Remember that one can be a Witch without being Wiccan’ just as a person can be a Christian, without being a Baptist. Wicca is a recognized religion, while Witchcraft itself is not considered a religion, rather a practice. Thus, Wicca might best be described as a modern religion, based on ancient Witchcraft traditions.

I strive to be a Witch who is a healer, a teacher, a seeker, a giver, and a protector of all things. My goal is to walk it with honor, light and integrity.
I AM Pagan. A solitary practitioner and I WILL always strive to be… better.

Blessed be’


(I) http://www.vanquishedgoddessasherah.com/


I didn’t even think about the connection to Disney! I generally found it whimsical as a kid but looking back I was always drawn to movies that had magic of some sorts in it:

  • The Neverending Story
  • The Witches of Eastwick
  • Willow
  • The Dark Crystal
  • The Secret of Nimh
  • The Twilight Zone
  • Practical Magic
  • Aladdin
  • Ghost
  • The Highlander
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Groundhog Day

There are also a bunch of horror movies (my favorite genre) that involve magic and/or ghosts that are on my list as well. And of course can’t forget the best series ever: Supernatural (Dean :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:)


@Amaris_Bane I ran out of ideas after Hercules. But how good of you to remind me of the modern cinema reflecting, for true or false, Magick.


I didn’t even get past the “1900s” as these youngn’s are saying now. But it was nice to revisit my childhood memories with my sister and my mom trying to remember what movies were watched that were related.


I was brought up in a Disney household. We watched everything from Darby O’Gill & the Little People to Bedknobs & Broomsticks, Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang… never mind the cartoons & every Sunday night at 8 PM sitting at the TV for the Disney movie of the week! We owned them as they came out on VHS or out of “the vault” when it was DVDs. My first magical influences definitely were in part shaped by Disney.

Never mind, the Wizard of Oz, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the Crow, Race to Witch Mountain, Witches of Eastwick, Bewitched, I Dream of Genie, I mean it goes on really :laughing: but I was always intrigued & always wanted to know more.

Thank you for your entry @Garnet, it was nice to go down that road of magical influences through TV & movies!


Thanks for this, my love! I remember in high school being so excited when I was chosen to read the witch’s parts in Macbeth out loud. I also took a semester of mythology. LOL! I think my subconscious might have been telling me something.


How you balance writing a heartfelt reflection of your practice with little touches of quality Garnet humor is always amazing to me- you always make me smile with your words! (Cinderella = Bippity Boppity Boo :joy:)

I don’t have enough adjectives to describe this- beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, there aren’t enough pretty words to compare with the power of this reflection :heart:

Bravo, Garnet! Thank you so much for taking the time to look back on your magickal journey, and for sharing those emotions and meaningful landmarks. It was truly a delight to read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


How kind of you. Thanks lovely girl.


The pleasure is all mine, @Garnet :heart::blush:

Lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles: