123 Weekly Witchy Challenge - Weather Witchery

123 Weekly Witchy Challenge

Weather Witchery – Challenge entry - Garnet

There are various waters used in magick and also collected in
various ways

Moon Water ( Use musketo repellant )
This water has been infused with the energy of the moon. It’s especially
useful to witches for spells, rituals, sabbats, cleansing, and more.
How to make moon water.
Air tight bottle
water - preferred bottled,
herb of your choice optional
1 TB salt.
Fill a bowl with water and allow to set out overnight in full moon cleanse
and bless your magical tools and altar
Put on the third eye for psychic visions and dreams.
It has been used since at least the 1800s for love spells

Sun Water (use sunscreen )
Leaving water in a bowl, jar, or bottle to charge in the sunlight for one full day. Bring in at sunset.
Charging tools and altars for the sun Gods. Similar to Moon water

Storm Water. (Carry a holy item and pray!)
Pay the neighbor you don’t like to collect it (mwa ha ha)
Oh no! Wait… bad karma, no cookie
Collect in a pitcher or jar. Powerful amplifies any intention.
It is collected during thunderstorms. Did you know that lightning can be between an incredible 50,000 -70,000 F.
How Hot Is Lightning? Hotter Than The Sun?.

Snow Water ( Dry socks, boots, mittens, and a heavy coat )
Snow water properties include purification, peace, serenity, pause, reflection, healing, and beauty. Bathe in it to cleanse negative vibrations and bring peace to an anxious soul.

Rose Water: (Smells good, watch for bees and thorns.)
Magical Love Water
water infused with the essence of roses
Roses are beloved by many Gods and Goddesses of love.
Rose water is also useful in psychic and protection spells.

Florida Water ( Watch for bugs, snakes, lizards and alligators )
It’s been used as a perfume and cleanser for centuries and smells very clean.

Holy Water:
a glass or bowl
water from a natural running source (spring, river, creek)
a pinch of salt
jar or bottle for storage
Add a pinch of salt to the water and visualize the salt acting as a mega-cleanser. It is purifying the water of all impurities.
Over the bowl of water, draw a symbol of divine power

War Water (Caution, cursing ahead)
This is possibly damaging to your karma, depending upon your use.
popular in the Hoodoo folk magic tradition in the American South.
used to remove disruptive forces from your life and restore peace
Cut iron nails
Spanish Moss
Water (swamp water or pond water is preferable)
Place iron nails and Spanish moss into a jar of water, and cover. The jar is then allowed to sit for a period of several weeks, breathing it (opening it to allow oxygen in) occasionally to speed up the oxidation process during the first week only. The nails will rust and the moss will decompose leaving the water a red or black color and smelling very swampy. Traditionally, to use war water you would break the jar on the land, doorstep, or at your enemy’s feet, and whoever walks through it will have the curse laid upon them. If breaking a glass jar on someones porch seems a bit much to you, however, there are other ways of using it. The spell works just as well if you simply pour the war water out on their land or, alternatively, you can sprinkle it around the outside perimeter of your own land as a preemptive protective measure.

Historically, I didn’t find too much information as to dates but most of these special waters are very old.
As far as involving the gods? If it’s raining I pray, Please Goddess, make it stop!
In the north and it’s snowing…again! Please, Goddess, make it stop!
Otherwise, you roll the ‘bones’ and take what you get!
That’s it for me this week kids. Have a good week.

PS: If this didn’t make too much sense, I’m fighting a 3-day migraine…


Feel Better, Migraine Be GONE!!!

So mote it be.

your water information is great! I was thinking I would do something with snow water but I didn’t know what the properties were. Thank you @Garnet :heart:


Hope you feel better soon @Garnet :heart:


@Garnet omg this info is awesome!!! I have everything but war water, hmmmmmmmm he he he he

3 day migraine…nooooooooo

Great Mother heal my friend
Banish her illness
*Repell all stress and negativity *
My mother i ask these things in your name
As i will it so shall it be

Love you my sister.


@Garnet… so sorry for the migraine! I hope it resolves soon for you! :people_hugging:

Thank you for sharing all of this great information. Intriguing… war water… :thinking: I already collect & use storm water, what could possibly go wrong? :woman_shrugging:

Feel better soon! :heartpulse:


Thank you, my darling girl.


I love these little recipes and your notes beside them :laughing: especially this one!

We’ve got the bugs, snakes, and lizards here in my neighborhood. Haven’t seen any gators over here though but that’s probably a good thing :joy:

I hope your migraine goes away soon :heart:


Wonderful info on Waters, Garnet. Hope your head gives you a break!


So many magickal waters one can make- it’s a real ocean of possibilities! :wink::ocean:

This is awesome, Garnet, and nothing beats your funny little notes and comments throughout the recipes- I had such a chuckle reading this! :grinning: :heart:

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, some laughs, and a really fantastic entry to the weather witchery challenge. Great job! :star2:

(And I hope your migraine takes off soon- leave our Garnet in peace! Be gone, migraine! :raised_hands:)


Thank you, everyone, the migraine is finally gone but I’m still walking through
a fog. Give me a day or two and I’ll be fine.
Blessed be Garnet


I hope the post-migraine fog lifts for you soon, I know that feeling all to well also. Take your time & rest! We will be here when you are ready! :revolving_hearts:


Hooray! I’m glad you were able to give the migraine the boot, Garnet- I hope whatever brain fog remains clears up nicely for you soon :hearts: :pray: So mote it be!


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