2 Flowers Have Bloomed!

I shared a picture of my Dahlia that bloomed in the forum a couple of weeks ago. Closer to the start of my whirlwind that I am wading through. (Every day something new!). So this morning when my Hibiscus bloomed, I decided that I am going to look up some correspondences for them. I currently have the Dahlia drying the rest of the way on my altar.


Image from: Pinterest


This flower is found in Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs on page 137. It’s associated with the Water Element, Planet Venus, & used in magic for Lust, Love, & Divination. Other names for this flower are Kharkady, Graxa, Gumamela, Shoeflower, Tulipan

Hibiscus is the ultimate flower of passion. Its other magickal properties include love, divination, freedom, and many more. The red flowers are brewed into a strong red tea that is drunk for its lust-inducing powers. This drink is forbidden to women in Egypt for this very reason. It’s been used medicinally to lower blood pressure and boost liver health, as well as being a common ceremonial tea in many cultures.

Magical Properties of Hibiscus: Wicca Now

(I am not a medical professional, please don’t use Hibiscus or the Dahlia medicinally unless you have consulted with a medical professional)

I’m not sure when I will use them, but I plan to once things for me are on a more even keel.

My Hibiscus

My Dahlia is Part of this Thread


Thanks for the info, and for sharing those wonderful pictures. We have hibiscus here at the apartments, I should gather some as they fall. They’re just so delicate!


They are very! I can’t let my daughter do it :joy:


They’re beautiful and bring blessings to watch as they grow. Thank you for sharing your lovely daughters talent!!


Ooo, always learning something new! I have a link hibiscus bush in my front yard :hibiscus:


Absolutely lovely and vibrant flowers you have!


Wow, look at that beautiful bloom! :hibiscus: :heart: I love hibiscus tea- it’s one of my favorite summer tea blends as it really is cooling. I think it would make for a great Sun Tea too! :tropical_drink:

Thanks for sharing your flower wisdom and also for the lovely pictures @Siofra_Strega! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: