3 Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

With Mercury going Retrograde, communication, technologies, & basically things not going right the first time can be the effects that are present in our lives. I was trying to find some crystals to work with during this time because I am going through some things. I don’t want to go back to where I was, so I’m trying to stay on top of my emotions & mental health.


  • Supports: Communication, Self-Expression, Intuition

When the planet of communication goes retrograde, what better crystal to turn to than the crystal of communication – Chrysocolla.

This enchanting blue-green crystal helps us see how we have been expressing our truth and whether it has been beneficial to our well-being or not. Chrysocolla has been associated with all forms of communication since ancient times.

During Mercury Retrogrades, miscommunication of all sorts happens frequently. Therefore, it is best to turn our focus inwards and reflect on those patterns in our life that are not serving our highest good.

Chrysocolla also helps us overcome the fear and anxiety of spending long hours alone. It is believed that this crystal actually encourages people to engage in quiet contemplation.

The harmonious vibrations of Chrysocolla enhance our self-expression skills, so when Mercury turns direct again, we will be able to voice our truth with clarity and compassion.

If you find it difficult to express yourself or tend to avoid and push down your own feelings, Chrysocolla is a perfect crystal for you.

Chrysocolla also helps us unlock our intuition and inner guidance. It teaches us to trust our own inner voice, for each time we do that, we reconnect with our soul. This allows us to heal on the deepest possible level.


  • Supports: Self-Reflection, Mental Clarity, Healing

Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to direct our attention from taking action to self-reflection. It is a time to contemplate how far we have come and whether we live a life that is aligned with our soul path.

We can find the courage and inner strength in knowing that once Mercury turns direct, we can make all the necessary changes and take action towards fulfilling our soul’s deepest yearnings.

Working with a Howlite crystal can enhance this process by bringing us clarity and peace of mind. Howlite is a high-vibrational crystal that helps us relax and unwind after a stressful day. Its calming and centering vibrations soothe frayed nerves and balance mood swings.

Howlite is also a Crown Chakra crystal, and therefore, it is a wonderful crystal for channeling messages to higher realms. It acts as an energy filter by clearing away any lingering low- vibrational energies.

Howlite can help us release fears, phobias, and overthinking. It is one of the best crystals for deep healing and detoxing from past pain and trauma that might be preventing us from moving forward in life.

It helps us reconnect with the “lost parts” of our soul, which can happen when we spend years disconnected from our true nature. We may have been deceiving ourselves into believing that we must settle for something that has already served its purpose and is no longer lifting us higher. No wonder so many of us are feeling anxious, fearful, and sad.

To achieve peace of mind, we need to become whole again. Howlite can help us reconnect to those parts of our soul that seem to have gone missing. It helps us see our own worth and accept ourselves just the way we are. This is when true healing begins.


  • Supports: Effects of Technology, Clearing Energy Blocks, Grounding

Shungite stones are best known for protecting electromagnetic fields (EMFs). For the most efficient protection, you can place a Shungite pyramid or stone on your work desk, in your office space near electronic devices, or directly on your cell phone. Doing so can help minimize the mental fog and lack of clarity that can sometimes come from spending too much time on your phone or near screens.

Mercury Retrograde is great for getting in touch with our own dark side. Working with a Shungite stone helps us get through this uncomfortable phase.

It is a great stone for clearing energetic blockages that may be preventing us from living our life to the fullest. It helps us release bottled-up emotions, such as anger, guilt, and fear.

Fear is often disguised as anger or judgment. It is often our automatic response to get angry about something that we have no control over.

Surrendering to the unknown can be really scary. It is hard to let go of our natural need to feel in control, but sometimes life requires detachment from the outcome.

Shungite can help us bring those deep-rooted emotions into the light of our awareness. It helps us release overly critical thoughts and stop self-sabotaging behavior in its tracks.

Shungite is also a powerful grounding stone, and there is doubt that we all need a bit of extra grounding, especially during Mercury Retrograde.

I recently felt drawn to Howlite & Shunghite, so I have both. I believe I have the Chrysocolla already. To help get through the Retrograde, there is also a meditation available the utilizes at least 2 of the 3 crystals mentioned.

Mercury Retrograde Crystal Meditation Practice

  1. Choose two of these three crystals and hold one in each hand.

  2. Clear your mind of all the clutter by focusing on your breath.

  3. Feel a state of deep peace and harmony taking you over.

  4. Close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by bright light. Feel how this light purifies, nourishes, and rejuvenates each cell of your body. Feel how it dissolves all of your fears, worries, stress, and anxiety.

  5. Open your eyes and repeat the following affirmations as many times as you wish:
    • I feel safe and protected
    • My body is relaxed, and my mind is at ease
    • I am calm and centered, free from worries and fears

I intend to use Mercury Retrograde to my advantage by working on things that may arise before becoming something that I can’t get through on my own. I have been doing a lot of journaling through this time, as many times as I need to.

For more information or a more in-depth explanation of Mercury Retrograde, the crystals to use, the meditation that is also recommended, you can find all of this information at:

Best Crystals for Mercury Retrograde - Forever Conscious

I love the Forever Conscious site for the information on the Forecast & what is going on in the skies. I have it bookmarked so I can go to it easily.

I do much better with guided meditations, but I think I will play some music while I do this one during the coming week then place the crystals on my altar until Retrograde has gone by near the end of June. Actually, June 22 is the last day of school for my daughter & when it ends. So that will be a nice start to the summer vacation.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday today! It is still raining & cold here, so our plans have been redirected to indoors. I’m hoping for better weather during the week! This dreary weather always interrupts my mood & outlook & my body doesn’t get along with it either. So I’m staying cozy & I think I may do a tea meditation later on today.


OOH, what neat information! And more stones to put on my wish list. LOL. Thanks for sharing, love!


Oh you’re welcome! I hope you found it informative & useful! I love the Howlite & have a Shunghite coin on the back of my phone case. I can’t wait to meditate with them & give them some direction for this month.


Huh. A stone on your phone case that protects from EMFs? That sounds like a good idea!


Yes! I found it at the crystal shop by my husband’s work. I just have to remember to put it out with the moon when I cleanse & charge my crystals & jewelry. I want to get one for my computer too because it travels at times from the bedroom to the living room. :rofl:


How much do they sell them for? Do they have a website?


They do have a website: Cape Cod Crystals

I believe it was $5 or $6 when I got it. It’s about the size of a quarter/nickel somewhere around there.


Cool beans! It’s such a good idea! Thanks for the link!


No problem at all! If they aren’t on the site, I can always pop in & grab one & then send it to you. I’m up by there each week for lunch with my husband. Just let me know & we will figure it out.


They’re sold out of the mini-palmstones right now, which is what I think you got. If you see it though, let me know and I’ll pay you shipping and handling and everything! Thanks so much!


Lol…no it’s called a coin & it has a sticker on the back to put it on your phone. I will take a ride up there this week & grab one if they have them. They may not put them on the website because they were just in a little basket at the register. We will get you one though! Don’t you worry or fret! I did get a Shunghite Merkaba Star from them too! I will also get you the little card that they have for it too!


Ooh thank you! Just DM me and we’ll work things out. Because that would be a good thing.


Wonderful connective crystals to help protect against Mercury Retrograde- thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, @Siofra! :heart:

I felt like we were just in Mercury Retrograde, so I checked and remembered that our last Mercury Retrograde ended in February. It sounds like this retrograde will last until right after the solstice/Litha!

It looks like Mercury goes into retrograde 3-4 times a year, so this is a very helpful list to keep on hand :pray::gem:


This is awesome!!! I’m so glad you like Forever Conscious!!! She’s underrated! Thanks so much for this beautiful post @Siofra :parrot::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch & @christina4! I have had Forever Conscious on my bookmarks for a while now. It has really helped with my learning astrology because of the information about the movements that she has. Plus the monthly forecast is great too!


Tanaaz is pretty intelligent :nerd_face: I love her blogs and her YouTube channel.


There’s a YouTube Channel? Ooo… When I am bookmarking the others I will have to find her!


Wow!! I love the sound of this crytal right here… this is a very nice choice @Siofra I would be putting on my wish list. Thank you for sharing this information.


You’re very welcome @NickWick! I love Shunghite too! I have a few pieces & for this meditation I used my Merkaba Star that is made of Shunghite & a Howlite Coin. I have some Chrysocolla pieces that are with the other 2 on my altar.