8th General Poem: Friendship

Hello, thank you and welcome to all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, I finally organized the poems into different notebooks to make it easier to track and keep record of :books: :books:, This time it is the Final 8th poem named “Friendship” which I’ll show here and I just added the last two stanzas of the edited version of it today :pen: :pen:. Hopefully this one won’t need any of the pen names I’d use for the 2nd section of the written poems when I do have it published in a book collection for it too :green_book:

Blessed Be and Have fun,

by: Margaret

Thread thicker than blood
Strives in seasons past
Endless cycle of life

Witnessed in every generation
Regardless of beliefs
Contrast to one another

Fame can never replace
The existential loyalty
Current age’s diamond

Despite lingering rivalries
Bear in mind
Everything isn’t as it seems

Camaraderie and respectfulness
Someday guide’s it’s wanderers
To tranquility and friendliness

The unshakable trust
For loved ones
Lasts in a lifetime

At times argues
Sometimes in bliss
Yet always coexistent


A happy and uplifting poem full of love- reading this brought a smile to my face! :blush: Thanks for sharing your lovely poetry @anne2! :heart:


Yet again, your talent for words amaze me!!! You’re a great poet!!! :star_struck::blush::sparkles:


Thank you once again @christina4 and @BryWisteria , chances are if I keep doing this now, I may end up writing a lot of poems that may find itself to be all in a book, also I do have one or potentially two question/s and it might be seen as something absurd by other perspectives so I’ll just place it all in one potentially long question:

“Why is it that everytime I seem to be angry or upset, Rain occurs wherever I end up in? It doesn’t only happen one time, it also.occurred back when bullies were also after me and it was also during that one incident I used instinctive Black / Dark Magick to a bully, I don’t even know if I sound out of my mind yet I swear it really rains whenever I end up feeling intense emotions wherever I am after the first instigator’s death, could it have to do with my sun sign element that it’s Water?”


Thank you for sharing! You do great work with your poems each day! :heart:


Thank you @Susurrus


That’s a great question!!! I’d ask @Francisco or @BryWisteria about that one.


Wonderful! Simply wonderful!


Wonderful again.


I love it! Very poetic and beautiful!!! :heart:


Yes it could have to do with that. Or simply that you’re extremely intuitive and have naturally associated Water with intense emotions, which is what the Element Water represents! Emotion, feelings, intuition, relationships :nerd_face:

Emotions are always flowing like the waves of the oceans :ocean: and Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) are known for being sensitive and sentimental.

This notion is present around the world: In Hindu philosophy, water is associated with the Moon and Venus, which represent feelings, intuition and imagination. The sacral chakra Swadhisthana is associated with the unconscious and emotion and its element is water.


Thank you and You’re welcome @Amethyst , @Garnet , @Carter, I actually already have 5-6 other poems written in advance already, although one of it did contain a more of the emotions I felt after the death of my oldest friend, so it could be seen in a first person perspective, still whatever goes with it’s theme is what I used which is why I wrote it and the theme there is, Unspoken Feelings and landed up in the title: “Remorse”, it’s the 11th Poem, the 9th one is under the name “Stars”, it’s not here yet but it’s saved in one of the phones I’d use for online classes, so that one’s upcoming, I’d likely post it sometime in the next several days or a week later too , Thank you for reading and Blessed Be,


Thank you @Francisco ,

Other than this sometime in the previous challenges, such as the one with Astrology, I also learned my Moon Sign is Aries, a Fire sign, it’s a challenge for me to have 2 contradictory Elements for both the Sun and Moon sign, both aren’t enemies they’re just there for balance, though the balance needs to be maintained as too much either can be a double edged blade for myself

That actually described my inner self too well, it’s almost frightening how accurate Astrology and Astronomy can be from time to time too

Blessed Be,


That probably intensifies the Water element. Fire moons (like me) are full of passionate energy and rely on instinct. That means that bottling up your emotions for too long may cause them to come out explosively later… :boom:


I need some sort of balance for myself then @Francisco , a duality to both selfishness and selflessness, I may have to go back to journaling all over again or find something to do to tire out the fire aspect but not too much that it’s drowned by water, it’s actually quite true that I’d feel tired once most of the raw emotions are actually released out, I’d guess it’s the first and primal reason why the Anito given to me showed up earlier in my life than what is expected half the time, a very firm one too if I were to say so myself and if needed affects the people who could help me out in times of hardship and trials of my life,


Balance!! It sounds like you need to channel that Fire energy and regulate it.

I suggest first invoking fire, moving a lot, allowing your energy to move freely and go where it needs to go. Be impulsive and active.

And then release it. Here is an exercise to release that Fire energy. It is nicely explained by Melanie Smith:

All elements affect each other so perhaps channel some Water too and pour it all into a poem or write a fire invocation such as this one, drink lots of water and finish with a bath/shower.