9th Poem: Stars

Hello, Good day to all, I hadn’t been active for awhile because I’m intending to fix my schedules for school, and currently still figuring out where I can work in any field I may know about which will give out cash, this means I won’t be able to participate in this week’s challenge for the meantime, I’ll give out the 10th poem in another hour or two for now,

Blessed Be and Enjoy,

by: Margaret:

Beacon of hope to some
Night sky’s beauty
Witnessed by all

A different light
Ignition of fire
Overseer to dwellers

Guide of wanderers
Till the stars fade
Guardian of the straying

No set rules
Yet teaches lessons
To every life times

The voyager’s map
In every age
Free for everyone


Beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


Thank you for sharing! Great job!


Thank you @christina4 and @Siofra :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ,

I’m now exploring how Wattpad itself works, I intend to write down a historical fiction book genre where the deity I work with mainly is the protagonist along with his children, subordinating deities and mankind in the ancient Filipino times :pen: :pen: :open_book:, a perspective which will show the truth about history untold in the books given by local schools syllabus. I am writing it however under one of my pen names, if this works it will hopefully give a fresh unexplored view for Mythology from the South East side of Asia and attain curiosity, I placed the reading audience to be 18 and above though for later on it’ll give out how colonialism and the land’s conquerors of the major in lands destroyed and treated those with different beliefs from theirs and how the belief system of the conquerors is still ingrained in society in a similar manner Dr. Jose Rizal exposed it yet more subtle will be my approach in this book and how difficult it is to bring back age old beliefs in a society where monotheistic faiths and beliefs dominate the country’s major lands

Blessed Be,


That’s awesome @anne2! I just noticed that your username is anne & your signed name is Margaret. My mother’s name is Margaret Ann & we call her Ann. Is that similar to how your name is too?


Hehehe…the birth name is Anne Margaret @Siofra , I just begun to use the second in my own attempt to claim back the power and identity the abusers and bullies I had use to call it in way more insulting terms, what began as a suggestion by a friend who I can no longer contact cause he’s in what I can consider as an abusive relationship with someone I was friends with for some time in the past, I dared to use for myself as I shouldn’t even be afraid of my own name when someone calls me by it and a college professor from Tourism also just suggested I try it out and see where it goes as time passes by, (way too many people that promised malicious harm used to call me by the second one in their anger). It’s why I usually told many to call me Anne in the past instead of the second name, now though I can tolerate and even handle being called by either names even if the second one will always be potentially joked in an insensitive matter to be similar to the word cigarette by a bunch of bullies (A group of them somehow found out I have Asthma which is why they’d make such “jokes” about my frail health back then), At the very least in my eyes knowing I have Asthma makes me one of the priorities in the categories for the CoVid19 vaccination inside the country I live and reside in, so it might not be a complete total loss in my case


I really like this stanza. Good job!


Good for you on your book writing aspirations, @anne2- I’m cheering you on! :clap::grin: You definitely have talent and drive, it’s impressive how much wonderful content you are able to create! :sparkles:

Thanks for this lovely poem, and I’m wishing you all the best with your schoolwork and introspection this week. Enjoy, and blessed be! :heart:


Thank you @Amethyst and @TheTravelWitch ,

I am still under room for improvement when it comes to writing for a book regardless if it’s a novel version or one that will contain poetry, several people who knew me personally had made claims that I have talent even though it actually comes instinctively to me, this same instinct is also the reason why I use Sicilian Defense in chess when it feels right to use it, it’s not something that can be explained by rational means, it’s just there, if not I’ll just improvise the strategy for the game plan I have, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

As for the book, I had edited it’s protagonist to be a female from this era with a younger twin male sibling, both will find themselves in the era of ancient times in South East Asia prior to colonization after an accident leaves their physical bodies declared as medical comatose, that will lead them to wake up in the ages past, where they’ll be learning a lot of the customs and practices in olden beliefs and culture, as well as the different deities in different tribes and how each side between the humans and deities when working together affect each other’s performances

Blessed Be and Have a wonderful day,


It sounds like you have a solid concept to go on and that it’s a theme you are passionate about- it looks to me like you are already off to a great start, Margaret! :blush:

Good luck and enjoy the writing process! :raised_hands: :heart: