A Cafe for Green Witches 💚

Merry meet!

I have a hobby of visiting strange/funky/themed cafes- and yesterday we struck gold green! :green_heart: :laughing:

I felt right at home here- this herbal shop and cafe is an ideal hangout spot for green witches and herbalists! :herb:

A massive selection of natural, organic teas- some loose, some bagged

This is Pijalnia Ziół in Warsaw. They are associated with Dary Natury (https://darynatury.pl/), a Polish herbal online store. Website is available in Polish, English, German, and Russian

A little place to order and sit

The tables and chairs were pieces of wood. Rosemary plants were all over the place

The shop has dried herbs and flowers hanging from the ceiling and in the windows

Here’s a picture of what they had ready-made in the display case, although they also had some more savory things (soups, breads, etc) that could be ordered from the kitchen.

My partner and I tried a crepe cake, a chocolate pudding dessert, the “Good Humor” tea and a Black Lemongrass tea. I fell in love with the homemade pottery plates and dishes! :teapot: :two_hearts:

In addition to the teas we tried in the cafe, we bought several to take home:

  • Good Humor Tea
  • Elderberry
  • Tea for Good Digestion
  • Tea for Healthy Throat/Lungs

The tea blends and herbs are made using traditional European (Slavic) herbal methods. I can translate the ingredients in the blends into English if anyone is interested!

Have you ever been to an herbal cafe or tea house? Would you like to?

I think a place similar to this would be a very fun spot for a Green Witch meetup! Maybe someday :blush::herb:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Ooh, that looks so lovely! The tables and chairs are just perfect for an herbal shop. And those cakes! I wanna go there and stay all day!


Oh that looks so cute! :heart_eyes:

I haven’t been to a cozy place like this but there is a place within driving distance in my area that embraces a more spooky type of tea bar. Most of the drinks come in skulls, almost everything has Kava or Kratom in it, and they definitely embrace the feel of Victorian Gothic décor. The upstairs is the tea bar and the downstairs is an alcohol bar.

This place looks perfect for any green witch or cottage witch! :potted_plant: I want to go there :laughing:


This place definitely has a special aura of cosiness and welcoming peace infused with different sweet aromas, tastes and subtle impressions mixed all together . Thank You for sharing this amazing interior of tiny -green world .:green_heart::tea::green_apple::green_salad::cocktail::herb::four_leaf_clover:


Would you look at that! :heart_eyes: :green_heart: If I had a cafe like that nearby, I’d be there a few times a month.


Absolutely love the vibe…and of course, would love to go in person one day!


@Amethyst I thought so too! I really love the look of the natural wood- it has such a cozy and welcoming vibe :wood: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@MeganB I love the sound of your spooky tea bar- what a perfect place for witches! I imagine it is especially popular during this time of year :skull: :grinning:

@greg I think you described the cafe perfectly, Greg- and I’m really happy if you enjoyed the pictures! :green_heart: :blush:

@Kasandra Same here! :heart: I don’t think the cafe was there when I was living in Warsaw a few years ago- if I was there full time now, I imagine I’d spend most afternoons with a cup of tea plopped on one of their wooden seats! :laughing:

@ana6 I hope you’re able to make it to this (or a similar) green witchy cafe someday, Ana! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This must have been an amazing experience :star_struck: Every witch’s dream… Love the rosemary hanging and the ‘down-to-earth’ theme of the place including the tables and chairs… For me at the moment the most amazing tea shop is T2 :laughing: it is progressing i guess… No but in all seriousness, i love the loose blends made at some spice shops like on i fell in love with Apple and cinnamon tea… Was a sweet tooths dream… Not too sweet but just enough no need for sugar…
Glad you enjoyed it and nice to see you brung some home too…
Happy travels :blush:


That sounds absolutely divine :drooling_face: :two_hearts: And with the perfect amount of sweetness too- that’s hard to find the perfect balance, but it sounds like they’ve got it! :apple:

Thank you so much! :heart: Blessed be! :sparkles:


Oh wow! What a cool cafe and it’s vibe is hitting all the marks for green witchiness!! If I went in, I doubt I’d ever come back out again! I love it!

Thanks @TheTravelWitch_Bry for sharing!



This looks like a wonderful place. That desert selection is AMAZING!
Thanks for sharing this! :heart_eyes:


this is amazing… I would love to come across a cafe in my area … :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


@Satu_TheGreenWitch I felt the same pull- it’s one of those places where time slows down and the hustle and bustle fades away :relaxed: It’s my pleasure, Satu- I’m glad you enjoyed the pics! :heart:

@Wysteria_Norn Sometimes little cafes only have a few choices, so I was also impressed by the options this cafe had available! Who doesn’t love dessert haha? :cake::yum::two_hearts:

@MsQ These days I see more and more “nature-based” cafes and shops- it’s a trend I wholly embrace! I hope one finds its way to your area soon, MsQ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Accidentally posted my weekly witchy challenge entry here! It’s been moved.


@TheTravelWitch_Bry this cafe is EVERYTHING - I dreamed of opening a cafe like this at one time, but those days are past and I just love to seek them out and patronize them now. There are quite a few around New England - this one looks like it’s way above average and it has those tree slices for tables and chairs and is so cozy!! So happy you found a new happy place!!! :white_heart:


@Kasandra - No worries at all! It looks like it found its way to its home :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@jan_TheGreenWitch Thank you so much, Jan! :heart: Hahaha I share your dream- part of me would love to open a cute little herbal cafe like this. But at the same time I think my calling is elsewhere, so it’s a delight to be able to visit and support cafes like these when we come across them :blush: Hopefully there will be more and more herbal places like this in the future! :grinning:


That place looks amazing! I could almost smell the rosemary! I think I will start looking for places like that in my area. Thanks @TheTravelWitch_Bry
Love it!


Cafes and shops like this seem to be sprouting up (pun intended :seedling: :laughing:) all over the place these days- and sometimes you don’t know what’s nearby until you do a search! I hope you find some fun new places to explore, Sarall :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be! :heart:


I was just with my sister-in-law for the afternoon and she offered tea. When I received my mug, oh the smell was divine. I rushed out and managed to get my hands on a box. It is now my go-to especially now that it’s autumn. It’s a perfect pairing.


I need a tea like that… Maybe i will jump out of bed in the morning to have a cup rather than drag my feet around everywhere looking like a zombie lol :laughing: