A Celebration of the Coven- Many Thanks!

My entry to this week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge- Congrats to the Coven quickly got long, so here’s a “quick” message of thanks to this wonderful community- now in it’s own post! :grin:

I know I’m echoing Francisco here, but reading everyone’s challenge entries has been wiping my eyes! :sneezing_face: I’ve run out of words to say for just how much my heart is overflowing with appreciation and love for each and every one of you :heartpulse:

Activities like the challenges take a good chunk of time for put together and being a moderator has its challenges, but this community is such a burst of light, joy, and welcome energy that I can truly say with complete sincerity that being here is a blessing each and every day.

A Journey into Spells8

I tumbled into Spells8 last year, leading from one enlightening YouTube video on the Spells8 Channel (like so many of you!) to finding a place here in the Infinite Roots Coven. My magickal practice went from something very personal and secret to blooming into a big part of my personal identity- it has become something I more open with and proud of. This is thanks to Spells8 for its many accessible resources and the always welcoming and encouraging community!

Many Thanks to All!

A huge thanks to the incredible @Francisco for not only bringing Spells8 to live, but for all the work he puts in to make the site as wonderful as it is. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes to keep a site and community up, running, and thriving- and no one works harder than him! He took a vision and made it a reality and has not stopped pouring love and magick to continue to grow this place that so many of us have come to call home.

Big hugs to the rest of the staff team @MeganB, @praecog29, and @Limeberry for all the work they do! It is wonderful to know the team has each other’s backs as we help to make the forum and site the best it can be :two_hearts:

And, of course, a massive thank you to each and every member of the forums. If there is a way to tag every user, I have yet to find it- but if you are reading this then consider yourself tagged here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

During my time here in the forums, I have watched so many wonderful witches find comfort and hope in their own practices. It has been such a honor to see everyone finding their own way- you all give me hope for a better, more open and understanding world :earth_americas: :two_hearts:

We may all have varying beliefs and follow different traditions, but I truly belief that is a strength of the community. Thanks to everyone here, we are all learning and growing in exciting ways every day! It is such an honor to be part of this diverse, talented, and always interesting coven :handshake:

Three cheers to the Infinite Roots Coven! :partying_face:

May we have many more anniversaries to celebrate together in the future. And hopefully someday, we can all celebrate together in person!

Until then, Love and Light!



That was very nice. You joined last year? I never knew. Lol doesn’t matter. But thank you for your help and all you add to Spells8 along with @Francisco I know he is the heart and soul of the group but you @MeganB @praecog29
and @Limeberry help a lot too! You’re such a great team and I’m so glad to be a part of the coven!!!


I didn’t realize how many of us actually joined in the last year. I think that’s awesome! You do a wonderful job with the rest of the team & you are all a big help. Thank you for everything that you do for us in the coven! :heart:


Aww thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m so happy we’re all working together, too! And I’m happy you’ve found your way here to Spells8 and decided to stay! We’re all better for it :hugs:


@TheTravelWitch You are the reason why this Coven is such a healthy and animated community!! :crystal_ball: :grin: :star_struck:

You challenge and encourage us every week with unmatched devotion. You listen and always have the right answer or a word of guidance.

You deserve a round of applause every day!! :clap: :clap: Infinite Thanks!!!

:infinite_roots: :infinity:


Yes, indeed @Christina4 and Siofra! :blush: 2020 was undeniably a tough year for many of us, but Spells8 became my glowing beacon- a reminder that light and happiness can be found even in dark times :sun: Thank you for your kind words- lots of love back to you both! :two_hearts:

Cheers to that, @MeganB- thank you so much! :heart: :blush:

Awww thank you so much, @Francisco! That means a lot! Infinite thanks back to you and to the whole community- you all make being a member of the coven so much fun every day! :raised_hands: :heartpulse:



These are all of the emojis you used when you welcomed me nearly a year ago. :star_struck: Your love for others poured through your words and your mastery of emojis made me smile.

Since then, I’ve seen first hand how you bring life to your words and how your words give life to this forum. I am thankful for you (and Francisco) for greeting me that day and it has been a joy finding my voice beside you, friend.


Oh my goodness now I’m smiling too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :heart: I do love me my emojis- if a picture is worth a thousand words and a thousand words paint many pictures, then how much more expressive it is to decorate posts with both words and pictures! :raised_hands: :joy:

Thank you so much for your kind words, Ben- it is a pleasure to be here with you too! Cheers to the many exciting times awaiting us with Spells8 in the future :two_hearts: