A Gentle Reminder: Use Caution with Online Recipes

It is very important to double-check the recipes that anyone posts online before you use them. I recently had an experience in my Discord server that has brought this up and I really wanted to spread the word everywhere. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, you probably already saw, but let’s talk briefly about why we need research skills and discernment when it comes to the online space.

:warning: Firstly, I would like to make an important note that this post is not accusing anyone in this forum of doing this, nor am I saying anyone in this forum would do this. I am simply sharing this information out there because I am assuming that Spells8 is not the only witchy place you hang out.

What Happened

A few days ago, someone joined my Discord server and immediately started posting a “recipe” to make your own crystals in many different channels of the server. This would be well and good if the recipe was an actual one using kits like National Geographic makes or the creation of sugar crystals. I cannot advocate any other method of creating your own crystals because I am not a chemist and I do not know enough about chemical reactions to even post the recipes here.

Anyway, the recipe this person posted was absolutely deadly to anyone that would have made it. I will not post the entire thing here but it involved mixing bleach and ammonia. For anyone that does not know, mixing bleach and ammonia creates something called chloramine gas.

Depending on how much of the gas is released and the length of time you’re exposed to it, inhaling chloramine gas can make you sick, damage your airways, and even cause death. Source - Healthline

As far as I can gather, chloramine gas may be odorless like carbon monoxide. I do not have a definitive source for that, though, but you can be sure that if you mix bleach and ammonia, this will be created.

Research Skills Are Important

I hate to say it, but you can never be fully certain of what is shared online, especially when it comes to mixing chemicals, herbs, and essential oils. Some essential oils do not mix well together or should be used sparingly. An example of this would be any citrus oil. Just like the fruits themselves, they are acidic. Putting citrus essential oils in plastic can eventually lead to corrosion of that plastic depending on how strong the oil is. Citrus oils can also make you photosensitive, so adding orange oil to a carrier that goes on your skin and then going outside can leave you more susceptible to sunburn. Many essential oils should not be used around pets because they can be harmful to them. Source

Some herbs have contraindications to each other and to medicines. The most common one I can think of is St. John’s Wort and any hormonal medications. St. John’s Wort interacts with those hormones and can render them null and void. Taking hormonal birth control and St. John’s Wort? Your birth control may not be effective. Source

And you should absolutely never mix chemicals unless you are 100% certain of their effects. This one just goes without saying, in my opinion, but I leave the above example with bleach and ammonia. You should never mix bleach with any other chemical, only dilute it with water.

If I did not know better, I probably would have let this recipe stay up on my Discord server. If someone would have used it and suffered, I would have felt entirely responsible because it is absolutely preventable.

What can you do?

Just type things into Google that you’re not sure of. You can use certain words together with the subject, too. For example, if you want to know about vinegar you can type in the following phrases.

“Vinegar contraindications”
“Vinegar reactions”
“Vinegar safety”
“How to use vinegar safely”

Be sure that you’re looking at reputable sources for your information, too. And not every herb, essential oil, and chemical will have information. Some things haven’t been studied, so it’s extra important to be careful.

I just want everyone to be safe. I don’t know what I would have done if someone would have gotten hurt because of a recipe in my server. Please use this as a reminder to ask questions when you don’t know something, be cautious about recipes posted online (especially when they use chemicals), and when in doubt, just don’t do it.


Oh wow! I always read through recipes & anything that I’m not sure of I look up to find out more about it. I think for me doing this was heightened when I had children that each has their own set of serious allergies (there has been ambulance :ambulance: rides & EpiPens in my life for about 20 years now)… so I have been hyperaware of ingredients & interactions which usually was set around the adverse reactions. :skull_and_crossbones:

Plus we have 2 dogs :dog: that are like ducklings with me around the house. They are in the same place that I am at all times throughout the day. 1 is slightly older & they are sensitive to certain food ingredients & have sensitive tummies, so I wouldn’t want them to get into anything or that is giving off fumes without at the very least ventilation or a way outside if something was to happen.

Thank you for sharing this information! :blush:


Research is extremely important!! Especially when mixing anything involving chemicals. I’m grateful for this post so that others can be cautious when mixing or creating something. So, thank you!
I’m with @Siofra I have kids and pets to care for, so I’ll avoid the chemical mixing!


I hope everyone looks into things that they are unsure of or have never heard of before using them. Thank you @MeganB

@christina4 I just can’t imagine mixing 2 things together with no idea what is going to happen afterward. Even using vinegar for cleaning is a thing for me :joy: I have to read the whole process & see if I am mixing it with anything other than water. Luckily, it was just to clean a coffee machine & then I ran water through it, but I didn’t know if I had to add a cleanser of some kind… which due to possible reactions with coffee, I had decided that if it was more than just vinegar, I would go back to making coffee by the pot. :rofl:


I use it to clean mirrors then I use newspaper crinkled up to wipe it down.


I have done that before too! I have used to clean things off my countertops before too. It does work great for descaling the coffee maker too.

When we lost power we used my coffee maker through the generator. The next morning when the power was on I tried to use it but it was all crossed signals. I had descaled it 2 or 3 times, cleaned & refilled the water reservoir, cleaned the needles with a pin & cotton swabs. It would brew properly anymore. After I threw a fit because… no morning coffee… I called the company & told them what happened. They are sending me a brand new machine & I just have to send this one back. So I am borrowing a coffee maker from my neighbor until that gets here.


Eek. Not a good combination. Thanks for the PSA!


As a rule, I don’t mix anything together, unless I’m certain there won’t be any adverse reactions.


I own a professional cleaning company and this articles absolutely correct, mixing bleach and ammonia is dangerous to your health. Interesting that those posts weren’t removed, perhaps you should report the post as others may not even consider it and follow the recipe blindly . Thank you for the reminder.


Darn, what happened to the new user?

Was the new user legitimately sharing a new recipe? Because from my reading, they went on to post in in multiple of your users channels - perhaps they were trying to practice some kind of dark art and wanting to harm multiple people?

That’s something you could report if they are in your local country and Discord is an easy system to gather identifiable information from to then further get that users real life details from internet provider if not hiding behind a VPN.



The recipe sounds more like alchemy, which can be lethal. Thanks for the reminder.


@JasmineTheBlueJ – They were in my Discord server and it was handled immediately. The user was banned and the posts were removed. It didn’t happen here on Spells8, just to be clear :blush:

@Temujin_Calidius – They were banned from my server. There really isn’t much I can do besides report them to Discord and let them handle it. It did appear that they were doing it maliciously, and they had gone to other witchcraft servers and done the same thing. As of now, it’s in Discord’s hands :woman_shrugging:t3:

@Siofra – Yeah, it’s a good reminder that not everyone has to worry about allergies and the like. Some people also just trust everything they read in terms of recipes like that.


Oh goodness, that’s terrible to hear, @MeganB- it’s a shame there are people who do such malicious things, especially in places that are all about sharing and helping one another. I’m glad you were able to quickly catch them and remove the harmful content! :pray:

This is a really important reminder about being aware. It never hurts to double-check spell ingredients before putting them together! Thanks so much for this :heart:



Unbelievable – :frowning: Great reminder Megan. Thanks for posting this vital information!


Thanks for mentioning this. I found out the hard way while in my early twenties. I mixed bleach and ammonia and ended up in the hospital. My mom never knew it was deadly she always mixed it to clean. I research everything now including essentialnoiks even though I have taken classes that throughly explain the chemistry of these wonderful oils. I even have to correct people on ingesting essential oils. Never do do it even if you have the knowledge. Too many oils are adulterated these days and sold as lure. I know mine aren’t they are third party tested and I get mine from reputable wholesale site.

Thanks @MeganB . Blessed be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: