A Helpful Tip 💭 Post Reminders

Hello everyone!

I am constantly playing around with different things you can do here on the Spells8 forum and I wanted to share something that I figured out today :sparkles:

I am a pretty busy person and unless I write something down in my planner, there is a good chance I will forget about different challenges and activities. This bums me out because the challenges are a great resource for flexing our magickal muscles. Plus, we have the group rituals that @TheTravelWitch puts together for us every week.

Did you know you can bookmark :bookmark: different topics and set a reminder?

Because I didn’t until just a few minutes ago.

So how do you do that?

  1. At the bottom of every post, there are different little tabs you can click on. One of them says “Bookmark”.


  1. When you click this link, a menu will pop up that looks like this.

Normally I would just click “Save” so I could easily find the post later without having to search for the post. Instead of clicking “Save” with the “No reminder needed” selected, you can pick something else!

  1. If you want to be reminded at a specific time, select “Custom date and time”.


  1. Once it is time for you to be reminded, you will get an email notification and a notification on your profile! I don’t know if you can set it to email you when it is time to be reminded, but I’m playing around with that now, too!

image image

I don’t know if I’m late to the party or what, but this is going to be great for me to remember (and remind myself) of all the great challenges, topics, and activities I want to take part it.

Did you know this was a thing that existed? Or was this helpful? :rofl:


This is wonderful. I am an dinosaur when it comes to tech so I need all the help and directions I can get! How kind of you to keep teaching us. Thank you @MeganB


I knew, but had forgotten during my big hiatus. I forget to use it though. I’m glad you can remember to do it!


Thanks for this! I just usually bookmark on my computer. I’ll have to try it out!


This is a super helpful guide, @MeganB- and the pictures make it so clear and easy to follow! :blush::two_hearts: I bookmark things all the time, but I almost never set a deadline reminder- it is a very handy tool! :+1:


You’re welcome everyone :heart: I’ve set a reminder for the Tea Time because I always forget about it and end up seeing it later and being bummed out :rofl:


Haha I end up forgetting about tea time, too! I did know about the bookmark but I never used the reminder.