A little bit of this and a little bit of that and im loving it so far

So i was trialing out these oracle/tarot cards collection from Indie goes on my phone ( i think some have physical copies but i find with how busy i am i dont always habe rime to sit down with proper decks daily to do readings or actualky tgat often so i am usually relying the on apps on my phone.
Now this i am finding has aspects from several previous challenges such as self care, chaos magic and even working with spirit guides or animal guides. I got the collection down as far as i could reduce it to as after 7 days id need to pay to use each deck n i looked at how much it would be eek ( lol) tgats why i tried to cut it doen as much as could n when i decided i wasnt connecting to or didnt feel a deck was useful for me personallu or my style i remobed it n worked with the others. Because of the amount that the ones remaining would be it took a week to actually decide to finally get them. I figered ok yes i cant leave my phone outside ( as they are apps on my phone or an app with the collrction of decks on my phone). Oh i also cut anothed deck and realised oh wait i have another app that crystal oracle that id been wantung to unlock the entire deck. It doesmt save the readings or have a explore deck option but i can screen shot the reading cards n maybe journel the reafing physically that way. But cause im working with crysrals that one definatly made sense at least till i can create my own crystal oracle deck ( which im working on) n later on i hope to save up n get the the crystals in the deck so i can use them together. Maybe it can be a birthday request for later in the year lol.
But so i have my collection of decks and one thing i foubd during the week trial for the collection was that i could look at the screen with the collecyion and sense which deck was sticking out. I used my hand over the phone screen n put energy to my hand that was over the screen asking my question and then ( as the xards are selected by scrolling or swiping sideways unlike my druidcraft tarot ot druid animal n plant oracle cards which did a shuffle thing then tap on too of deck to draw or the blue star. No tapping deck i think suffles again unless youve alreafy drawn one n its a spread ( i think) lol ive just been doing xard of the day lately… but anyways so these decks i just got are a lityle different and each has some good aspects and each has a different thing. Im figuring out aspects i like n what helpful n whats not ect like some ask questions, some have affirmations, some have an associated crysyal to the card, another is a deck of coloured angel feathers using the colour correspondances. But i did a reading asking what advice or message do i need hear today? Id chosen the ocean whisperer deck and i discovered this one has reversed readings and on tge front though its not got the reversed image as well as upright image like one of the decks I’ve seen on here that id love to get. Yes cards and crystals ( kinda obsessed atm :joy::joy:) but then Alice in wonderland is my favourite book as a kid n even now… i am Alice, the cgeshire cat and the mad hatter all in one so i always had a thing for cards. N realising theres a connection it now makes sense. Lol but even my runes are in card form ( also on my phone) but yeah im now glad that i got the collection of decks as they all have sonething a little different to offer and some ofvthe messges are really helpful. Today i got the sandcastle reversed amd it meant hidden treasures which spoke of how sometimes the sandle castle crumbles but there is a hiddem treasure innthe oppotunity to rebuild or something along those lines. It spoke of ‘this too shall pass’ ( using tjose words) and asked a question that i actually pondered for a bit and an affirmation. It was what i needed right now. During the trial period i found different decks had stuck out n been what i needed at that time… likke the animal spirit one or the lion heart one, on another day the fairy tale one or another one had been most helpful. N yes i kight of spent a bit which cause it was spending on myself n wellbeing stuff i felt a little bad but its a one off payment n fully unlocked now so in the long run it will be helpful. N i think using the decks will be helful for me in self reflection, affirmations and positive energy n thinkibg, even exploring symbolism and correspondabces which also working with spirit guides animal spirits and deities and drawing on my own intuition n learning to trust my intuition as chaos magic entails will be good to counteract the gaslighting that i have repeatedly experienced. And having a bavkground in psychology its not just magical or pagan benufits i see in these decks but a psycological benifit foe wellbeing as well. I eventually want to make my own decks but for now this collection adding to what i had will add a new element of help that the other decks i had already didbt cover such as colour correspondances or crystal correspondanxe, everyday symbolism or metaphors affirmations or askinf reflective questions but tge other decks had also provide benefits of drawing on pagan or witch and druid aspects or also the trees or runes or moon cards i have. I can do a little reflectibe energy or intuition eork to decide which devk i need ( when i get the hang of what each deck has ) and choose the deck i need ( whether physival or on phobe app and then either a one xard draw for a question or daily card or a spread. The app collection mostly only has 3 options 1 cards, 3 cards or 5 cards but if i wanted to use spreads from another deck i might just need to do the drawing of cards seperately ( a bit of pain but if needed a particular spread for a deck that doesnt have it i might jyst need to improvise n then just note it in journal or book of mirrors shluld i say. Lol i forgot the term for a bit there. ). Wow lots of options …
1 use Physical or app deck?
2 whivh deck do i feel i need for that moment?
3. Which spread do i feel i need for the situation or question?
4 do the readinf and make note of it
5. Reflect in the message n if has correspondances or metaphor or symbolism can reflect on that, use items it spokeof or do a meditation vased on those items colours or crustals etc or just use the card as stand alone
6. Could even if talks about a place or animal or tree etc can travel to that place or learn more about that ‘topic’ it spoke about
7. Track n record the readings, maybe get a book for this specifically
8. Reflect and learn as i connevt to decks what they offer n when they are useful to use so i can use that knowledhe n my intuition in future more to know what deck and spread etc that i need at any given time i chose tondo a reading or maybe if i need a particular card to reflect on n rather than doing a reading go straight to that card ie if that card cones to mind cayse i knoe it will be helpful in a situation n can use that card in reflection or meditation on the siruatiin n affirmation or other items if it has it. As i learn the decks this will also be an option. I found that with a previous reafing i had on a card that was about negativity ninjas n being aware of ppl who drained energy and gave off nevative energues. I got it in a one card spreaf n a few days later i felt i needed it n cause i know of tge card i was able to go straight to it n it helped.
9. Make a cheet sheet/chart so can easily see the decks have the spreads n any useful information esp as just getting to know decks to maje it easier when choosing something if maybe i dont feel drawn tk a deck by sight but by the aspects it had then im not opening n shutting the decks to try n find the one i was looking for. Ive had to do that a few times lol
So yeah its all very exciting and i think it will help alot and its a simple thing i can do regularly to not only work with deity /spirit guides, stay connevted to magical practice but also to deal with whatever life throws at me and stay positive in the process. N learn to trust myself more as well. The more i follow my intuition n it goes well the more confidemce i have in myself n trusting myself n the more i heal. N that is a good outcome to have. Sorry i know it was a long one. But i was so exvited as evident by writing alot lol that i wanted to share good news n progress.


It sounds like you are really enjoying your readings, @Danni1- and how cool that you are able to combine your knowledge in psychology with your draws, I imagine it helps give you deeper insight into the cards you pull :grinning:

I’ve heard about “energy vampires” before but never “negativity ninjas”- I know it’s not a good thing to encounter, but what a fun name! :ninja: :laughing:

I hope the cards continue to advise and help you avoid the negativity- be it vampires, ninjas, or any other bad things.

Many blessings, Danni! :sparkles:

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I also discovered an app called sword oracle that does something simular as the other than it lets yoi trial decks n some are ones ibe seen in shops. As long as u dont mind the ads you can try for free. Ive made aselection of ones want to try and orgamised tgem into catagories like alice in wonderland and avalon, animals, crystals, dragons, energy, earth, fairies, geometry, herbs etc. Some catagories only have one deck in it but still if im looking at a particular theme i want to work withi can find it easier. I am loving the alice in wonderland one. My draw yesterday talked about needing to be careful that im living my dreams not someone elses. It was something that i needed at the time n it also helping me wgen decisions whether to do someyhing or not come i can make the decision yo reject pressure from others to follow a path not my own and tgats veen so good cayse normally lately that had been a battle. So ive expanded my selection of cards to use n cause i am seeing cards i can get physical decks for. Some i actually would like to get the physucal decks for but i get tge chance to explore the cards first to see if i connect to the cards. Ive hesitated to getsome physival decks cause i couldnt see the cards to see uf id connect. Sadly they didnt have the oracle of opposires but having seen thr photos of cards i stil have that on my wish list. Only problem i find with so much choice of where to read from, sometimes overwhelming to choose. So ive mostly been explorinf some of the decks looking at cards to see which i connevt to n if i dodnt conect to a deck remove it from selection. Some ive got trial for simply because of topic but had to download to check out thr deck. Hopefullu ill be anle to reduce it a bit to have a solid collecyion of decks to explore n a wish list n to know which cards to pull out for what situarion. I even got the green witch oracle in my trial decks n had debated getting but wasnt sure what cards were like. Its definatly a learning process to find ejat i connect with but its a good process n the help gettinf aling the way is good esp as i spend so much time alone outside of work n if my only main face to face contact or majority of contact in the week is negative eben on bus or trains… had a bus driver refuse to go after i got on bus ( i had my mask on) but he started screaming at the lafy at the back to put her mask on, she was on the phone so i guess shed pulled it down a lityle to talk but he was screaming at her. I had just got on the bus n eas like whay is going on?? I go to shops n sometimes the person serving me at check out ( n ive worjed in retail n supermarjets so i know its hard to deal with rude n abusive customers all day but id be nicr n polite n even try give of positive cheery energy buy i leave feeling like i was burdening ppl cayde i needed food n feel bad. Likr ppl even walking around they look at me like they dont want me there n the cjeckout someyimes no matter how positice i am i get negativity back ( n i get it maybe they had some rude customers n a brief moment with a nice customer may not change how they feel… but i am sensitibe to ppls energy. Maybe whats the word ppl use ? Empath, maybe im an empath. N thats why ive rationed food past few days n only eaten rice ( i added herbs n last of cheese) abd coffee for past few days cayse going to shop meant dealing with ppls negativity n i get enough of that during week. But the point with the cards, thr reason throwing myself into them… i think …as much as i am is a desperate attempt to balance out thr positivr nehative energies n to have affirmations or messahes that can carry with me throuvh the week so that i can get through not being so impacted by the negativity arounf me. It eats away n its hard to stay positive when its all day. I know the world is dealing with so much so everyone is more stressed out so its not a judgement but even if i understand the reasons for their negativity its hard to stay positive when surrounded by negativity so much n i try to be a light in the darkness, i try to helpn bring hope n solutions. But the constant negativity i cant battle that alone but the goid thing is i dobt need to. My path the path we follow as pagan or witches opens up so many options to deal with negative energies and i find hope in that. The cards ( be it tarot or oracle) are jyst one, but there are many others n that brings hope . . N im am grateful for having those options to help in situatioms whatever the situation is.

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It sounds like a really cool app- how neat you can “test run” decks to find ones that connect with you :handshake:

There’s a great guide about being an Empath here: Are you an Empath? :sparkles:

It also has a section about how to protect your energies with Empath Shielding :shield: . I know it can be tough and there is a lot of negativity in the air out there, but I’d recommend layering on the energy protection and then going to the store for a grocery shop- you can’t survive off of rice (even with herbs and cheese), my friend! Please go get some food! :pray:

Be well! :sparkles:

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