A little idea I had

What if you used going to the gym or exercising as a way to cast a spell/manifest? Before you start you could thinknof your intention, listen to music that aligns with it, carry crystals,sigils etc and then use your workout as a way to build energy and cast your spell. Then afterwards in the shower you can cleanse yoyrself of anything preventing you from your intention.


Hi, @jem1 there are practitioners that do dancing, music, exercise, or yoga to direct & raise energy for their rituals & spells. So it’s a practice that if it feels right to you, then absolutely go for it! As long as you are focusing the energy raised or directing towards or with your intention, then absolutely do your workings that way! :two_hearts:


I think that’s an awesome way to cast a spell, @Jem1- what a creative idea! I especially like how you incorporated magick into the cleansing shower post-workout :grinning: :+1:

→ You could also charge your water bottle in the moonlight the night before and refresh with moon water during your workout :baby_bottle: :full_moon_with_face:

→ If you’re running, walking, biking, or otherwise traveling during your workout, you could design your course/track in the shape of a meaningful symbol or sigil and be “drawing” it as you move :running_woman:

This is really fun to think about- thanks so much for sharing your idea, Jem! :heart:


Clever! Maybe this could get me working out more!


That’s a great way to raise energy! :sparkles: As Siofra said, many practitioners use movement, dance, and singing to direct and raise energy. Then as Bry said you can charge your water bottle, add a sigil to your water, etc.


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