A Love Letter to Lilith

Gods and Goddesses of Creativity and the Arts 🎨 got me thinking about Lilith. The following is from Lilith: Dark Feminine Archetype by Asenath Mason, which I am working through on Fridays.

The Creative Fire: An Invocation to Lilith

By Katie Anderson

In the centuries that followed the medieval period, varied artists and philosophers re-envisioned Lilith’s roles in religious and lay culture and society. Magicians and scholars began exploring her myths in ways that challenge the personal, societal, and cultural limitations and taboos leftover from Abrahamic religion. Within the last two centuries, feminism has found a guiding spirit in Lilith as the creative fire moving in time with the pulse of the heart of the Earth. The wild sexuality embodied by Lilith that was honored in the ancient world was feared and despised by Abrahamic religions. The creative fire that Lilith embodies is the power of the dark feminine that resides within the sphere of Binah on the tree of life, and the understanding that in order to create a new form, one must first destroy an old one.

This invocation of Lilith focuses on the creative fire of the dark feminine. It is followed by gnosis that was received from the invocation. During the course of my initial work with this invocation, the entire time set aside was devoted to automatic painting. Automatic painting is an extension of automatic drawing, an art form whereby the operator suspends the logical mind to allow an interceding spirit to guide the operator’s hand in the operation. In the case of this invocation, the operation is guided by Lilith.

Queen of eternal darkness, the screeching owl flying on the wings of the night!
The desert winds whisper the secrets of your unholy embrace.
Ardat Lili!
Voluptuous Demon of the Night!
Queen of the most beautiful death!
Mother of Harlots, Vamps and Whores, whose kiss untethers the wild heart and sets the spirit free!
Great Whore of Babylon!
Terrifying are you who grants life to the dying and sight to the blind!
Blood flows from the caverns of the sacred Huluppu tree, feeding your children and calling their return. Within them you stir the passions of Lust, inflicting the wound of Desire!
Lilith, yours are the fires of the Black Serpent!
Your names and incantations conquer all shame and fear!
Your names and incantations conquer the curse of Death and cause the serpent fires to rise triumphantly!
I call you by your ancient names!
Lilith! Naamah! Isheth Zenunim! Alilat! Ereshkigal! Al-uzza! Ishtar!
I offer you this flesh.
May my body be a suitable vessel for your spirit.