A Magickal Check-in: How Has Your Practice Changed? Early childhood

A magical Check-in: How has your Practice Changed.

A mothers curse, 'I hope you have children just like you.
You cannot punish your child if you laughed at their antics."

I’ve lived a rich, full life.
As the only girl and baby of the family of 3 children, I was spoiled rotten. And my brothers were heathens! They were barbarians and all kinds of terrible things.

I didn’t realize I was a girl until I was 4-5. That was the year the boys got trains and trucks and toy guns. And what did baby Barby get? She got Dolls, DOLLS! and ruffled panties with matching slip.
Why? Why?? WHY!!!? Where was my train & trucks & little toy guns? I was furious, I had an epic temper tantrum going when Mommy put at stop to that abruptly. It’s amazing how a smack on the bum can change your attitude. Mommy said that I should be grateful for every thing I had."

Blah! Blah! Blah!

The barbarian brothers made fun of me. I could only simmer.
And my rage grew. Then the answer came, I would bide my time, but vengeance would be mine.(Mw-ha-ha-ha!)

Injustice and revenge was strong in me, & I hung the accursed doll. I was punished(worth it!) Mom scolded as I hung that doll again & again… Poor lady never did figure out that I just wanted a train! (I wonder if I was secretly becoming Wednesday Addams?)

They never got me a train. So I learned to live with disappointment. Every year I got, (gag) a doll and pretties. Every year I killed the doll, repeatedly. But to Mothers relief, I finally outgrew ‘the kill the doll’ stage. Or so she thought.

Many, years passed
I married & we adopted a lovely baby boy, our life was complete.
Our son liked action figures, so we bought him a big boy-doll. Unfortunately, the Chucky movies came out about the same time.
"I didn’t see the doll for a while, so asked him about it but he wouldn’t answer me.
After a few days I demanded what he did to the doll and he answered me: “I killed him & buried him in the back yard.”
I just looked at him for a long time and then burst broke out laughing.
My God, I had passed the Kill the Doll Syndrome to my boy.
No punishment was given or received.


Continued when I can stop laughing :laughing:

PS Thanks Bry


At least he had a good reason! He got rid of the doll before the doll could get rid of him! LOL!


Well, I honestly identify as an Eclectic Witch & actually practice on a daily basis in some way. So that’s a start! I have found that I am leaning more towards Celtic Paganism & Irish Paganism with a few other things that enjoy mixed in there. I’m constantly learning about something, even if it’s a topic that I originally came into already with some knowledge. So further reading & learning has enhanced my practice throughout each day.


It sounds like your son made the best call he could considering the situation- I still can’t watch the Chucky movies or even the Gremlin movies to this day because they freak me out so much :dolls: :hocho: :scream_cat:

Thanks for giving me a chuckle too, Garnet- you always spread the laughter around here! :laughing: :heart:

But you know, the best part about being a grown-up is that we can buy whatever we want for ourselves… you can finally get yourself that train toy! :train: :joy::+1:


Oh, my friend, Rich bought me a set of trains 2 years ago. Total surprise!
Is he great or what…I think I’ll keep him.


Your Rich knows you very well- yes, sounds like a keeper to me! :grin: :heart: