A Magickal Check-in: How Has Your Practice Changed?

@Siofra_Strega – all the sunshine for you! :sun: Even now, with me slowly learning one or two things here and there, it all feels like so much and that I’m never going to learn it in a way I need to lol I like the way you do it, though, spending a few months on one and then going to something else.

@TheTravelWitch_Bry – I use templates all the time lol so having one ready-made for this was perfect! And thank you for all the kind words :people_hugging: I really appreciate it!

@mary25 – It is so amazing to see everything you’ve accomplished in a whole year! You’ve found things you enjoy and things you don’t, and both are learning experiences! Hooray to you! :partying_face:


I love :heart: templates! I have 1 for each of my daily posts & the book club & runes… I love templates. :rofl:

Thank you @MeganB… it’s not that I get bored, but I tend to deep-dive then get tired so if I don’t switch, I won’t continue to get anything out of what I am learning. I’m taking this book club off because where I am right now, as far as books go, I’m drawing a blank & I think my brain needs to rest as much as possible right now. :joy:


@Mary25 What a year it’s been for you, Mary- a huge congrats for all of the magick you have experienced and the wonderful things you studied! :sparkles::books: It sounds like you have learned not only about magick, but also bout yourself and what works best for you- that’s a huge accomplishment! :clap: I’m proud of you and how far you’ve come- may your magickal journey continue to bring you joy and blessings! :heart:

@MeganB From a fellow template-lover, it’s my pleasure! :people_hugging: :blush:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Thank you and yes that it right i do feel more connected to my spiritual side and to my practice even though sometimes other daily routine like family, keeping active and study may get in the way. :blush: