A Magickal Check-in: How Has Your Practice Changed?

Merry meet!

I think it was @Garnet’s thought-inspiring post about becoming a witch (perhaps paired with some crazy numerological and astrological energy today on 2-22-2022, thanks to @Undomeher for pointing the date out- went right over my head! :laughing:) but I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I’ve changed over the course of my magickal journey- and how much my practice has changed along the way too! :railway_track:

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Despite always having an active spiritual side, I didn’t really have a set direction until I had that “a-ha!” moment when I learned witchcraft was a real thing a few years ago.

Since then, I’ve jumped in (and out) of various aspects, learned new things, changed my viewpoints about certain things, gave up on certain things, and developed some things further. I know a few years is a pretty short amount of time compared to how long others have been practicing, but wow- what a ride it’s been so far! :blush:

:heart: :infinite_roots: :heart:

Credit and thanks for a HUGE amount of my magickal advancement has to go to Spells8 and, of course, the amazing Infinite Roots Coven here in the forum. I’ve learned (and un-learned, and re-learned!) so much from everyone here- many thanks to you all! :raised_hands:

Everyday is an adventure and I still get that spark of excitement when I sign in, wondering what we’re going to talk about and what new piece of magickal wisdom I’ll learn today :star2:

I would love to hear about your own magickal journey and the changes you’ve gone through along the way!

Picture from Pixabay

So, I want to pose the thought to all of you:

Do you think your magickal practice has changed over the course of your magickal journey so far?

What aspects have you started/developed further (i.e tarot, astrology, crystals, kitchen witchery, etc)

What aspects (if any) have you set aside/decided weren’t right for you?

Looking forward to hearing your stories- much love and blessed be! :sparkles:


I didn’t write it above, so really quickly-

OUT/SET ASIDE- I’m a lost cause when it comes to Numerology. Palmistry also seems to be over my head haha.

FLUCTUATING- I’ve gone in and out of astrology a few times over the past couple years :milky_way: . I’ve got sun and moon signs and the basic Zodiac traits down, and the planets and houses are okay- but everything beyond that both fascinates me and confounds me :joy:

Crystals: I love them but also struggle to remember any more than the few ones that I have and actively use. Sometimes I go periods without feeling the urge to use crystals at all, and then other times I obsess over including them :gem:

CONSTANT- Herbs, plants, Tasseography and Kitchen Witchery are constants- I loved them at the start and continue to learn and work with these things on a steady basis :herb:

IMPROVE- I’m happy to say my tarot skills have advanced very well over the past few years! I still have a long way to go, but I’ve memorized most traditional card meanings and am much more confident using my own personal interpretations. I enjoy making and using various tarot spreads, which I struggled with in the past :flower_playing_cards:

IN/NEW- It’s not really a thing on its own per say, but I didn’t do any complex or really structured spells before I took on the label witch. Over the past few years I’ve started doing more elaborate spells and have gained a lot of confidence doing spellwork at a higher level. It’s a lot more work, but very rewarding! :sparkles::blush:


Well yeah, my practice has changed in that I am now practicing! It will be a year in May.

I am learning about deities and astrology, though the latter is a struggle. I always thought it was stupid to think that people born in the same month have the same life, or that our lives could be controlled by planets millions of miles away. Now I am open to the idea that the planets are markers and reflections of cycles that occur in our lives, but I still regard myself as “astrologically agnostic.”

I haven’t really ruled anything out so much as put it in the “not yet” category. I work with herbs, candles and crystals, and am continuing to learn about them. I try to practice daily, and make the Craft a part of living rather than a hobby. I am also pretty focused on homemade magic and making my own tools where I can. Hoodoo, voodoo and baneful magick are not currently on the list of things I have a desire to explore.

I agree that Spells 8 has been a massive influence. I would not have gotten as far as quickly without it.

I am really trying to develop my intuition, something that has always been a struggle for me. I am also committed to celebrating 13 moons and the Wheel of the Year.

This post has been all over the place, and maybe that’s where I am at - exploring everything. I’ve read that if you need to do a spell and the Moon isn’t in the exact phase and the day of the week isn’t ideal for what you are doing, do it a noon. Noon is a liminal time and you will get maximum effect that way. So I’m preparing to do some things to take advantage of the 22222 portal today.

Thanks for prompting us to reflect on our pratice!


The constant for me is definitely herbs and plants and learning what I can about each plant. And I had to pick up these beauties at the nursery yesterday!

And making flashcards so I can remember what each plant that i have for now can do!

I’m trying to improve on my spell casting because it’s an awkward thing sometimes, specially when I’m finished and had forgotten to do something. But I have been practicing more and getting a little more comfortable with my rituals. I write down everything I need and what steps to take and that’s been helping, but I need to work on not rushing through because I’m worried I’ll be disturbed. So it’s a process.

And this is great info @Undomeher because I am not a night person, I like my sleep and that’s all I want to do at night. Lol So I have been doing more spell work during the day.
Definitely still working on Tarot cards.
Astrology is something that will be much later in my practice, I’m more concerned with the moon right now. Palmistry maybe. Numerology I look up when I see certain number sequences following me but that’s about it. Basically everything is on a need to know basis when I need to know. I’m really just doing a lot of reading at this point. Baneful magick is intriguing, I have to say honestly, but I’m trying not to go there. I want to be a good witch and try not to work with that dark side that likes to come out from time to time.
I’m a beginner so everything will take time, but i have been making progress!


I was one of those annoying people who read a lot but didn’t do much magic. I’d do a morning devotional and that was about it. But I had like fifty different beginner books to choose from, but I was always stuck.

For one thing, my Mom not only supported me but she wanted to watch and listen in! I felt on display and was not comfortable doing anything.

For another, I had read that you shouldn’t do any magic when you were mentally ill. Of course, now I know that’s a crock because if we waited until we were mentally healthy there would hardly be any witches out there!

Then Mom got worse and taking care of her was a full-time thing. It wasn’t long after I moved after she’d passed that I got into Wicca again.

Then I fell into YouTube and got into that for a while. That’s how I found Spells8. It was you lovely people here who gave me the tools and the confidence to start making magic instead of just reading about it. I thank the Gods every day for this place!


Last June for me and I practice using herbs, crystals, and candles as well. I’m especially interested in reading about the history of witchcraft and in particular historical references and text related to witchcraft in England and the British Isles


Out/Set Aside Palmistry, anything past “angel” numbers & sequences I’m lost, Tasseography, Pendulum (set aside)

Fluctuating I go to & from tarot & astrology. I’m learning both kinds of like 6 months of 1 then 6 months of the other. So it’s a little bit slower to learn, but It keeps me from getting bored with the topic. I use what I do know whenever I can though. I have to put all Shadow Work on hold while I work through the first set of tangles with my therapist & psychiatrist.

Constant Herbs, Fresh Incense/Incense, Crystals, the Morrigan, Brighid, Jar Spells, Guided Meditation, Gardening, Fire, Candle with Magic.

Improved My intuition along with my connection with my oracle cards, runes & tarot cards has greatly improved. I am more self-aware & my journaling has gotten better. My self-love practice has been on the upswing. Using essential oils, anointing candles is easier for me. Being in the moment & being present with nature, trees, animals, moonlight & sunlight & watching the move through the sky. My rituals have gotten better too.


@Undomeher Your magickal anniversary is coming up fast, Ron- congrats to you on how far you’ve come since you first began! :sparkles: And goodness I can’t believe I forgot to put Baneful Magick on the list too, the more I reflect on the magickal journey the more I remember just how vast magick is- there is SO MUCH to learn and study! :books::crazy_face:

You’ve covered so much ground within your first year and I know you will keep on exploring and thriving in the Craft. May your clever mind and scholar’s curiosity continue to guide you, and may your magickal journey continue to bring you joy! :blush: Thanks for sharing your reflection!

@Christine13 Hooray for a fellow plant-lover! :potted_plant: :heart: Wow, you scored at the nursery- look at all those lovely new plants! Rosemary, lavender, thyme, and… can’t quite see tag on the one in the back, is that oregano or marjoram you’ve added to your collection? :herb: All beautiful- and the flashcards are a great study idea! :card_index_dividers:

When it comes to things like Baneful Magick, I say if it calls to you you should learn more about it. That might be surprising since I’m personally really against Baneful Magick, hexes, and the like haha- but there’s a difference between blind fear and studied avoidance. Learn more, explore it, and then make an educated decision for yourself about whether or not its something that is right for you and your practice :grinning:

You’re doing amazing, Christine- thanks so much for sharing your reflection and your magickal journey so far! May you continue to thrive and grow like your beautiful plants :green_heart:

@Amethyst No one could blame you for being hesitant at first- it really is the first step that is the hardest! Congrats to you for overcoming that block and jumping into your magickal journey :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And wow at that quote about not practicing while mentally ill- I’m sure glad that’s not true, because then basically no one would ever be able to practice! :sweat_smile:

I’m really glad you found your way here too, Amethyst- thank the Gods indeed! :pray: Congrats to you on your magickal journey so far, may it continue to bring you light, joy, lots of love, and happiness- you certainly bring all of those things here and share them with the coven! :heart::candle:

@Satu_TheGreenWitch Your anniversary is coming up fast as well, Satu- congrats to you on your magickal journey so far! :raised_hands: The history of witchcraft can be sad and quite scary at times, but I agree it is an important thing to explore as well. I wish you all the best with your continued studies- many blessings and may you continue to thrive on your path! :sparkles:

@Siofra_Strega You’ve explored so many wonderful areas of magick, Siofra- I know I always look forward to hearing about and learning from what you are currently studying! :blush: Recently it’s been your rune posts and I look forward to them each week. When you dig into an area of magick, you put your heart and soul into it!

It’s been a journey of ups and downs for you, but your magick always shines so brightly :candle: May you continue to learn, grow, and always thrive on your magickal path! Thanks for sharing your reflection :heart:


I really have :laughing:, I tend to deep dive into things.

I just can’t get comfortable using a pendulum :pendulum: I have used it in the past, but something about it just doesn’t feel right to me. I keep them though just in case one day I decide to use them. Crystal 1 I can use as meditation beads because they have chakra stones & then a piece of quartz for the weight. The brass one I can just keep cleansed & I will decide if I want to take another go at it.

I connect with all of my decks so far & they have kind of found me. There’s only been 1 that I really felt I needed to get but it turned out not for me, they connected with my daughter. She does 1 card pulls before school & sometimes she asks it questions with 1 card. I’m happy that she likes it & tries it out.

I crazy connect with my runes, both sets. I do take whichever agate rune I draw out of my black tourmaline ones also & either use it in my devotional or because it’s black tourmaline, I add that with the blue agate rune to my pouch.

I have been keeping a piece of carved Rose Quartz that is in the shape of a heart with wings & been holding it & rubbing it. Right now it’s in the pouch with the runes & clear quartz, selenite piece that came off of my athame (thanks boys that need to touch anything that looks like a knife :roll_eyes: ), black tourmaline, & the blue agate.

I have added rose quartz pieces to my devotionals lately too on top of a chunk of clear quartz. Usually, it’s my geometric rose quartz. I can’t remember the name of the sacred geometry it is… I love it though. I have 1 made of shunghite also & it’s a little larger than the rose quartz.

I have learned so much since July of 2020 from a couple of friends & Spells8 & Infinite Roots :infinite_roots: Different topics would come up & just bam… I need to learn about it. I’m happy about the rune posts being something a few people look forward to. I like learning about them every day.

I think now I am on Rune 11 which would be the 3rd in Heimdall’s Aett which is Isa :isaz: I have pulled this one a few times since I started in November. I actually more embrace it than view negatively which is easy to do or misinterpret.


Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry for your inspiration and your cheerful optimism! I love reading all the wonderful things you say to everyone, it really helps to make me thrive and be the best I can be.


I honestly have not really decided that something is not right for me and more decided that i will try… So far most attempts at anything really feel natural such as using crystals, spell work, meditating, etc… If anything arises ill let you know… I have recently tried using a spirit board and to my amazement it really works. I would have gone further and read what the spirit who was talking to me wanted to say if it wasn’t thanks to all the distractions and interruptions by family but there is always next time. Next stop gaining information about the pros and cons of voodoo and hoodoo magick…


Oh, interesting discussion! I used your little template @TheTravelWitch_Bry because it’s easy :laughing:

OUT/SET ASIDE - No astrology, palmistry, or numerology for me. Astrology goes over my head when it gets too deep. Everything else is just kind of…meh for me :woman_shrugging:t3:

FLUCTUATING - Kitchen witchraft is something that fluctuates for me. Sometimes it’s something I focus on every day when I’m cooking. Other times I forget all about it :laughing: which is hilarious to me because I do all the cooking in my house!

Crystals are also something that I fluctuate with. I don’t have a massive collection of crystals and I don’t tend to buy new ones. Some of the ones I have just sit around on my altar or in my spaces without really doing anything, I suppose? But sometimes, like lately, I carry around a crystal just to see what happens. I’ve been carrying around a rainbow fluorite lol it’s been interesting!

CONSTANT - Candle magic is a constant for me. It’s one of the easiest forms of spellwork to do when you’re low on spoons. Fiber magic is also something that’s a constant for me when I crochet with intention. I also read tarot fairly well, I think, though my memory is getting worse and I sometimes struggle to remember the card meanings :sweat_smile:

IMPROVE - I’m putting tarot here, too, because I need to work on my memory more with the cards. I’ve been reading tarot on and off for a long time now and it doesn’t make sense that I’m forgetting the card meanings. Anyway, that’s a different topic. I also want to improve my spellwork! I don’t cast nearly enough spells as I’d like and sometimes, when thinking about crafting spells, my mind goes blank with methods on how to do it!

IN/NEW - So, what’s new? Probably just ogham :woman_shrugging:t3: I can’t learn too many new things all at once, honestly. It hurts my brain, overwhelms me, and I shut down :laughing:

@Undomeher – I always forget about noon being a liminal time :sun: thanks for that reminder! I had kind of felt the same way about astrology until I realized that even if I’m born at the exact same moment as someone on the other side of the country, our charts are going to be vastly different because of our locations! There are so many variables in astrology that it just hurts my brain to try and understand it all :exploding_head:

@christine13 – Aww those are beautiful plants! What is the one all the way on the left? It looks familiar but I can’t quite place it.

@Amethyst – I’ve been in that position Amethyst, where people want to watch what you’re doing :grimacing: it is not a fun feeling at all :laughing: I’m so happy that you’ve found your path and are comfortable now :people_hugging:

@Siofra_Strega – I forgot about my pendulum :laughing: It sits on my altar and I don’t really use it anymore. The crystal had come out of it and I think I fixed it but I don’t want to run the risk of breaking it. It’s been very nice to see your own intuition blossoming :cherry_blossom: I have definitely noticed a difference!

@TheMuslimWitch – It’s been wonderful being witness to your progress since joining Spells8 :partying_face: I’m glad you’ve dropped the view that you had, where everything you read you have to know and abide by. You’re right. You have the power in that situation and it’s totally okay to drop things that don’t interest you!


That is Lavender, as well! I have 4 Lavender plants and two I’m propagating! I want to have plenty just in case one or two don’t make it. Lol


Ahh lavender! No wonder it looked familiar :laughing: I have some of that in my garden! I can’t believe I couldn’t recognize it :sweat_smile:


Yeah I get lavender and rosemary confused they look so similar


Thanks, @MeganB! Yeah, doing something for the first time, no matter what it is, while someone is watching is nerve-wracking.


Thank you, it has been a wonderful journey & getting clarity back & connections stronger than before. I appreciate that you have noticed! :two_hearts: I do feel better each day that I wake up. It’s like my brain finishes processing while I sleep & I wake up to a new day with new things to happen :confetti_ball: Sunshine :sun: helps with that feeling & I have plenty of that today :heartpulse:

I also used @TheTravelWitch_Bry’s template because it broke it down so easily.


@Siofra_Strega You’re really amazing, Siofra- you’ve explored so many things and found what works or doesn’t work for you! I think that’s really impressive. Keep on learning and growing! :seedling: :heart::blush:

@Christine13 You’re very welcome, Christine! :two_hearts: Hahaha I know I’ve said it before but it’s so true- it’s really easy to share enthusiasm when surrounded by people like you who radiate the same :blush: I think we all reflect the inspiration and energy off of one another- it’s a great thing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@TheMuslimWitch Maybe it’s a bit strange to say (if so, I apologize!) but over the months I feel like your posts are more and more energized- that as time goes by in your practice, you have more self-empowerment and confidence. It’s a really beautiful and amazing thing- a huge congrats to you on how far you’ve come, Khadija! :clap: May you continue to thrive and find joy in your magickal practice :sparkling_heart:

@MeganB Hahaha I’m glad you liked the template, Megan- I use them a lot because they are my lifeline in staying organized and on track. Otherwise my thoughts tend to wander all over the place! :joy: I think you’re smart to know your limits and focus on learning one new thing at a time- I know there is so much out there that it can get overwhelming really quickly! You have so many magickal talents and wisdom, Megan- it’s amazing to see your skills! I know you will continue to rise up higher and higher in your studies, and I’m cheering you on the whole way! :star2: :blush:


@MeganB I had to also stop trying to learn everything all at once & have now gone to 1 at a time, which is why I wind up returning to subjects because the information is always being updated as new things are found while the world is at home more & exploring more subjects also, whatever they may be.


The past 12 months have been really exciting for me – I’m learning so much and trying so many new things :slight_smile:

I’ve always been a huge fan of astrology and I learned a lot more about predictive astrolgy this year. I already was working with crystals and I added candles, herbs, invocations to my practice.

This year, I created sacred space and altars. I created a large BOS that is constantly evolving and experimented with storm magick. I so enjoy the tea rituals and lunar meditations I found on Spells8., I am enjoying divination as a means of expanding on my intuition and improving myself, focusing my intentions, etc. I learned about Tarot and am becoming more knowledgable and comfortable with my spreads, and I have tried scyring and pendulum work a couple of times. In any divination practice, I take it context of my life and with the belief I have free will and the ability to change circumstances to the best possible income, even if those results aren’t immediately apparent.

Some tools became less important to my practice this year. I present offerings but I haven’t done a traditional chalice, athame, wand, etc. set up in several months. I find I am using my hand more than an athame or wand and that feels right. Rather than following a formula, my altars are looking different each time, according to my intention.

Without casting judgment on the path of others, I have thoughts on hexing. Honestly, I flirted with the idea of hexing and cursing a few times when I was very angry and frustrated. I know it’s not for me. So, I have funneled that impulse into learning more about those practices while not undertaking it and focusing on soothing and improving myself whenever I considered it. I feel like, for me, baneful magic is shortcut or short-term solution for problems that demand true dattention, balance, thought and longterm solutions. I do consider it be legitimate and I am reserving judgment about its potential place in my magic as I learn more – but I’m seriously kind of a hearts and flowers and smiley faces person and it does not appear to be a good fit :slight_smile: