Tomorrow is 22222. Suggestions?

Tomorrow’s date is 2-22-22. There are suggestions that this date is special and powerful.

Do you think that this date has magickal significance? What is its significance?
What kind of magic will you do?


That’s a “portal,” right? also called “Twosday” (I’m dying :smile:) - so this is a day, what I’m reading, to focus on the positive aspects of relationships, like compromises, understanding, getting along.
Portal activity inner work would include maybe

  • meditating. For 2 minutes 22 seconds at 2:22 LOL
  • manifestation work - creating empowering sigils, burning wishes, candle magick, vision boards, gratitude journals, affirmations, prayer, invocations around the theme
  • a crystal grid with quartz, venus and mars - definitely quartz – or other planetary crystals
    Maybe doing creating a special tarot spread
  • maybe some spellwork that emphasizes duality, harmony or synchronicity
  • journaling on trust, I suppose, or creative work
  • cooking or teas with herbs
  • there is always yoga or other physical activities
    angel number 222 is about harmony, commitment, balance, trust

I think that is interesting that Mars and Venus are aligned in Capricorn at almost the same degree - both today and tomorrow – and that they are sextiling Nepune and well, there are sextiles and conjunctions all over the place. So, to me, that says, it’s a spirit of working together rather than fighting. Or maybe…you know it’s just a balance thing. Like it could be balancing out any extremes in life. For instance, it might be balance at work, since Venus and Mars are in Capricorn. Heck, it could be Russia deciding not to invade Ukraine (one hopes).

I think it would be very cool to do some magic that involved this synchronicity and balance of of Mars and Venus energy - Jupiter and Neptune are also serious players in the cosmos right now – and with Tuesday being Mars day. I just feel like somehow bringing those correspondences.


Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars, so it sounds like a good day to…form a “conjunction.” :wink: I don’t know what sex tiling is (ancient naked twister?), but from what you’ve described it sounds like the Cosmos is inviting us to a Roman orgy.

Okay, jokes aside, the Venus-Mars energy I get, and I agree that could be useful in spellwork. It could be fun to play around with different ideas here (“play around” meaning being creative and outside the box, like picking an unfamiliar key to write music in), though I’m not familiar with Jupiter and Neptune energy. Great ideas!


I haven’t even thought about it! I suppose I’ll do something that’s healing for my leg. Thanks for reminding me!


Oh, and that’s not all!

Not only are venus and mars conjoining but they’re both at 22 degrees. (cue: spooky music) 22! Mama mia!

and wait, but there’s more! Neptune, also 22 degrees, conjoining Vesta at 22 degrees.

mind blown! did you think I was done? I’m not done!

Moon in scorpio tomorrow is aligning with (wait for it) venus, mars, neptune, pluto and the north mode of destiny and I believe it is also the “american revolution” pluto return

LOL. so much going on in the cosmos.


Sounds like THE time do pretty much anything! With so many energies slinging about, there’s no excuse for putting things off.


I think it’s a very good energy, if anything, like all special days, there is the pressure to do something or make it significant and for me, the mind reels, what to do. Mars is all about action, right? and Venus softens any hard edges about it and brings in the element of creativity. Neptune is about dreams and beliefs. Jupiter is about optimism and expansion. Vesta is the goddess, I think, of altars? Home and hearth? and the sacred? Lots of energies to blend there. have heard two astrologers say tomorrow is a time to let go negative notions you have about yourself and open your heart to new possibilities.


2/22/2022 will be the date with the most identical digits in our lifetime… unless you live another 200 years.

What To Do On 2/22/2022

“The number 22 is a master number signifying many people working together to build a structure or platform that idealistically brings us together,”

“[We should] all use this general time frame to do our part to see the other as not so different from ourselves and find some point of mutual understanding. Cycles are just an influence, it’s the decisions we make in how to use these energies that determine the outcome,”

From this article by Bustle


Considering this is a once in lifetime event, it seems prudent to take advantage of it.


@Francisco in England we write the date in this format 22.02.2022, makes this number a palindrome and ambigram meaning the date will read the same left to right, right to left and upside down so neat ehh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:t2: X


Whoa, that snuck up on me- you’re right, Ron, that is quite a date! :star_struck:


There’s never been (and won’t be for another 200 years) another “Twosday” like today! What a day!

Thanks so much, Mary, for all of this amazing astrology information- gosh, my mind is blown with just how much everything is aligned!

Wishing everyone a very blessed 2-22-2022 (or 22.02.2022), may it be full of good things and positive energy! :sparkles:


Whoa! That’s a lot of 2’s! Thank you for all this info, it’s amazing! And yes…


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