A Moon touched one saying hi

Hello everyone! :purple_heart:

My name is Krista and I’m turning 33 this new moon, and I was guided here by my curiosity just a couple of days ago. I’ve been reading the lessons here which I think are of excellent quality, and looking through the forum posts and it very much looks like a kind and accepting community I’d love to be part of! :blush:

I live in Finland and used to work with computers and in university circles… my curiosity for knowledge was well sated but my spiritual side languished. I didn’t really know I had one, but I was very interested in things like intuition, the subconscious, and manifesting intention. I’ve always loved the nature and felt at peace in it… staring into still water or dancing flames, the smell of night air, laying on my back on the forest floor and looking at the stars… was that all of the elements already? :grin: Also I may be a hopeless romantic, or just a sensual hedonist, probably both :smile_cat: (and love cats so much!)

I’m kind of a new witch, except I’m not sure if I am… an ex of mine was a witch and told me that I’m an old soul, and that I could very well have been one in a previous life, which felt right somehow… one of her names was Selene which I instantly recognized belonging to a Goddess of the Moon… thinking of the Moon gives me a sense of belonging and calm, fulfilling love, and after learning of the Goddess, I’m getting the same feeling from her, and so I dedicated myself to her.

I’ve done a couple of spells that have come intuitively to me, but my living situation makes it hard to do anything more elaborate right now. Dream interpretations have been more of my thing. New Moon, time for new beginnings, is showing me an exit into something more agreeable though.

Love and light upon you :sparkling_heart:


Merry Meet, @krista_moon!! :sparkles:

It sounds to me that you have all the qualities of a fully-fledged Witch! :smiley: :woman_mage: It’s great to have you in the Forum!

I also love working with dreams! I keep a dream journal next to my bed and I often go through it trying to decipher them. I wrote a bit about it here!

Coincidentally, Abs just posted a topic on Selene, the Moon Goddess today! :waning_crescent_moon:

I hope you find answers and explore your path with us! Feel free to comment on any topic you like, use the search box in the Forum or create a new topic if you can’t find what you’re looking for!

Blessed Be! :pray:


Welcome @krista_moon! :heart: Nice to have a fellow moon worshiper :kissing_heart::full_moon:


A very warm welcome to you, @krista_moon! :heart:

And hooray for another witch in Europe- hello from Poland! :wave: :grin: I’m so glad your path has led you here, we are very blessed to have you join us! :sparkling_heart: From another Old Soul, follow your instincts and listen to those intriguing “coincidences” or feelings of nostalgia- they will lead you true :blush:

I love your optimism, and I hope the New Moon has created an exciting new beginning for you- perhaps it already has, as you have found your way here! :new_moon::two_hearts:

I can’t wait to talk with you more- Blessed Be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you everyone, I can’t wait to get to know you better! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcome Welcome @krista_moon ! very happy to have you here! You are gonna love this place and the people! Blessed Be!


Making an update on my current situation! :smiley_cat:

The last new moon when I joined you lovely people I also had set an intention to change my living arrangement. I’ve been living with my father for three years now after my mother moved on to the next world and he was left alone… There have been good and bad moments… lately it’s started feeling like the time is right to move back on my own again. Maybe it’s something to do with the number three, it’s something that keeps following me around! :small_red_triangle:

So… my intentions have realized and I have an apartment! :house:
The move is happening, of course, 3rd of August, which also happens to be full moon! :full_moon: I’m looking forward to practicing my craft more openly and experimenting what resonates with me! :sparkling_heart:

I’ve been looking at altar supplies, beautiful crystal beings and Tarot decks, but I might have to hold back my love for shiny things a little… :smile_cat::sparkles:


May you be blessed in your new apartment and find comfort and peace there. Blessed Be


Thank you @roxanne :blush:
Blessed Be :sparkling_heart:

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@krista_moon welcome!! Ive been using spells8 for a few months, just joined in on forums a few days ago!

Your story resonates with me because on the new Moon in April, I started setting intentions to find my own place & grow in my craft. The first week in July, I moved into my own space, Ive grown & learned so much… Its just amazing. Every New Moon has brought new goals, new intentions and ultimately new things manifesting in my life. I feel the same will happen for you!

Blessed be :black_heart:


@haley Thank you, I’m so happy to hear that! I feel the Moon has plenty of new things to show us both and I’m excited to find out what they are! Blessed Be, and Merry Meet! :sparkling_heart:


This is great news!! :smiley: I’m glad to hear that you’ll have a place to express all your witchiness and cast spells without problems!

Have a Blessed Full Moon and enjoy your new apartment!! :pray:


Thank you for all your love and support, it means a lot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Unfortunately I’ll have to wait for a little longer… turns out the company I was about to rent the apartment from was a fraudulent one :confused: I only discovered it just before signing the lease… witchy intuition really saved me there! Still… it was a good lesson about always being mindful of who you’re dealing with, and never thinking you’re somehow above deception… and not to give up but instead to rest and regroup for a while and then give it another try! :heart:

Have a blessed Full Moon everyone who’s reading this, and a bountiful Lughnasadh! :full_moon_with_face:


Sorry to hear about the company, I’m glad you realized in time- nice save, @krista_moon! :two_hearts: Your positivity is inspiring too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Keep your head held high, and give it another try when you’re ready! :raised_hands: Sendings lot of warm thoughts and support to you! :sparkling_heart: