The Magic of Sleep and Dreaming 🛏️

Dreams are healthy brain processes that can relieve the stress of a busy day, but on a deeper level they can act as a medium where we interact with other worlds.

When we sleep, we travel to these realms of dreams, which on occasions seem to be just as real as our waking life. During dreams, many people connect with their spiritual guides. This is an ideal place to receive messages through visions and symbols.


There are several types of dreams and the Magical works we can achieve with each one is different:

Unconscious dreams

These are the most common types of dreams, they are usually confusing and symbols here can be difficult to understand. It is important to have a notebook on a bedside table to write down the dreams as soon as we wake up. In time, we can draw patterns and figure out the symbols and what they mean to us.

It’s important to be careful when looking up online or in “Dream Dictionaries”. Dreaming of dogs will not mean the same for an animal lover than for a person who is afraid of dogs.

If you wake up without having been able to finish the dream and you believe that something important was about to happen, you can try to go back to sleep from where you left off or try go back to it during the day, as a meditation.

Lucid dreams

These are dreams in which we are actually conscious and aware that we are sleeping, while the body rests.

There are many ways to achieve lucid dreaming. For some people it’s easier than others. A way to trick our brains to have one of these dreams is setting the alarm about one hour before getting up. When it sounds, turn it off and go back to sleep. Passing from unconsciousness to consciousness triggers the ability to lucid dream.

Dreams with spirits and guides

Usually people don’t travel to other planes consciously during the day. Therefore, it’s common for our spirit guides to take the opportunity and visit us while we are asleep. A spirit guide can come in any shape or form: it could be a loved one that passed away, an old friend or pet, or even a religious figure or symbol.

They can bring important messages that will help us solve current problems and heal on many levels: emotionally, mentally and physically.


Nightmares may reflect internal conflicts. When we are physically ill, mentally or emotionally stressed, this can reflect in our dreams. Our subconscious is showing us that there’s a problem and it requires our attention. They can also represent repressed emotions such as fear, anger, or even be symptoms of a psychic attack.

How to make a Dream pillow

To have a more peaceful and restful sleep, you can make a tiny sachet that will go under your pillow. Fill it with these herbs and/or crystals for a night of restful sleep.

You will need:

  • Uncooked rice (2 tbsp)

  • 3 Lavender flowers

  • Rose petals (1 handful)

  • 9 drops of vanilla or lavender oil.

You can add crystals to your dream pillow such as moonstone, pearl, aquamarine, white quartz, labradorite, blue calcite, opal, selenite, or research their healing properties and choose the one that fits your personal needs.

Sweet dreams!