Help! I haven’t been able to sleep!

I need some advice on how to sleep for two weeks I haven’t been able to sleep normally. Any and all ideas that could help are most welcome. Im tired of feeling like ive been run over by a truck


I have been like that for the past week also and it is stressful, I used some sleep crystals and a took a nice relaxing bath and it definitely helped me or if your a fan of melatonin you should try it


If you’re okay with self-medicating, melatonin, CBD and/or thc, magnesium (I use Natural Calm, but the pills work too) or valerian root tea help when I have random bouts of insomnia. All of them make me have wild and sometimes lucid dreams, but they do get me to sleep quickly and through the night.


Lavender Mist Spray. I lightly spray around my bed at night. Helps me fall asleep most nights.

I often cuddle up to a SquishMallow. Don’t judge me. Her name is CC short for Candy Corn. It really does help.

I also listen to Michelle’s Sleep Stories on YouTube.
Here’s one you might try The Witches’ Cottage.

Hope you get some needed sleep. :sleeping:


@Nikita-mikaelson I live in Canada, so this advice is coming from a place where Cannabis is fully legal for medical and recreational use. I use cannabis every day because I have extreme migraines. I have been to a neurologist and tried every migraine medication out there. This was prescribed to me. I know many people have a very hard time understanding that because it is illegal in their own countries, but thank god I live in Canada!
Anyhoo… Cannabis is great for sleep, half the people I know use it for sleep. It’s not habit forming like prescription sleep medication. You don’t have a hangover the next day like some sleep meds either. If you live in a country or area where it is legal, I “highly” recommend it (bad joke).
If you don’t live in legal areas, there are a ton of sleep music and meditation lists, sleep sounds, and binaural beats you can try on Spotify. The binaural beats are astounding, you have to listen with headphones because it’s 2 different sounds at once, but it works.
I have always had major issues falling asleep, it used to take me 2-4 hours every night. Reading helps, if you find a book that is interesting enough that you want to read it, but not so interesting that you want to stay up to read it. Honestly, reading pulitzer prize winners tends to make me drop…lol
Final suggestion: Lavender moisturiser for your face. I bet you could make one that would knock you out, but if you need it fast:
Good luck, and rest peacefully!

@Amber.8 CC is just the cutest!


Good morning! I’m sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with sleeping :sleeping:. I have insomnia, so I have a prescribed medication to help me sleep… however, depending on what is going on with me decides how well it will work.

If it continues after trying some of these options, I would consult either a psychiatrist or your primary care doctor if they are available.

I drink either - Chamomile Tea :tea: or Chamomile & Lavender :herb: tea sometimes when I am getting ready for bed.

Play sleep stories or sounds. The Calm app, Insight Timer app, & I believe Spotify all have stories, sounds, podcasts, or playlists of some kind. I listen to Celtic Relaxation/Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: music on low from Spotify. Sometimes if silence is too much I will play it on low through my Google Home in the living room or use headphones if I am going somewhere that I will be waiting in line or in a waiting room or shopping.

Journal whatever is on your mind before bed.

Turning off electronics & watching something that isn’t really too brain engaging, mindless TV or a meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:

Exam Stress and Poor Sleep this may have some ideas in the replies for you.

Sleepy Time Potion

The Magic of Sleep and Dreaming :bed:

Goodnight & Sleep Tight! :sleeping:

Deep Sleep Meditation

Relaxing the mind for deep sleep

I hope some of those help & as @Elle mentioned Melatonin can work. My daughter had to take it when she was younger. I believe what we used was ZZZs (Vicks) Melatonin gummies. They would have sales two for one all the time. They worked for her & she liked to keep them in the refrigerator, when she got older she would take two of them then we just switched her to the regular so she was back to taking one each night. Hers were all-natural/organic & recommended by her primary care doctor. (I didn’t want her on a prescription type of medication at such a young age)

I live in a state where marijuana is also legal & sometimes I just need a gummy to relax enough to be able to settle down & get ready for sleep. I will also say that I have a medical card & it was recommended by two of my providers. One was mental health & the other was my primary care doctor & I guess we can include the doctor that issued the card for me to register with the state to go to the dispensary. :warning: (Please do not try this if it is not legal where you are & it’s not something that you entertain as an option or have decided not to use)


well i decided to try doing a session of my tai chi before bed last night that seemed to help normally i only do a session in the morning.


I would suggest doing all of the above, plus

Spend at least 30 minutes per day in bright sunshine, weather permitting. Your circadian rhythm is balanced and reset by sunlight. Maybe do a tai chi session in the sunshine. To increase the regularity of your sleep, work towards building consistency in your diet, exercise (you had to know those two were going to be in there, right?) and sun exposure.

If that doesn’t work, send me a ticket to where you are and I’ll come and talk about myself. That should put you to sleep within minutes.


Lol no I normally have a pretty decent schedule but we recently had daylight savings and its just kinda thrown me off balance. And sun yea that would be nice but she hasn’t come out to play in almost a month its all rainy and wet outside


Research suggests that vitamin D, especially vitamin D3, might provide relief. You might also try SAD (seasonal affective disorder) lights. Amazon has them for $US 30-40.

But they also have this


I have put that on my wishlist! I love sunlight & have found that on dreary or gray days, I’m not as motivated or want to do much of anything. I was recommended the SAD Light… I actually think here we can get them prescribed to us by a doctor.


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