Relaxing the mind for deep sleep

I have been sleeping like crap lately…I, of course, am blaming the full moon energy. LOL

So of course, I came up with a meditation for it! Enjoy! :yawning_face: :sleeping:


Ooh, this is right up my alley!!! :star_struck: Bless your soul!!!


Oh this is perfect timing, @Silverbear :heart: I didn’t have a problem last week during the full moon but last night (Sunday night) I was basically up all night from stress. And something was up with the moon- it was a really weird golden orange yellow last night. Almost sickly :worried:

A meditation like this is perfect- I’ll try a sleep meditation tonight (and also hope the moon is feeling better lol). Thanks so much- you always have the perfect meditations! :pray::sparkling_heart: