Exam Stress and Poor Sleep


I have four exams next week and the stress is messing with my sleep. Does anyone have any simple suggests (runes or specific meditations) that can help?

Thanks :purple_heart:


You could make a bindrune using runes associated with protection :algiz: , love :heart:, healing :pray: by choosing the runes that mean you have for them & maybe the smell of lavender & chamomile in a satchel in your pillowcase? I have a playlist on Spotify that is Celtic Meditation Music that I play during the day when it’s time to relax. :woman_in_lotus_position: or for bedtime :sleeping:


I created a sleep sachet with a purple crochet bag that now hangs above my bed. Inside, I put lavender, chamomile, daisies, and a bit of salt :blush:

I’d also try some stress-relieving techniques and good sleep hygiene, too, just to be sure.


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