A Note on Cinnamon

Hello Infinity Roots members. It is now the waning moon and I feel I must be open about something. I’ve been using nicotine patches for awhile (don’t worry I don’t smoke). There are three steps and I’ve just come off the last step, 7mg.

I had to brush up on my lunar phases a little to find out that the waning moon is great for breaking habits. Today I have done a bit of rather informal candle magick in order to help me break off the nicotine.

I used a simple medical cross symbol to promote better health for myself. I used some white sage and cinnamon around the candle.

What I want to make a point of is: be careful using cinnamon in spells. When I added the sage I felt like it was calming my cravings quite effectively. When I added the cinnamon however, I felt like the nicotine was being rushed out of my system. Maybe it will work out in the end because it will be over faster, but I just thought I should point out that cinnamon can give a spell speed, but speed it not always the right course for a spell to take.

I added a little more sage after to help stabilize the effect and it worked quite well.

These patches have been setting back in various ways and it’s time to come off them. Any support from the coven is greatly appreciated, and I think even the social pressure of letting you all down might do it.

Overall the spell is working well and I feel better now that I’ve done the witchcraft. Thanks for reading.

Blessed Be


We are here to support you!! Thank you for your honesty and bravery in telling us about your struggles. YOU GOT THIS


You got this! Im sure with your intention to quit is the kick-off for great magick


You haven’t let anyone down!!! But, congratulations on wanting to quit using the patches!!! I applaud you! :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:And so mote it be for the spells working!


You’re not letting anyone down, but do it for yourself. You got this! It’ll be good to get all of that flushed from your system and start a new moon with this new program. I’m proud of you!


Adding my voice to everyone else’s to cheer you on, @colin! :raised_hands: :heart: So much support for you! I think you are amazing for taking your life into your own hands and steering yourself towards a better, happier, and brighter future for yourself- you really can do it! :sparkles:

As for the note on cinnamon, thanks for sharing! :+1: Looking at Cinnamon’s magickal uses and how Cinnamon is used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) there’s definitely a theme of heat, increased energy flow, and yang energy (masculine, fire, etc.)

It looks like the heating energies of Cinnamon are capable of not only physical and emotional heat, but literally heating up the spell itself- causing the spellwork to quickly boil into manifestation. :fire::sparkles:

Very interesting- this opens the door to new explorations of one of my favorite spices! :heart_eyes: Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Colin! :heart:


Hey everyone! Thanks for all the positive replies and support. The spell worked like a charm and I’ve been off the patches for… well… it feels like a long time already. After I made it through the first 4 days things lightened up a lot and now I don’t feel any cravings. And let me tell you… it is soooo nice not to be running to the pharmacy to waste my cash. I took the money I saved and bought a new witchcraft book instead. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, and Blessed Be.


I forgot, amethyst is great for any addiction!! If you have a piece, just carry it with you. When you feel a craving reach for the amethyst and feel it’s healing energies sooth the cravings!! I hope this helps!!! :crossed_fingers: I’ll pray for you as well!!


Glad you’re spending your money at the bookshop rather than on patches! Book last longer. LOL! Seriously, glad you’re better.


Congrats, Colin! That’s awesome news- I’m proud of you! :raised_hands: :tada: And it sounds like you are re-investing your money in something that makes you happy and healthy :open_book: :blush:. You’re on a great path, keep going strong! :heart: