A Spell to Change Your Fate 🔐

Get a worrisome card in your tarot reading? Take fate into your own hands and change course with this simple spell to reverse a tarot outcome.

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Tarot Spell to Change Your Fate

When your tarot warns you about something on the path ahead, don’t just bow your head and march helplessly forward– grab the reins and take control! With the guidance of your cards, you have the power to make your own future .


  1. After completing your tarot spread, respectfully put away all the cards aside from the one you wish to change.

  2. Pick up the card and take a few moments to reflect on what it means to you. Focus on the situation it is warning you about– why would this outcome be bad or harmful for you?

  3. Say:

Thank you for showing me where the path may lead.
But the outcome ahead is not what I need.

  1. In a counter-clockwise direction, flip the card 180 degrees until it is in the opposite position (i.e. a reversed card is now upright, or an upright card is now reversed).

  2. Say:

At the doorway of fate, I turn the key,
By blessings divine, a new path becomes free.
Guide me forward and help me through

To this end, show me what I must do.

  1. Shuffle your deck and draw another card. This card will offer you advice on how to best proceed so that the original outcome will not come to be.

  2. Place both cards on your altar until the situation has been avoided and/or you are confident that you have successfully changed your path.

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Have you ever changed an outcome with magick? How do you like to seek guidance from your decks?

If you’d like to share any tarot experiences, tips, or stories with your fellow witches, feel free to do so in the comments below!

Blessed Be and Happy Readings! :sparkles:


Very cool. I have bookmarked this!


Fabulous. I’ve put this in my diary of good stuff. Thankyou :sparkling_heart:


Fantastic! What a wonderful idea! Do you think it would work for single pulls as well as spreads?


This is such a great spell! :clap: :sparkles: I’m gonna bookmark this one and save it for later. Thanks Bry!


I came upon this looking for something and then bam you post it, LOL. I have bookmarked it both places and plan to use it, I have never changed my fate before but I thought this was very interesting.


@Phoenix_Rose May it serve you well, Phoenix! :pray: :blush:

@tracyS You’re very welcome, Tracy- I hope it proves to be a useful spell for you! :sparkles: :flower_playing_cards:

@MeganB It’s my pleasure, Megan- I hope it works well for you! :grinning: :two_hearts:

@Heav3n It sounds like our minds were on the same page- I’m happy if this type of spell was what you were looking for, Heav3n! I wish you all the best if you give it a try and I hope it works well for you :heart: :blush:

Oh, absolutely! I’ve used it a couple of times on my single card daily pull- I got The Lovers Reversed the other day, and I spent a few minutes absorbing the message before flipping it around and putting on the shelf (my temp altar) upright.

Kind of like saying “no thanks, not today” to a card :laughing:

That being said, my daily cards (even major arcana) tend to be more about the general energy of the day (as opposed to huge life-changing things)- flipping the card does seem to work to negate any potential negative energy. If it seems like something really bad, I’ll back it up with a positive energy spell or a salt cleanse to help things move in a positive direction :+1: :sparkles:

Good luck and blessed be! :blush:


Wow, this will be an awesome spell to use then! Thanks for sharing it!


I really like this one & since I’ve restarted my daily tarot practice I think this will be a helpful practice for those times! :hugs:

Now to choose a deck for today :thinking: I have way too many choices :face_exhaling:


This is great, but every time I look at it, I just hear Merida from Brave saying “I need a spell to change my fate!” One of my favorite movies… because Scotland! I tucked this beauty of a spell into my BOS. I know it will come in handy!


@Amethyst You’re very welcome, Amethyst- may it serve you well! :heart:

@Susurrus You do have quite the amazing collection of decks! Have fun with whichever one you choose :blush:

@AileyGrey You’re right! Omg I love it- this discussion is no longer complete without Merida!

Picture from Quotes-Lover

There we go! :joy: :+1: :bow_and_arrow: :woman_red_haired:


I love :heart: the movie Brave, maybe I will watch it this weekend! :star_struck:


It is one of my very favorites! I love to watch it with my neices!


I love this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I remember reading somewhere that the remarkable thing about witches is that we’re masters of our own fate, that’s a powerful statement :blush:

I think I can see how this spell works and could be adapted outside of tarot too :wink: :sparkles:

  1. See, really see, what’s coming and how (the original draw and reflecting on it)
  2. Make an intention to avoid it (the words)
  3. Send out the intention to the universe (physically turning the card)
  4. Leave a reminder to keep the intention in conscious mind (placing it on the altar)
  5. Take aligned action (drawing inspiration from another card, getting back to the card and letting it remind you every day to be conscious about the issue as long as necessary)

@Susurrus and @AileyGrey Agreed! It’s such a great movie :grinning: :heart:

I absolutely love this quote :pray: :heart:

And I think your interpretation of the spell outside of tarot is pure genius- looking at each of the points you’ve laid out so nicely, I can see how the spell could be adapted to changing fate on a much greater scale! I love the way you think, Celestia :hugs: :two_hearts:


@CelestiaMoon My darling… you are so right! I love all of your thoughts here!


Awww, you two :kissing_heart: :revolving_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @BryWisteria @AileyGrey


@CelestiaMoon :hugs: :heart: :sparkles:


:crystal_ball: :candle: :owl: :dizzy: :deer: :mantelpiece_clock: :leaves: :dash: :rowing_woman: :fire:
I tried doing this to Change my fate and got the chariot in reverse so I turned the card over and thought :thought_balloon: about the roses :rose: being red. Red means action take action and do the necessary work so I can live a whole life
I just turned the card and made my intentions to move forward!

I used mugwort to infuse my spiritual consciousness! I really need to work on my first chakra and that has to do with my stability and my self sufficiency and responsibility for self and I really believe that spirit is definitely sending me a message! I hope to Change my fate!


Well done, Jeannie! By flipping The Chariot upright, you are taking hold of the reins of your life and regaining control of your own “chariot”. You’ve chosen to step up and move forward- it sounds like you are moving in a positive direction, so charge ahead, Jeannie! Wishing you clear roads and safe travels on your journey! :heart: :railway_track: :horse:

Much love and many blessings to you!