A Tale of Two Candles

Greetings my brothers and sisters in the craft! I am excited to announce that I had my self-dedication ceremony earlier today! I had a question about candle melting. During the ritual, I lit two white candles on my altar, one for the Goddess and one for the God. Almost immediately after I began, the Goddess candle flamed up higher than the God candle, which burned normally the whole time. Meanwhile, wax was dripping down both sides of the Goddess candle as it continued to burn high. Later, when I extinguished the candles, I saw that the Goddess candle was about 2/3 the size of the God candle. I would love to have coven opinions regarding this phenomenon! Blessed Be!


Congratulations on your self-dedication ceremony! That’s great! To tell the truth I have not a clue about your candles but I do know you’re not the only one. Here is where that happened to someone else so you can read for yourself and see the links. Maybe that will help you figure it out.

But congrats again!


Thanks for your post! Very helpful!


Greetings @scott1,

Congrats on completing your self-dedication ceremony! :partying_face:

Building off of what was already said in the post Amethyst kindly shared- if you can definitely rule out environmental factors, then I’d say the candle situation is worth looking into!

In this instance, you know which candle was designed to which deity which can save a lot of guess work :grinning::+1: It sounds to me like you may want to look into the Goddess more- which may be anything from Her reaching out to you, to a sign to get in touch with your own Divine Feminine side (which I believe everyone has regardless of sex or gender, and may be out of balance), to there being a message out there for you, to something else entirely.

Do you have a favorite method of divination, by any chance? That, or perhaps a candle meditation, might be a good way to reach out and learn more about the situation :candle:

Congrats again on your successful self-dedication, Scott! Wishing you all the best on your exciting magickal journey :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


You’re welcome, kind sir!


This is the time for the Goddess to be ready to give birth to the God & to start the natural cycle of the sun’s return and that it may be beneficial to reach out & see if maybe the Goddess is trying to contact you or if there is going to be something new starting in your life in the coming weeks or months. :smiling_face:

  • sorry for the long sentence, my brain is currently trying to figure out how to edit that so it’s not such a run-on… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Congratulations on your self-initiation! It sounds like you had a wonderful initiation ritual :heart_decoration: Even if there are some funky things that happened with your candles, it sounds like a success to me!

There could be many, many reasons for candles behaving in odd ways. First, I would do as @BryWisteria suggested and rule out any mundane reasons. This could be differences in candle wax (color and scent can affect the way a candle burns), a draft, or a difference in the wick causing a difference in burn time.

If there’s no mundane reason, it’s possible that candle needs a bit of extra attention. Try some divination and see if the candle wax has answers for you :blush:


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